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How to Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers

How to Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers – In today’s world technology has played an important role in many ways. Computers are one of the crucial devices that have helped people in so many ways to ease life. Computers have become very important as they are accurate and help in completing tasks easily. In this article we will discuss all the ways that can help you to Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers. If you  are unable to afford a computer as it is quite expensive do not worry as there are many organizations and charities that help you to Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers.

We all know it is always hard to find broken computers. However you can try working with donated or refurbished computers as they are in good working condition and your work can be easily done by using them. We have found a number of government programs and agencies that provide free broken and old computers to the low income families that are in need. Along with low income families, needy individuals can also apply for these programs. Isn’t it amazing getting a broken or old computer that can save all your money? Go and have a look at the program that has been listed in the article offering free broken and old computers.


How Can I Get Free Broken Computers?

We have a little bit of knowledge that the big companies mainly reuse, repair and recycle the old computers to sell them to generate some revenue. But the case is quite opposite with the charitable organization and other non-profit organizations as they only take donated laptops or computers from the donors. However the donated laptops and computers are refurbished or repaired by these foundations and then offered to the low income families and the less fortunate individuals that need them genuinely.

There are also some great companies that collect old and refurbished laptops or computers to offer to the needy people. If you are looking for a free computer you can visit or contact a few computer companies in your area and ask them about a free broken computer. If they have anything like that they will help you with it and tell you to follow their application system. If you cannot find such companies in your area don’t be heartbroken as we have listed some ways that can help you to get free broken or old computers. What are you waiting for ? Scroll down and check it out yourself.

Eligibility to Get Free Broken Computers

If you want to get free broken computers, then there are some eligibility requirements that you must have to follow. The resources are limited so the organizations are very strict about providing it to the right person who needs it the most. If you fall under this category then you are eligible to apply for a free broken computers program. Some of the common eligibility criteria is listed below:

  • Unprivileged Children
  • Single mothers
  • Low income families
  • Disabled people
  • Federal government tax-exempt status
  • Registered a non-profit business at the state level

Different organizations have set different requirements for their applicants. You must check the criteria before applying to a specific program.

Places to get Old Computer for Free?

We have found some ways that can help you to get an old computer for free. Check below and try them.


Freecycle is first in our list, it is an online platform where the sellers sell their old items at cheaper rates. However if you are very lucky you can also get an item for free if it is donated by the seller. The main objective of freecycle is to promote reuse and recycling of items. There are many sellers that are from different locations of the country and sell their items at an affordable rate and sometimes for free. If you are looking for an old computer you can definitely give a try on this site and search for a broken or old computer here. I hope you will get the required item from this particular site.

Freecycle has primarily two aims that is providing items at lower cost and also promoting recycling of the times. I hope by the name you can understand their motive behind it. It is also an non-profit organization that mainly helps all the people around the globe in providing them items at cheaper rates. The site mainly helps the sellers and buyers to connect with each other and carry out a fair deal mutually between them. Another great thing about the website is that it consists of more than 9.00.00 members all around the world and there are about 5,297 groups. Thus, you can understand the effectiveness of the site as there is so much manpower you can easily get your required item. But remember you must check the website regularly as the listed items get sold out in a few minutes.


Craigslist is also similar to Freecycle, it is an online platform that consists of many sellers that are listing their items for sale at a lower price. Craigslist is one of the well known websites that promotes reselling of items. You can also get your item free of cost if someone is willing to donate that specific item. If you do not find your item on this website don’t lose hope as there are thousands of sellers that are listing new items for sale. You just have to check the website everyday and soon you will get your required item.

PCs for People

I guess you have already guessed by the name that this organization is technology based and provides services to the low income individuals that are in genuine need. However along with computers and laptops they offer other services that include internet services and computer repairing. You can get any type of computer related services from this particular organization. However, the low income families that are under 200 percent of the poverty level are eligible to get free computers, computer repairs , internet services and many other services as stated in the guidelines by the federal government.

The main objective of the organization is to provide free computers, internet, laptops and many other services to the people that could not get access to the technology because of financial problems. If you have a non-profit organization with tax exemption 501, you can purchase a computer, laptop or any other services from this particular organization. Sometimes the organization also provides free broken computers. To know more about their services you can visit them and know more comprehensively.


