How to Win Dell Scholarship Program

How to win the Dell Scholarship – As we see that day by day the price of everything is going high and people are not able to get the things in their income. And as the rates of everything are increasing with the rapid speed, the effect of all these things we can see on the education as well. Because, nowadays, education is also too costly and for a normal income person this is not possible that they give the best education to their children. That’s the reason that demand for scholarships and grants is increasing day by day. And when any scholarship is open then thousands of students apply for a single scholarship.

But after seeing the demand for scholarships lots f companies, organizations, and also government offer more scholarships to help the students, so that they can get the best education and complete it. So, they can achieve their dream and get success in their life. Today, we are going to discuss a scholarship that helps college students with financial aid and also many more with it.

The Dell Scholars Program is offered by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. This is the scholar program which is founded in 2004. This is the program that offers help for college scholarships and college complete programs to the students who have some ambition in their life and face life challenges. They help the students who belong to underserved communities and want to build their careers by pursuing their college degrees.

There is the amazing thing about the Dell Scholarship is that it is not just a check to pay for college, but it is a robust support system for the students that provides resources to the students and also ensures that they get a degree in the specific course that they choose. With this, they help the students to complete their degree program by using the resources which help them to complete their degree without any stress and stay away from the things which make obstacles in their study.


What is the dell scholarship

The mission of this scholarship program is to provide opportunities and awards to the students who overcome hardships and had barriers to their academic success. They make sure that students can get help and come forward and make their place in the community and do something which makes them famous for their work. They also help the students who show the promises and drive and have the strength to fulfill them.

Even you can see that most of the students are the first member of their family who goes to college for their academic study. Also, one can read more about the Dell Scholars Program, which includes the core beliefs, but one of our favorites is:

“The students who challenge themselves for their academic studies in college, even they did not stand out based on traditional evaluation like GPA, test scores and extracurricular activities”.

Till now, the Dell Scholars Program help students moreover 4,800. They help the students in their academic studies. Generally, 20% of the students who fit for the Dell profile graduate in 6 years or less than this. But 80% of the students complete their study or academic education at this time.

So, if you are interested to know more about the Dell Scholarship, then read continuously. You can read about this scholarship and get information on how you can apply for this scholarship, what are the eligibility requirements for this scholarship, what is the timeline of this scholarship, and lots of more information. And along with this, know how you can increase your chances to win the scholarship.

Dell scholarship deadline

When you want to apply for the Dell Scholarship, you need to know the timeline of the scholarship. So, you can start your preparation according to the deadline of the scholarship, and apply on time. Even for this year, the official timeline for Dell Scholarship is not given till now, but you can take an idea from last year’s application cycle. Therefore, you can expect the timeline which is given below:

  • October 1:The application is open from this date to apply.
  • December 1:This is the deadline for the application try to submit your application before this date.
  • December 10:On this date, or around this date, semi-finalists are announced.
  • End of January:The semifinalist’s materials are due.
  • Beginning of March:At the beginning of March, the winners of the Dell Scholarship are announced.

This is the timeline for the Dell Scholarship of the previous year, so one can also expect the dates for this as well according to them and if want to apply for this scholarship then follow this timeline and start their preparation to apply for this scholarship.

What does the Dell scholarship offer?

There are lots of scholarships that offer help to the students for their study by providing them financial aid. But the Dell scholarship is something different from the rest of all. This scholarship offers the students fund college and also helps them during their academic study by providing them financial aid. With this, they empower the students so that they can continue their studies and get achievement in their life.

As a Dell Scholar, you will get the personalized support system, the system which is complete with the necessary documents and with necessary resources that helps you to tailor. Not only this but will also be a part of the extensive support network. The network is made up of other students, coworker advisors, and Dell Scholars staff.

Along with this, you will get immense flexibility to use the money that you are awarded scholarship money.

How much is the dell scholarship

This is not enough here, even the Dell Scholars Program offers lots of more, which is given in the below, such as:

  • A scholarship winner will get a laptop with a 4-year warranty for their study.
  • They will get a teletherapy service and this service connects the students with professional counseling.
  • A student or the winner of the scholarship will get a $20,000 scholarship (that is available for at least 6 years). The funds can be used to paying different tuition and fees for different programs such as undergraduate programs, graduate school, student loan repayment, study abroad opportunities, and/or internship stipends. That means one can pay for the academic expenses that help them t continue their study, from the scholarship amount. Along with this, they will get Chegg credits to be used for purchasing (which is $500 annually and get it for four years) textbooks and rentals and/or textbook solutions (via Chegg Study).
  • They will also provide personalized support resources. The resources that help the students to reduce their academic, financial, and emotional stress, which makes for them difficult to complete their study.
  • Access to the Scholars Resources Network, the network which connects the students and their families. With this network, they provide the resources for stress management, debt management, and childcare, etc.

