How to Win Excelsior Scholarship for NY

How to win the Excelsior Scholarship for NY – In today’s time, where the prices of the different courses are going to be high, in that case, it is difficult for the students to get their education and to complete their dreams. And because of this, the demand for scholarships is increasing day by day. But today, we are going to discuss the scholarship that has numerous colleges under their scholarship program. You can choose any of the colleges in which you want to take admission and you will take advantage of the scholarship benefits. You can take help for paying your tuition fee and get other benefits from the scholarship.

There are numerous scholarships as we all know that and from those scholarships, Excelsior Scholarship is one of them. This scholarship is the first of its kind. In 2017, it made history in the State of New York with the scholarships by starting the county’s first statewide tuition-free college program. They provide this scholarship to various students for their studies.

But how one can win the Excelsior Scholarship? To know about this, you have to get enough information about the scholarship. And now we are going to continue this article to know about the scholarships and various things about it. We collect some information for this scholarship and mention here so many students can get detailed information about the Excelsior scholarship and how one can win this. The information is for:

  • How the Excelsior Scholarship Program works and also includes the scholarship award amount and what is covered.
  • The list of schools that are eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship.
  • The application Timeline.
  • The eligibility requirements for the Excelsior Scholarship program.
  • How one can for the Excelsior Scholarship.
  • And, how the COVID-19 Pandemic May Affect the Excelsior Scholarship

All this information is given in this article which will be helpful for you and you can apply for this scholarship and also know how you can win this Excelsior scholarship.


What is the Excelsior Scholarship program?

As today we are discussing the Excelsior Scholarship, so before knowing more about this scholarship, first, we have to know what the Excelsior scholarship program is, let us know.

The Excelsior Scholarship Program is for residents who are from New York.  The residents who are attending undergraduate degree programs in one of the CUNY & SUNY colleges. You can see the list of the CUNY & SUNY colleges list and choose the one in which you are studying. As a recipient of the Excelsior scholarship, you will receive up to $5,500 for a whole year for your full-time study.

There is one thing that you have to note and that is we said up to $5,500 and everyone is applicable to get the same amount from the scholarship award amount. And this is because the Excelsior Scholarship is the “last dollar” scholarship. This means that the scholarship award amount is dependent on the need that means how much you need to cover the remaining costs to attendance after you will receive the help from the other forms of federal financial aid. For example Pell Grants, Scholarships, and any other form of financial aids. And that’s because it is called the last-dollar scholarship.

Along with this, there is one more thing that the student has to keep in their mind and this is that the Excelsior scholarship helps the students to cover the cost of tuition fees only. That’s why still you have to pay from your pocket or you can find additional sources of funding for your educational needs such as books, room, and board, daily living expenses, etc. For all these things a student has to look for other financial helping sources apart from the Excelsior scholarship. So, they can manage their other education expenses without any worry and don’t feel a burden on their shoulders.

There is another thing that students keep remembering such as right away to accept the Excelsior scholarship they have to sign an agreement stating that they have to work and live in the same state of New York. They have to do this after graduating some number of years after they receive their scholarship.

In any case, if you decide to break this agreement then your scholarship will be converting into a 10-year zero-interest loan. And also you have to pay it back. You cannot take your steps back from this, that’s why you need to take any decision after thinking about it. Otherwise, the help you get as a scholarship will be a burden for you in the form of a loan.

Excelsior Scholarship Program School List

When you are going to apply for the Excelsior Scholarship you have to know that the CUNY & SUNY public college system has a list of schools, which are eligible for this scholarship. And it is good news for a student because they have lots of options and they can choose any of the schools where they want to continue their study and get the benefit of this scholarship.

For helping the students we make a list of the schools which are taking part in the Excelsior Scholarship program. These list of school are mentioned below for CUNY & SUNY. These are:

CUNY Colleges

Eligible schools and from where you can take benefit of Excelsior scholarship are:

Now, you see that CUNY has lots of school options, you can choose any of them and apply with them for continuing your study and get an advantage for this scholarship.

SUNY Colleges

For SUNY College, there is also a list given of lots of schools that are participating in the Excelsior Scholarship Program and one can choose any of the options which are suitable for them and with that they want to continue. The schools are:

One can see, that there are numerous schools for CUNY & SUNY College which are taking part in the Excelsior Scholarship Program. You can choose any of them and get the benefit of the scholarship from those schools. You can see that these schools are participating in the Excelsior Scholarship program and they help the students who are applying for this scholarship.

But they all have the eligibility for winning the scholarship and get the benefit of the scholarship. So, try to first fulfill the eligibility requirements so you can win the scholarship and get benefits from them.

Excelsior Scholarship Application Timeline

If you are looking for the timeline of the Excelsior Scholarship application, then it is very simple and you can remember it as well. The timeline is as:

October- March: From October to March, you have to submit your FAFSA and TAP Application forms.