We have found another well known organization that is Freegeek, this organization offers broken computers to needy individuals and also to the low income families that are unable to afford one. Moreover, alongside computers the organization also provides other electronic appliances that include Dehumidifiers, Smoke Detectors, Light Bulbs, Alkaline batteries, Microwave, Television, Air Conditions and many more.

You can apply in this organization for a free computer and they do not take much time and get you the computer within a working day. If you want to know more about their program you can visit their official website and submit your queries.

On It Foundation

On It Foundation is another organization where you can find broken free computers. The organization was founded by Miss Calveta in 1999. The main objective of this organization is to promote technological access and help low income families that belong to the K-12 grade by providing them with free technological facilities.

You can also find free computers from these organizations as they operate free computer programs specifically for college students. They collaborate with different educational organizations and charities to provide free computers to needy students. You can find broken and free computers from this organization. They have their official website and mentioned all the necessary details on it. You are hereby suggested to visit them to gather more insight about this program.

CCL North

CCL North is an IT based company that mainly deals with renovating and reselling old computer products that help them in generating revenue. You can try contacting them if they have any free broken computers. If you are also looking for junk computers for free you can find them in this particular company.

TR Computer

TR computer provides broken and free computers to needy people. If you need a computer urgently, then you can contact them to help you with that. They have different local organizations near you. You are suggested to find a suitable place near your preferred location, or you can check their official website to know more about broken computer programs.

Environmental computer recycling and disposal

This organization is run by charities and you will be provided used computers if you are unable to manage them from any organizations. This institution can be a good option for you as they handle used computers and other technical parts. You can contact them if you need it on an urgent basis. You can contact them by visiting the nearby store or check their official website to know more about them.

RCs Recycling

RCs Recycling is another organization in our list that mainly deals with old and broken computers. However they work in removing unwanted IT equipment that are old or used. There are many big organizations and foundations that appoint RC’s Recycling for assembling computer parts that includes monitors, motherboards and CPUs. This organization has been very useful as it helps you set up a pc and a much cheaper rate than the market.

Broken IT

Broken IT is another non-profit organization that operates in Cambridge but serves throughout the country. They receive used computers, recycle them and distribute them among disabled and needy people. You can get free broken computers from this organization. You can check their website to know more about their programs.

Pass it on to get free old computers

Pass it on is a charity organization that distributes donated computers to disabled people. You will be provided used computers after formatting them and deleting all the data. You can also find free parts of computers from them. You are suggested to visit their official website and put your details to avail the offers.

Computer Recycling Center (CRC)

Computer Recycling Center is one of the popular organizations that provides free computers to disabled people. They can be recognized as a non-profit organization in California but operate their programs throughout the nation. They receive donations of old and broken computers. The used computers are refurbished and distributed among needy people who are unable to afford a new computer. You can check their official website to know more about their programs. You can also visit their offices to ask for assistance.

Byteback Computer Recycling

Byteback Computer Recycling is quite similar to the RCs Recycling as already mentioned above in the article. This project is mainly based on the IT School Africa and African School Computers. The main objective of this program is to upgrade and enhance IT parts and then send them to schools in Africa. You can also enquire in Byteback Computer Recycling to get broken or old computers as we know that they also provide those computers to the needy individuals.

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Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International is a charitable organization that works for the needy people and offers their services globally. It is a UK based organization and offers computers mainly to the non-profit organizations in those countries that are developing.

Reboot the Project

Reboot the Project is an organization that has provided help to numerous non-profit organizations, schools and many needy individuals with computers. The organization was established in 1997 and has supplied approximately more than 80% upgraded computers to the needy people that are in genuine need of computers. The organization mainly works on providing better technology to the students that are limited to technology equipment because of financial problems. They also repair and install licensed software to  the donated computers from Microsoft Registered Referrer Program that are further given to the needy students to continue their education.

The organization is not only limited to rural areas but also provides its services to metropolitan areas of Washington DC. They have repaired and refurbished many computers for the needy people. It is estimated that more than 11,000 computers have been refurbished by them till date. Another great thing about this organization is that it takes donated computers from volunteers and then repairs them with upgraded components.


