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How to Get a Cintex Wireless free iPhone

If you are looking for an affordable plan that can help you to get the latest model of iPhone, then you can opt for a Cintex Wireless free-iPhone plan. Almost all people wish to buy an iPhone in their lifetime because of the amazing features and excellent performance of Apple iPhones. However, most people cannot get their hands on a great model of iPhone due to the high price of these models.

So, to help them, there are many government and non-government organizations and companies that are offering some lucrative offers that will help you to get a new model of iPhone within a very minimum and affordable price range. Previously, we discussed Verizon free iPhone plan, and now we will talk about Cintex Wireless’s free iPhone plans and some of its eligibility criteria in detail.


Benefits of Cintex Wireless Free iPhone

Some amazing benefits of Cintex Wireless free-iPhone are:

  • The most amazing and popular benefit of Cintex Wireless free-iPhone is that it comes with free talk time, text, and also free high-speed data to those households who are eligible and also are a part of the ACP or Affordable Connectivity Program and the Lifeline Assistance programs. These are a few government assistance programs founded by the government of America and founded by the FCC.
  • Cintex Wireless tries its very best to provide qualified people with a free smartphone and also free shipping to enjoy these affordable Cintex Wireless free-iPhone programs. Thus, you can stay connected with your friends and family, and also other important people, without investing a fortune.
  • With Cintex Wireless, you don’t have to invest in any monthly bills, registration fees, credit cards, or even any contracts.
  • By choosing Cintex Wireless free-iPhone program, you can have a great iPhone that has various types of interesting and useful features, such as a mobile game device, music player, web browser, a powerful camera, a good video recorder, and many more.
  • Just by choosing to be a customer of Cintex Wireless, you can even get a Cintex Wireless free iPhone, along with an amazing 5G unlimited plan.
  • The recent models of Cintex Wireless free-iPhone come with an edge-to-edge screen and also a notch that is located at the top of the screen.
  • Good quality iPhones come with excellent security features like Facial identification or Fingerprint authentication that can easily protect all your confidential data.
  • Some models of Apple’s iPhones offered by Cintex Wireless come with excellent features like Visual Voicemail, and some other interesting features, like text messaging, free conference calls, and also voice dialing. Music options on these latest models of iPhones got more captivating with the release of the Apple Music streaming service.

Comparison between Verizon free iPhone and Cintex Wireless free iPhone

These two programs offer the latest model of iPhones, along with free talk time, data, and text, within affordable price. However, the main difference between these two programs is that Verizon free iPhone program is organized and offered by Verizon, while Cintex Wireless free-iPhone program is organized and offered by the company Cintex Wireless.

What are the eligibility criteria for Cintex Wireless free-iPhone plan?

Both the ACP and Lifeline programs are available only for the US citizens. Moreover, it is important to meet some important qualifications if you wish to be eligible for the Cintex Wireless free-iPhone plan. You need to take part in a popular government assistance program like Food Stamps/ SNAP, such as:

  • SSI or Supplemental Security Income.
  • Medicaid.
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit.
  • FPHA or Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  • TANF or Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • Tribal Head Start.
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

Also, you can qualify for Cintex Wireless free-iPhone if your family income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines in your state. Along with this, you have to be at least 18 years or older in age.

Documents required for enjoying Cintex Wireless free-iPhone

To qualify for this program, you must show some important documents, such as:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Passport or Driver’s license.
  • Resident alien card or permanent resident card.
  • U.S. citizenship or Certificate of naturalization.
  • State, government, or tribal ID.
  • Foreign passport.
  • Current mortgage or lease statement.
  • W2 or Pay check stub.
  • Federal or Tribal program, letter of participation in a qualifying state.
  • Utility bill.

Only after providing these documents and getting them approved, you can get your Cintex Wireless free iPhone.

Smartphones offered by Cintex Wireless

  • Apple iPhones

Cintex Wireless multiple options for Apple iPhones. You may select from the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 7. Each of these attractive models provides a variety of interesting features and options that make them some great smartphones for business and personal use.