March- April: In this period, the Excelsior Scholarship Program Applications are open to apply.

July- August: This is the period in which the applications are closed to apply. That means after this time you can apply next year.

And once you get approval for receiving the Excelsior Scholarship, your award amount will be included in your next year’s financial aid package.

And this is enough. Apart from this, you do not need to do anything else. But you have to make sure that you apply according to the timeline. One great thing about this scholarship is that you do not need to reapply for this if you need this scholarship award for multiple years.

Eligibility for Excelsior Scholarship Program

When need help for financial help for your study, and you also get options for where you can study, the excelsior scholarship is look likes a great opportunity. Therefore, we are here to help you to check whether you are eligible for the Excelsior scholarship or not. Let us check the eligibility requirements for the Excelsior Scholarship.

If you want to fit for the latest application requirements for the Excelsior scholarships, there are the eligibility are given and these are:

  • Your family income is $125,000 or less than this.
  • You will be a U.S. High School graduate.
  • Before applying for the scholarship, you will be a New York resident for at least one year.
  • You are a student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree at a SUNY & CUNY college, which also includes community colleges and the statutory colleges at Cornell University Alfred University.
  • With the acceptance of the scholarship award, you have to sign an agreement which is said that you have to live and work in the same city of New York for the same number of years during that period.
  • The student has to be enrolled in at least 12 credits per term and complete at least 30 credits each year. You have to make sure that if you are applying for the degree program then you have need that you will continue your study with your enrollment and do not break it because of any documented reason.
  • If you attend college to the academic year, you have to need to earn at least 30 credits each year, you will be applied toward your degree program before the program.
  • In a non-default status, on a student loan, they have made under any NYS or federal education loan program or on the repayment of any NYS award.
  • In compliance with the terms of the service conditions imposed by an NYS award that you have previously received.

How to Apply for the Excelsior Scholarship

When you check for the eligibility criteria and you see that you can fulfill all the requirements then your next step is to how to apply for the Excelsior Scholarship. Here we take some information for you which will help you to apply for the Excelsior scholarship and make it relatively simple.

For applying for the Excelsior scholarship you have just need to submit some important documents such as:

For applying to the Excelsior Scholarship Program, you have to submit all of the above-mentioned documents and forms, only then can win the scholarship and get its benefits.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Affect the Excelsior Scholarship

The Excelsior Scholarship program is funded by the state of New York. And that’s the reason that now questions arise that what changes could be brought to buy because of COVID-19 and what would be the future of the scholarship could look like.

The New York post currently reported that according to Division of Budget Spokesman Freeman Klopott, “The State is facing a devastating revenue loss, which is amounting to $61 billion over four years, and because of this there are the chances that the award amount will be reduced because of the absence of the multi-year federal funding.”

There is a question that arises that the Excelsior scholarship being offered or will it be canceled? The Higher Education Services Corporation website, where you will find the application form for the excelsior scholarship, now tells the students different things which are important to know them and these are:

A notice on the higher state education service corporation website tells the students that “Students have to please note that one thing that because of the COVID-19 pandemic the state revenue is reduced and the processing of the new applications are pending on Federal assistance, which has been delayed maybe for April. It may be possible that there is no reduction in the award of Excelsior scholarship and or prioritized for current applicants as provided for under the program.”

Even according to the financial aid office at SUNY Buffalo State College, tuition is frozen at $3,235 per semester for the students who are eligible for Excelsior scholarship until the next academic year. Even there is still doubt created because the things are not clear that what if the same rule is applicable on other colleges which come under the Excelsior Scholarship Program.

Where to find more scholarships

As there are lots of scholarships which will help you to pay for your college from them one is Excelsior scholarship. This is the scholarship that has lots of colleges under their scholarship program and by their scholarship, they help thousands of students every year. But as this scholarship just helps you to pay for your tuition fee, so for other expenses, you need to look for other financial resources or scholarships which can help you.

So, you have to be sure to check on the buchananreform search. At our place we will provide you all the scholarships for that you are eligible and you can get help financially for your study. Even you can also check for the blogs and posts where we give instructions on how one can apply for the scholarships and how to win the scholarship such as the Coca-Cola scholarship and many others.

Final Verdict

There are lots of students who need financial help for continuing their studies. They need help and for this, they look for a scholarship. Even there is an Excelsior scholarship that helps the students up to $5,500, but this amount is not the same for all the students or they will get the exact amount that’s why the students do not hope that they will get this amount. Even by this amount, they will get help to pay their tuition fee and for other educational expenses, they have to need to look for other financial resources.

But this scholarship also has an important point that the student has to sign an agreement which states that with accepting the scholarship you have to work and live for the same number of years in the state of New York City and if you think about breaking the agreement then the financial help will become the student loan which you have to pay back.

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