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Buy one get one free offer is one of the most lucrative offers that people love to get on different products. This offer is lucrative because people can get two new products just by investing money in one. Similarly, if this offer becomes applicable to iPhones, then customers will be immensely happy. The reason is iPhones are quite expensive, and hence, a lot of people cannot think about buying one, let alone two.

Also, this offer works as a great way of encouraging more sales of a device or product by providing customers with another device or product of the same type for a reduced price or absolutely free.

So, if they can avail an offer where they can get two brand-new iPhones just by investing in one, then they will definitely fall for the offer. So, let us discuss a few important things about the buy-one-get-one free iPhone offers, along with the eligibility criteria to enjoy the offer in detail.


Know About The BOGO Deal

A BOGO iPhone deal or buy-one-get-one free iPhone offer works pretty much the same without any regard for which cellular service provider is providing it. In fact, they work a lot, similar to any kind of BOGO deal that you might get with just about any other item.

You have to buy only one qualifying device while the event is continuing and inform the program organizer that you wish to get a second device as well. That second device has to be of equal or lesser value to the first.

Usually, these exciting BOGO offers run for a limited time period only, and only some specific iPhone models apply. There can be additional fine print or stipulations. So, it is vital to be sure that you carefully go through the rules available on the website of the offering entity or at least with one of their employees at a physical store.

Nowadays, these exciting buy one get one free iPhone deals work in one of two ways. The first one is a straightforward transaction, where you need to pay for the iPhone device in question directly when you become a customer of the service provider who is providing the offer. However, you can only do that if you sign up with that cellular service provider for a long-term service plan.

If you sign up for a long-term plan, generally, two years at a time, then instead of paying for your iPhone device all at once, you might also pay for it in installments for a time period of two years. At the end of the time, you either become the owner of the iPhone outright or else you have to pay a final lump sum, and the device will be yours.

For that length of time, someone else, who can be a family member or friend, can use the second device from the promotion for free.

If at some point during the mentioned two years you choose not to continue with that provider, though, then you will need to return both iPhone devices. Also, you will no longer have the equity that you had developed in those devices, and you will also need to pay termination fees.

As you may see, it is beneficial to you to be really sure that you wish to commit to a certain provider for several years if you try to accept one of these deals.

When Are The BOGO Deals Available?

At this point, you could be wondering whether these buy one get one free iPhone deals are all time available from the major service providers or whether it is only a seasonal offer. Almost all the information seems to indicate that cellular service providers don’t stick to any kind of a strict schedule as to when they offer such promotions. They are not specifically associated with any time of the year or any holiday.

Due to this, the most important thing you can do at any time you are searching for an exciting BOGO deal is to check out the service providers in your region. You can take a look at their websites. Also, there are several sites that are run by third parties that have the information about which providers are offering what promotions at what times.

If you type something into your preferred search engine, such as “which companies are offering buy one get one free iPhone deals,” then you will likely get some comprehensive lists. In that case, if you come to like any offer depicted in the list, you must know the details regarding how to avail of the buy one get one free iPhone offer from that specific provider and enjoy the facilities of the deal.

Should You Really Wait For The BOGO Deals?

The fact that there are a lot of service providers makes it likely that at almost any time, you will get to enjoy an iPhone BOGO deal out there if you are in need of one. However, an issue could arise if you wish to sign up for a long-term deal with a specific service provider, but that provider is not providing such a deal at that moment.

If you believe that all cellular service providers are created equal, you might need to think again.  Some of them have a lot better 4G LTE network coverage than other providers. While you can obtain better perks with some providers than others, apart from buy one get one free iPhone offers. In contrast, some providers are even developing a 5G network that is much faster than their competitors.

With this in mind, you might think about waiting till you get to see a BOGO offer provided by your preferred service provider. Even if your preferred provider is not offering any buy one get one free iPhone deal, they might offer a similar deal that might be helpful to you. So, it can be a good idea to wait for an exciting BOGO deal on the iPhone.

In other words, if you desperately want to enjoy the exciting BOGO deals on iPhone devices, you must depend on your personal preferences and needs and also think about why should you go for buy one get one free iPhone offer, and only after that you will be able to determine if you must wait for the offer or not.

What If You Get 4 iPhones For The Price Of 2?

In general situations, most cellular service providers have no problem with a customer doubling or even tripling up on exciting deals like buy one get one free iPhone. If you want to sign up for a long-term contract and you are living in a family of four members, then you may purchase two iPhones and get the other two free while the promotion is ongoing.