Even the Dell Scholars Program aims that they provide help to the students with their ongoing support system and help them in every possible, from the date they will the scholarship to the day when they graduate. This is the scholarship that is one of the most life-changing scholarship opportunities out there. That’s why students always try to win this scholarship because from this scholarship they will get help, not only financially for their study, but they also get for different aspects of life which makes their study difficult to complete.

Application requirements for the Dell scholarship

When you want to apply for the Dell Scholarship Program then the first step you have to take is to fill out the complete online Dell Scholars application, (for this tips are given below). To complete your Dell Scholarship application, you have to need to know the following information that is given here:

  • Your GPA.
  • The score of tests in the ACT and SAT.
  • Top 3 college choices.
  • Intended major.
  • In the form, you have to fill in your personal information such as name, address, email, phone number, etc.
  • Basic information about your parents (like their marital status, employment status, etc.).
  • High school transcript information (courses, grade). This is the stage where you have to need to pull information from your transcripts. You do not need to submit it, till you will not be a semi-finalist.
  • Contact information for the personal recommender (That person will not be contacted till you will be not final for the semi-finalists).

When you submit your application, you may be notified that you are selected for semi-finalists. If this will come true, then in that case you have to need to provide:

  • You have to submit an official copy of your high school transcript.
  • An online recommendation.
  • A student’s complete Student Aid Report (SAR), that they can get after filling out their FAFSA application form(here’s more information for how to complete a FAFSA).
  • FAFSA stands for Free Application on Federal Student Aid and this is your first step to receive financial aid from the government.

Once you submitted all the necessary documents, then the committee reviews all the documents and materials and after that decides what’s their final decision. But you have to make sure that you provide all the information true and updated, otherwise if there are little chances of your win but you provide the old or wrong information you will be losing this scholarship.

If you follow all the instructions of filling out the necessary information in the form then you will win it as well. But, this is your responsibility that you fill out the right information so you can increase your chances of winning the Dell Scholarship.

Eligibility for the Dell scholarship program

Now, you see that the Dell scholarship is an incredible opportunity for a student to have, but are you eligible for this scholarship?

If you are going to apply for the Dell Scholarship then you have to know some important points about it. The very first thing that you have to know and understand is that Dell Scholarship Program is not concerned with your GPA or the academic exam’s score that you give, as the other scholarships do.

They did not look for your marks or scores, even they are looking for the promises and determination, traits that are not shown on your academic record. They did not judge you with your score, they want to check how much you are responsible and how you handle the responsibilities.

Therefore, if you want that also yourself call a Dell Scholar then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria that are given below and is important to win the scholarship. The eligibility requirements for the Dell scholarship that a student has to fill out are:

  • The student who is going to apply for the Dell Scholarship must be a U.S. citizen.
  • The applicant has a GPA of 2.4+.
  • The student must be graduated from an accredited high school this year.
  • The applicant must be eligible to get the Federal Pell Grant in their first year of college (and they also demonstrate the financial help or assistance).
  • The applicant had to be participated in their high school in their junior or senior years, in the Dell Scholars college readiness program, so they can be approved for this scholarship.
  • After completing your graduate from high school, you have to plan to take admission for full time in a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited higher education institution.

All these are the eligibility requirements that the Dell Scholarship Program needs to announce the winner of this scholarship. So, if you want to call yourself Dell Scholar you have to fulfill all the above-mentioned eligibility requirements.

Tips and strategies for winning the Dell scholarship

There are tips and strategies for the students who want to apply for the Dell Scholarships. They can use the tips and strategies to win the scholarship. So, continue to read and know how you can increase your chances to win the scholarship.

Review the sample application thoroughly

When you visit Dell’s website, then you see there is a sample Dell Scholars Application. This is a sample for you that you can check how to fill out the application. If you check this before filling the actual application form them it will be better for you. Because from this sample application you will get an idea that what documents you need to apply, and what information you have to fill in the document.

This will help you to fill the application adequately and in time before the deadline of the application. So, always check for the sample application for Dell Scholars Program, therefore you can fill out the actual application on time and with proper information.

By reviewing the sample application, you will get help to know about the information and collect it before applying for the scholarship, if you don’t have that information. Along with this, you will also get help to familiarize yourself with the essay prompts.