Camara is another popular charity organization that operates globally. It is a national charity that offers free broken computers to low income families and needy individuals. The objective of the organization is to provide upgraded computers to the schools in underdeveloped areas like Haiti, Ireland, East Africa and many more. The organization is not only limited to computers or laptops but also provides other IT equipment items and repairing services that are offered to various companies and individuals.


Interconnection is last in our list and it is one of the well known organizations as it offers laptops and computers to the people that are in genuine need. They offer you a laptop or computer at a challenging price of only $99 which is very cheap considering the market rates. However if you are lucky you can get a laptop or computer at a cheaper rate than $99. You can visit their online store to get a free junk computer.

Another great thing about the organization is that they offer upgraded computers and laptops that include Microsoft Office, Windows 7. licensed spyware and antivirus. Moreover they also provide you with a wifi car that comes with a 3 months guarantee. They have collaborated with Dell , thus more laptops you will get are from Dell companies. You can also get discounted prices on new desktops. Isn’t it amazing?.

You must remember that they have eligibility criteria to get the laptops or desktops at a price of $99. Your annual income must be less than 40,000 to qualify for the program. Another important thing is you have to make the payment by cash or using your credit card. You can use your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card as well. To know more you can visit their official website.

Alternate Ways To Get Old or Broken Computer For Free

If you are unable to fetch any help from the above organizations, don’t worry . There are other ways that can help you to get old or broken computers for free.

Visit Local Church

As we all know, churches have always helped needy people with almost everything. If you cannot seek help anywhere you try a church. As churches get a lot of donations from their followers you can try them. You can visit a church and explain to them your situation and need for a computer. If they have the available resources they will help you out.

Use Social Media

We all know the power of media and you can make great use of it. You just need to create your social media account and make a post explaining about the need for a computer. There are a lot of users who can offer you help to get a free computer. You can also join several computer groups or pages in Facebook or Instagram that might be of great help to you.

Contact an Non-Government Organization

Besides several government organizations there are also many non-government organizations that offer free broken computers to the individuals that have a genuine need. You can research a bit in finding a NGO in your local area. After finding a NGO you can visit them and ask them about free computers. If they have a free broken computer they will provide you with one. You can also share your contact information with them and when they will get a free computer they will inform you.

Computer Repair Shop

You can also try a computer repair shop in your local area as they deal with many computer hardware and equipment. Sometimes they have large quantities of old computers alongside other hardware parts. You can try visiting them and explain your need for a computer. They might help you with a free computer or can get you a computer at a much cheaper rate.

Local Government Agencies

You can find a number of government agencies in your local area that can help in finding solutions for the local people. You can try one of the government agencies that are located in your local area and explain to them your situation. If they have the available resources or have information about any programs they will help you with it.


We have discussed various organizations and programs from where you can get free computers. This organization basically aims to distribute computers among those who cannot afford new computers but need it for some activities or study purposes. They basically receive donations from people and refurbish those used computers and their parts and later distribute them to the needy and low income families. If you are currently looking for some used computers then you are suggested to visit this organization once and you will be given what you need. We hope that this article has provided you with enough information about where you can Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers. If you know someone who is looking for Free Broken Computers & Old Computers please do share this article with them, it might be of great help to them.

People also search for

How can I get free computers?

Many organizations including government, non government organizations and charities distribute used and broken computers to needy people who are unable to afford the new one.

Can I get a Laptop from this program?

Yes, you definitely can. These above mentioned organizations like Freecycle, Craigslist and many more provide free Laptop and the other components

Are these computers new?

No, they all are refurbished. The charities and different non-profit organizations receive donations from people and then fix those used computers. Later they distribute them among low income families and disabled people.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria are very simple. Those people who are unable to afford new computers and belong to the low income families are eligible to apply for this program. If you are a disabled person then you can get free computers from Broken IT, Computer recycling center (CRC) and many more.

How to contact them?

They have their official website you may visit and check all the criteria and working procedures. You can also contact their local offices by stating your urgency, they will surely assist you.
No, they all are refurbished. The charities and different non-profit organizations receive donations from people and then fix those used computers. Later they distribute them among low income families and disabled people.
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