  • Samsung Galaxy

Along with the options of Apple iPhone, Cintex Wireless is also offering some other popular models of smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy A02s, and even Galaxy A10E. These excellent and reliable smartphones offer many attractive features that make them perfect options for users of all levels. No matter if you need a phone for work or even play, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone is sure to have some features that can fit your needs.

No matter what kind of model you choose, Cintex Wireless always offers a quality phone with plenty of useful features that can help you in many ways.

The process to get your Cintex Wireless free iPhone

  • You need to determine your eligibility

For the details, you can check the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier. Also, you have to be at least 18 years of age and you need to have an active account of Cintex Wireless in good standing.

  • You must apply for Lifeline Assistance

After confirming that you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can start the procedure of how to apply for Cintex Wireless free-iPhone by applying for Lifeline Assistance. You can apply online or in person at a local service provider of Lifeline Assistance. For this, you have to give basic information about your recent situation, like the government assistance you are enjoying currently and also your monthly income.

  • You must choose Cintex Wireless as your service provider

After completing your application for Lifeline Assistance, select Cintex Wireless as your provider online, or visit the retail store of Cintex Wireless in your area.

  • You have to select your iPhone

After selecting Cintex Wireless, you can select your free iPhone from the range of smartphones offered by them. You can choose any model or iPhone if it is within Cintex Wireless’ recent selection of eligible models.

  • You need to finalize your Activation

In the last step, you have to complete the activation process, which includes choosing a plan, agreeing to the conditions, and giving other important information. After submitting your application, you will get a confirmation email regarding your eligibility for the free iPhone offer. After completing this procedure and getting approval, you can receive your Cintex Wireless free iPhone.

Available and affordable plans by Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless offers a vast range of affordable wireless phone plans that can meet all the needs of every customer with ease. Such as:

  • From free texts, unlimited minutes, and 4.5 GB of data to excellent top up options like 2 GB or 500 MB data for just $20 and $5, respectively, Cintex Wireless has you covered.
  • Moreover, the 30-month and 24-month plans charge $25 installments, while the 18-month plan charges $30 monthly installments. Also, all of these affordable plans need an initial down payment, which is either $499.99 or $199.99, depending on which specific model is desired.
  • In addition, there are also three kinds of service plans available with high speed data of 2 GB.


Cintex Wireless offers different types of affordable phone plans that can meet the needs of every customer. If you are one of those who wish to get a Cintex Wireless free iPhone, along with an attractive and affordable phone plan, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned-above, and enjoy the excellent service of this reliable service provider called Cintex Wireless. You must remember that Cintex Wireless free-iPhone is one of the best ways to save money while getting a feature-rich iPhone with an amazing phone plan.


How can I receive a free iPhone 12?

Cintex Wireless provides the free iPhone 12 with the purchase of an eligible or qualified phone plan. Users need to meet the eligibility requirements and buy a qualifying plan to receive the free iPhone 12.

Is Cintex Wireless free every month?

No, Cintex Wireless does not provide a free phone every month. Users have to be eligible to qualify for the free iPhone offer, which is available while supplies last.

Is Cintex Wireless free phone real?

Yes, the reliable service provider Cintex Wireless provides a free iPhone for those customers who are qualified. Customers need to meet some vital eligibility criteria to take advantage of the offer.

What is the cheapest iPhone to buy?

Currently, the iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone currently available. The current price is just $399, which makes it really cheaper than other iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 and 12.

Can I upgrade my Cintex Wireless free iPhone?

Yes, you can upgrade your Cintex Wireless free-iPhone or even your Android phone and get another smartphone for a discounted price. You can see the upgrade options of Cintex Wireless at

Can I add minutes on my Cintex Wireless free iPhone?

Yes, you can add minutes on your Cintex Wireless free-iPhone by buying a Top Up plan.

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