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How to Get Free Cars for College Student Program

How to get Free Cars for College Student Program – There are many college students that dream of owning a car and going to college by driving it. Now, it is possible as the government is offering Free Cars For College Student Programs. Thus, the students will be able to fulfill the dream that they have always wished for. Nowadays cars have become a necessity for human beings as there are many students that come from far away and are unable to attend their college classes on a regular basis. However, there are also students that have always wanted to get a car when they are still in college. You can find some college students who want to get a car but they cannot afford it because of financial issues. Thus, this program can help you in getting free cars to the college student. This program not only provides you with a free car but also helps you with free care for your car.

In the US, everyone can now get a car, it is not only limited to wealthy families. Society has changed a lot and the government has really come forward to help the needy people. If you are students and you are looking for a free car then you must put your application along with a valid reason. Moreover note that on the basis of your application and reason they give you a free car.

This program has been mainly introduced by the government to provide reasonable transportation for the youth that will help them to attend college and improve their grades. The government has initiated the program to help the youth of the country.  In this article we have provided all the information and details that are required to to get Free Cars for College Student From Program. What are you waiting for ? Have a look.


Charities that provide Free Car for College Students

As we all know the importance of cars in our lives and it is also very useful for the college students that attend college from far away. A student that has a car does not have to worry about reaching the college on time irrespective of the weather outside. Some students work part time and they have to switch locations from college to their workplace and it is quite time consuming. Thus, getting a car will help them reach the location at the right time without depending on public transport.

I hope you have already faced the difficulty of attending college and tuition from one place to another when you don’t have your own car. It is always time consuming and some days you are unable to attend because of unavailability of public transport. Thus, this program has helped in bringing a change to the life of students by providing them with free cars. The student can balance their college, tuition and work all together and do not have to depend on public transport. However, getting a car for college students is never easy and thus the program has helped a lot of students in getting their own car.

We have also found some non-profit organizations that have come forward to help the college students with a free car. However, they provide you the car by reviewing your academic grades and performance. If you are not good in academics then you must try to improve yourself to qualify for this program. The organization does not provide care to the low performing students thus it is important to improve your grades. We have discussed all the eligibility criteria and procedures that will help you to get a free car for college students.

Procedure to follow to get Free Cars for Student from Non Profit Organizations

There are many government and non government organizations that are working to help the students to get a free car under the program “Student Car Program”.  Moreover these organizations provide financial assistance to the college students charging low-interest or sometimes zero interest. The program has helped in minimizing the financial burden of the college students.

The Charities and Non Profit organization not only helped the college students in getting a free car but also helped them with their educational fees, hostel expenses , transportation cost and many more. They mainly provide financial assistance for all the basic needs of a college student and many students have benefited under this program. The students can submit their application in these organizations and if the students have a bad credit score they still help them with financial assistance. However, you need some legal documents and face some basic questions to get qualified for the program.

The organization also conducts a little bit of research to check the background of the student just to check if their application is genuine or not. They also look at the performance of the students and other academic history before granting them a free car for college students. There are also some set of guidelines and rules that are well explained to the students. Moreover they also give the students to pick their car as they have collaborated with most of the car companies like Honda, Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Nissan, Chevrolet and many more.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Free Cars for Students From Charity

The government only looks into one primary criterion that is the academic performance of the college students. The students that have low or bad grades are not qualified for the free car program. If you are having good grades and excellent academic performance you can easily get qualified for the program. You just need to fill up the application form, submit your documents and wait for the process to finish. Once you complete all the steps you will get a free car from the government.

You should note that you have to pay the loan continuously for a fixed period, however the interest rate is very low. But make sure you do not fail in paying the monthly payments or else they will take your car away. If you feel that you cannot pay the amount regularly then the best thing is to avoid the process. You should not take a risk for applying for a loan if you are not confident about paying it. There are also charities that run alongside the government to provide scholarship programs to the students that will help them in getting a car.

Top 3 Charities that Offer that offer Free Cars For College Students

We have found a list of non-profit organizations that have offered free cars for college students. These organizations have been very popular for their work and they provide the students with multiple options to pay back for the car. You can pay back the amount of the car after getting a job. They do not charge any interest and many students have benefited from these charities by getting a free car.

#1 Purple Foundation

Purple charity Foundation is first on the list as it is a very popular foundation group that primarily helps the students to pursue their education. They also provide free cars to the students that have good grades and excellent academic performance. However, their procedure is very easy and straightforward.

#2 FreeCharityCars.Org

FreeCharityCars.Org is second on our list and it’s another popular non-profit organization that helps the applicant to get a free car. However, they also provide car insurance as it is mandatory. The non-profit provides both new and old cars to the college students.

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If you are worrying that the old car might be scarp, don’t worry, they maintain the old cars and are in good working condition. The college students can easily use them without any problems. If you are interested in getting a free car you can directly contact them and explain your reason. If they feel that your reason is genuine and valid they will help you with the rest of the process to get a free car. They also have an official website where you can know more about the documentation and eligibility criteria to get a free car.


There are many students that are settled and earning a good amount now. These students were once helped by the charity during their difficult times. Those students understand the situation of the college students as they were once in their position. The contribution of such students has made this charity one of the best for providing free cars for the college students.

The organization has one primary eligibility requirement. The students must have good grades and are excellent in academic performance. However, you also have to provide them with all the necessary legal documents. They also accept old cars for donations and later donate the car to a needy college student. One can get a free car for college students from this organization. For more information and to solve your queries you can visit their official site.

The organization has also been sponsored by various brand and we have provided a list of Carangel’s Sponsor :

  • MSN
  • AOL
  • YAHOO!
  • Action House
  • Focus on the Family
  • Scovel’s Towing
  • Motor’s Auction Group
  • Manheim Auto Auctions
  • Significant Ventures
  • Prayer.LA
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Lampro Laminating
  • Wal-Mart
  • DQE
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Viacom
  • Reignbow Media
  • eBay
  • Clear Channel Media


I hope in this article you have found all the information related to the Free Cars for College Student Program. We all know the importance of cars in the modern world. There are many students that go to college, tuition and other workplaces and multitasking is not possible without a car as public transport is quite time consuming. There are many students that come from far away and are unable to attend college regularly. The government and some other organizations have understood the situation of the college students and are offering Free Cars for College Student Program. This program has changed the lives of many college students and it also helped them in attending the classes on time without depending on public transport. There are many charities that have helped the college students to get a free car. However there are some eligibility requirements and documents needed to apply for the program. Also, note that the students that are excellent in academics are offered Free Cars for College Student Program. If you know someone who is looking for a free car, do share the information with them, it might be of great help to them.

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Are there any Free Cars for College Student Program?

Yes, there are few Free Cars for College Students Programs. However, the programs are run by government, non government and other charities.

Am I eligible for the Free Cars for College Student Program?

The primary eligibility criteria for the Free Cars for College Student Program, you must be very good in academics to qualify in this program and must explain to them a genuine reason on why you need a vehicle.

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