Possess the Dell “GPA”

When you apply for the Dell Scholars Program you have to get a minimum 2.4 GPA for applying. But for some students, it looks too deeper for them to maintain that GPA for the scholarship. They believe that someone’s potential is seen not only in numbers but more than this. And that’s why they have created their own unique “GPA”. So that the students just not only give focus on their marks but they also give their contribution in other things and make theirself more working and powerful in other areas as well.

If you want to be a strong candidate to win the scholarship then you have to demonstrate the following GPA:

GRIT- how you overcome your life challenges which are related to your family, community, school.

POTENTIAL- by taking part in readiness programs of the college and seeking out academic stiffness.

AMBITION- by your dream of obtaining a college degree, in your desired course or field.

All these attributes are the backbone of your application. If you see that you have all these qualities and you possess all of them then there are high chances of your winning!

Nail the short essays

As if you apply for other scholarships, then you see that most of the scholarships ask for the essay which is of a different word limit. Same, the Dell Scholarship also asks you to share a short essay, but you have to make sure that the essay is full of thoughtfulness, and effort. An essay that shows your grit, potential, and ambition. Even this is the best way to show your life challenges, your dreams, and your readiness to take part in the academic program. You can show your efforts in this essay and make it stronger, because the stronger your essay, the more your chances to stand out for winning the scholarship.

You can see that to answer, there are 6 brief essay prompts. Each essay has a character limit of 1200-1800 characters. That means the average limit of the essay is about 250 words. And nearly one page typed or double-spaced.

Maybe it seems like that is like a lot of writing or a big essay, but it is not a big essay. The characters are the above-mentioned are the maximums character counts. You have to write your essay around those characters and not more than this. If you want then you can write fewer characters in an essay but not more than this.

This means that you can write your essay in short wording, that means no need to use the long wording for declaration, just directly focus and come on your point in short sentences. And try to reach to answer the questions at hand.

Here are some easy and quick tips that are given for essay writing that will be helpful for the students to understand and write the essay in an easy as well as strong way. These tips are:

  1. You have to make sure that you read the questions properly and also make sure that you understand the question that what the question is asking you. It will help you to read them out loud. You can see that most of the questions have two parts so it is necessary that you understand both the parts of the questions and accordingly give the answer to those questions.
  2. Try to answer each question as succinctly as possible. Try to make the essay as useful and trim the unnecessary part, words, or details and make the essay more specific as possible.
  3. While writing your essay, you have to make sure that will be passionate, be honest, and be yourself. Because this is the chance when you shine and make yourself strong.
  4. Before submitting your essay, you have to make sure that you proofread your essay and also edit it if the need for editing. For this, you can take the help of Buchananreform Editor, which is an AI-powered editor that immediately proofs and improves your writing skill as well. This will help you to deliver your best work. So, before submitting your essay you have to first use this editor to make your essay powerful.

Do you want more tips for essay writing? So, there are numerous great pieces of advice for writing scholarship essays that will help you out to write the essay and win the scholarship.

Come on, let us take a look at all of the essays that are included in the Dell Scholars application.

1. College major essay

Prompt: You have to write in your essay that what inspires you to choose this degree program and planning to enroll in this course? How do you plan to do a degree and how it will fulfill your goals after completing your graduation? This will help you to write your essay correctly what are your dreams and how your dream will come true with the course that you choose.

In the essay, you have to make sure to create a clear picture that what you want to do with your degree and how you use it that will fulfill all your goals. You have to try to avoid the broad or general responses, like, you want to “change the world”, or you want to “helping the poor”. Please try that you don’t use this type of wording in your essay. And how would you do all these things for them?

You do not need to make a fake picture or describe your dream in a long way, you just need to show your dream clearly, you just need to mention your specific clear paths in which you are interested.

Let us take an example, if you want to become a nurse and serve the people, then you have to tell in your essay what kind of nurse you want to become? Does that mean a do you want to work with children and take care of them? The elderly? Physical therapy patients recovering from sports-related injuries?

You just need to clearly show your dream goals. You don’t need to add some extra lines or other things. When you are describing your dream in the essay you have to be precise, to show that with your degree how will your dream look like and how to be your future.

2. 2-year college essay

Prompt: explain all purposes why you are thinking that a 2-yr college is one of the best choices as compared to 3 college choices.

What will you do if you do not have any choice for 2-year College? An application is filled by Dell Scholars who asked a question about having a 2-year college choice. This application recommends you to have at least a single choice of 2-year College in your list of chosen colleges. It is also best thinking to apply to multiple colleges which are different from each other.

Multiple reasons are explained here which shows 2-year College is the best choice:

Such colleges are nearer to home and it is easy to get all types of transport facilities.

In such colleges, a flexible class schedule is also available for students who are also working part-time jobs.

The fee is easily affordable for everyone as compared to college which is 4-year College.