In fact, you can even get three iPhones and get the other three free with them, and so forth under this promotion. However, there may be some limitations in some situations, and hence, you must be sure to carefully go through the fine print and talk to a customer service representative who can give you answers to your questions in simple languages.

The Companies Offering BOGO Deals

There are several major and reliable cellular service providers that are offering exciting buy one get one free iPhone deals, such as:

  • Sprint

The reliable cellular company Sprint has run a promotion that can provide customers with a buy one get one free iPhone offer. In fact, Sprint is in the midst of a powerful ad campaign that revolves around the effort to sign up some new users through exciting buy one get one deals on the latest models of Galaxies and iPhones.

  • Verizon

Verizon is one of the most popular and major cellular service providers that has offered a deal called buy one get one free iPhone. They are one of the most significant service providers in the nation, and they even have the widest 4G LTE network coverage.

This deal has been offered multiple times by Verizon and the chances of customers seeing it are high because it has been advertised as a commercial at some point. Also, customers may have seen it elsewhere, such as on a social media network like Facebook or online through targeted ads.

Promotions like buy one get one free iPhone offered by Verizon have included several attractive models of iPhones, and also some other models as well. In fact, Verizon offers the devices of the most popular brands to satisfy its customers.

Other than the two reputed companies mentioned above, companies like AT&T and T-Mobile have also offered exciting deals to their customers, such as T Mobile buy one get one free iPhone offer. This means all of the so-called Big Four have offered some variation of this exciting deal at some point.

Want To Save Money While Buying An iPhone? Know The Methods Other Than The BOGO Deals

Some may have questions like whether there are any other ways to save money on iPhone devices or any other popular device of your preference, other than a buy one get one deal. In that case, you may purchase a refurbished or used iPhone from a reliable entity like an Apple store. Also, you could buy an older model of iPhone if you don’t feel that you have to get the latest model.

Moreover, you can even closely scout the deals being provided by the service providers in your locality. For example, some service providers will offer you a lucrative discount on a new iPhone if you purchase it through them, or they will even offer you the device “for free.”

Lot similar to the BOGO deals, though these offers are applicable only if you sign up for a long-term contract with that specific cellular service provider.

Some years ago, service providers came to a realization, which was that many customers don’t like having to sign up for long-term contracts. Rather, they would love to enjoy the freedom to stop their service at any time without the need to pay any penalties.

These providers, obviously, would want to lock you into a long-term contract, as that will guarantee customer loyalty. So, if you want to terminate the contract before the specified time, you may have to pay a cancellation fee.

Due to this dynamic between service provider and customer, so many of these interesting deals are provided to people who are shopping for new smartphones. Service providers think that it is worth it to offer a free phone or at least a good amount of discount on a device if that what it takes to get customers to sign up for a contract of several years. So, in most cases, people can’t enjoy a buy one get one free iPhone deal if they don’t agree to an unlimited data plan where they must pay a large monthly fee.


So, today, there are many exciting deals offered by many trustworthy companies, like buy one get one free iPhone, through which people can get to use efficient smartphones without investing a lot. Though there are some other government-assisted deals, like government free iPhone or free iPhone from Food Stamp, under which eligible people can get an iPhone without investing a lot, they still love a BOGO deal because it can offer them two devices at the price of a single device.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy this exciting and money-saving buy one get one free iPhone offer, you must carefully read the details and terms and conditions of the offer before signing up.


What is a BOGO deal?

The meaning of the BOGO deal is “buy one, get one.” It is mainly a sales promotion during which customers are offered a discounted or even a free product when they buy another product of the same or higher value. Thus, they only need to pay half the price.

Are there any disadvantages of BOGO deals?

Though BOGO deals are a great method to expand sales and client loyalty, it usually fails as an instrument to assist social change, and in many situations, it does not reach financial sustainability. Another limitation of a BOGO deal is, customers usually have to sign up for a long-term contract to enjoy the offer, and if they become unsatisfied with the service provider and wish to terminate the contract, they need to pay a good amount of money as a cancellation fee.

Can I use a coupon while buying an iPhone on the BOGO deal?

Generally, you cannot use a coupon while buying an iPhone on a BOGO deal. However, if a company offers you the scope to use one, you may use it. So, it mainly depends on the terms and conditions of the offer provider by the cellular service provider.

What if I don’t want to follow the regulations of BOGO deals after some time?

If you don’t want to follow the regulations of a BOGO deal after some time, you must return the product that you have obtained under this BOGO offer. Moreover, you may need to pay a specific amount of money as cancellation fee.

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