In the 2-year College, you will get many chances to explore your interests while 4-year College will not provide you a single chance.

After spending some time in 2-year College, you can easily take a transfer to the 4-year college of your choice and it is one of the rules made by universities.

3. Top schools essay

Prompt: We are too much interested to know why you have chosen such schools based on your choices. What factors you have considered for choosing top schools. In such factors, you included financial aspect and academic record or not and what other factors you considered. Kindly share your chosen process most simply and effectively.

In your application for choosing schools, you choose 3 top schools from the available list. In this essay, you will have to provide all your chances that why you are applying to such schools and what are the reasons that you do not think about the rest of the schools.

When you chose one of the best factors about the chosen school which is “academic fit”, you can think about:

Some special and interesting courses which you want to continue or experienced instructors from which you want to take classes

Support systems for academic records which is available like new tutors, writing centers, and many more

Some of the programs which you liked, held in schools and you also want to become part of such programs in near future

You will get more and more options to participate in different events and internships

How campus is maintaining a balance between club events and academic records for all admitted students

Resources available on the campus like research labs or computer labs which provide a chance to student explore his or her interests

Remember, try to avoid fuzzy statements like, “School A is providing such kind of program and other information.” Instead of this type of explanation, you can explain that why you have chosen this school and how your experience is on the school campus. Before applying to any of the schools, we would like to suggest you visit the official website of schools so that you will have the accurate and correct information. Such information will be helpful for you and you will be part of one of the best schools.

4. Personal challenges essay

Prompt: Explain all the challenges which you have faced during your college life. It is also good to explain all steps to solve such challenges in effective ways. As per discipline, steps should include all strategies or skills which you are learned during College Readiness Program and you become successful and popular in college. In your essay, you have to show what you learn from the challenges of your personal life and college life.

Every college indeed going student face many challenges and it has become a universal truth. Such challenges include stress management, test problems, and time management, and many others. Here, you can also discuss these types of a challenge but you should also explain personal challenges you faced. Any health issues, learning disabilities, and facing problems in transportation to and from college may be part of personal challenges. You have to mention all the personal challenges related to your education or college studies that you face during the study.

In the next part of your college challenges explanation, you can explain all techniques which helped you most to become popular in your college life. Have you kept a notebook with you for detailed assignments or using reading skills and strategies? You must also include the number 1 tip so that other students can also juggle from challenges of college.

5. Responsibilities essay

Prompt: Kindly give detailed information about time management between your home, volunteer responsibilities, and other work. You should also explain what work you are doing most of the time. Also, make a simple note that how your other responsibilities did not affect your schoolwork.

Everyone is too busy in daily life and hardly make time for another thing. It is very important to make a crystal clear point about daily work and schedule. Add your part-time work in the evening, care for siblings, and volunteer work to your daily schedule. Giving time in church or all other small responsibilities take a lot of time and you must count all such type of work in the daily schedule.

Now, in the next part, explain how you manage all such work and daily schedule in an actionable way so that you can also complete your school work with full accuracy. No need to make a false commitment that you will complete your schoolwork when you will get time. Instead of telling false commitment, explain to your readers about time management skills and tell them to have one of the best quiet and peaceful environments for study purposes. Every wants ambition in every thought from you, so you should share the best and effective strategies which you used in your school life!

6. Financial hardships essay

Prompt: express all your ways to overcome financial hardships in your college life (it may include living standards, housing, and family status). You should also express all the wonderful plans which help you to overcome such finance-related problems when you are enjoying your college life. (While writing your financial crisis essay, you can write about child abuse or may neglect it, the choice is yours. If you write about child abuse stories, you should also provide information for the best agencies for child protection services.)

One sensitive topic is financial hardship. Do not feel shame to discuss this topic. Even, many readers want this topic. So, explain all factors which you include to accept a financial crisis. One of the best keys is honesty here because your one good suggestion changes the lives of many people.

And, in the last, you should think about sharing your best plan for finance management during school or college life.

Total, you have to give your focus on one thing that all these essays have two parts: 1) explaining a solution and 2) explain it with examples or provide the plan of action that how you could complete it.

All these are tips are given to write the essay, that’s why make sure that you write the essay by following these tips. These tips will help you to write your dream, your challenges, what inspires you to enroll in the degree program, how the course is helpful for you to complete your goals, what responsibilities you take, and how you handle them. And with all these your essay is ready. But before submitting your essay you have to read it one time and check if there is a need for editing or removing some words or sentences. You can use the tools which help you to edit your essay and provide the best essay writing, so you will increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

Know your federal and state aid eligibility

For applying to the Dell Scholars Program, you have to know about your state and federal aid eligibility. The state and the federal government provide lots of aid programs to help their people so that they can help them in their need and lessen their burden. That’s why it is important for you to know about the state and federal aid programs and for that you are eligible or not. The Dell Scholars Program will ask their applicant about the eligibility to the following government support programs. It will help you to have this information ready to go:

  • You have to know about the Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • About the Medical joint federal and state program.
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  • State or Federal Health Insurance (for example MediCal, CHIP).
  • Food Stamps/EBT or other food assistance programs.
  • Reduced Housing/Housing Assistance (for example HUD Section 8).
  • Social Security Death or Disability (not standard retirement).
  • Governments many assistance programs such as Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or other utility assistance programs, which are ready to help the people.
  • Free or Reduced Cost Lunch Program (for example Nation School Lunch Program (NSLP)).
  • The assistance program helps some people with their specific programs like Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

All these are government assistance programs that help the people in their need. But if you don’t know about those above-mentioned programs, then you have to talk with your parents or guardians because they have a better idea about this, that you are eligible for any of those ideas or not.

Not only this, but you can also use this website about government benefits to check whether you are eligible for the government’s aid programs or not or for which program you are eligible. So, you can get information about the state and federal aid eligibility criteria and apply for that as well.

Choose your personal recommendation wisely

In the stage of applying for the Dell Scholarship Program, there are numerous things you see in the application form of the Dell Scholarship. You have to fill in the information of different areas and for different people. All the information that you fill in is also checked or reviewed by the committee.

And in the process of filling application for the Dell Scholarship, you have to first fill in the information about your recommender’s personal information. If you proceed with the information that you fill in the application, then the committee will be contacted to them for a formal recommendation.

The person you recommend in the application form is important he or she is the right one. Because they show their insight about you from a different perspective or as they know you. So, make sure that the person you are going to recommend in the application is the person who knows everything about you.

We advise you that you have to choose the person who knows you and knows everything about you. Because this is the person who knows BOTH things about you your academic potential and your character as well and gives the right and proper information about you. For this, you can choose your teacher or counselor, they are the best option to recommend in your application form for Dell Scholarship.

One more thing that you to keep in your mind is that the recommender is at least 21 years old and he or she will not be related to you.

There is one more piece of advice for you that the recommender you choose will be the one who is good in written and verbal communication skills. Because that person will do a good job for you to show your talent and strengths as a candidate.

In the end, we just want to say that you have to choose the recommender that wants to help you to get the scholarship. So, in this way, if someone is reached to them to meet then they will not surprised if the Dell Scholars Program reaches out to them.

This is a good idea t provide them your resume and also a list of your accomplishments and wishes. And you will ensure that they know how to write a strong scholarship recommendation letter. Because it is very important for you that you will get the right and best recommendation letter for you from your recommender. That’s why you have to choose the right recommender for you.

Want even more scholarship opportunities? Look no further!

As we discuss the Dell Scholarship that it is the best scholarship out here, but one thing is also about this scholarship is that this scholarship is competitive as well. Here is one good news for you, that there are tons of scholarships for you, for that you can apply and win and in this Buchananreform helps you to find the best scholarships which are according to your interest and needs.

Buchananreform is the hyper-personalized scholarship database where you can find lots of scholarships and also depend on your needs and interests. One can find here several scholarships that match their unique qualities. It will help you to save your time and form the headache that you face because of digging for scholarships and increase your chances of winning the scholarship.

To know more about the scholarships and get help to find the scholarships you can check out our expert tips for winning the scholarships and how you can win other competitive scholarships. You can get help with the scholarships such as National Merit Scholarship and the Burger King Scholarship. You can use the Buchananreform Search for finding more scholarships for that you can apply and also win. And our experts are always available to help you to find the scholarships and also give you advice on how to win the scholarship. So, good luck on your next journey and happily applying for the scholarships.

Final verdict

The Dell Scholars Program is to help the students to fulfill their dream of completing their college program or course. They want to help the students so they can build their careers by fulfilling their dream. For this they just not only offer them financial help with the scholarship, but they also help them with their support program. They help the students from the date they win the scholarship and help them till their graduate.

They just want to help the students so they can do something for theirself and make their families proud. The Dell Scholars Program help up to 4,800 students till now. They especially offer their scholarship to the students who belong to unserved communities or are the first member of their family who joins the college.

In this post, you get all the details about the Dell Scholarship, how to apply, what are eligibility requirements are, and the timeline of the application. All this information helps you to gather all the information that you need to fill in the application and submit the application before its deadline. So, if you want to apply for the Dell Scholars Program then you can follow all the tips and increase your chances to win the scholarship.

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