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How to Get a Free Government iPhone XR

The government is providing a free government iPhone XR, but you must be qualified to take advantage of this program. As in the previous post about free government iPhone X, here, you can get all the information you need on how to be eligible and get your free iPhone XR in our post on free government phones. More features and better performance are available with each new iPhone generation.

To help low-income people pay for essential phone, wireless, and internet services as well as basic devices, the government established two assistance programs (Lifeline and ACP, or Affordable Connectivity Programme).

However, it is obvious that these programs cannot cover the costs of the newest smartphones, which are packed with a variety of inessential features and glitzy technologies.


Benefits of free government iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has the same tough glass as in the more costly iPhone XS and is encased in a frame made of precision-machined 7000 Series aerospace-grade aluminum. White, black, blue, coral, yellow, and (PRODUCT)RED are the six colors that Apple used while creating the iPhone XR.

  • The device’s glass exterior supports Qi-based wireless charging, and its IP67 water resistance protects it from spills and splashes.
  • Even in low-light scenarios, smart HDR pulls out more detail in the highlights and shadows, and wide color support produces images that are vibrant and rich in color.
  • For the iPhone XR, Apple created a brand-new “Liquid Retina” display, a 6.1-inch LCD with a 1792 x 828 resolution that spans from edge to edge and top to bottom with barely any bezels.
  • The Apple iPhone XR has a 7-nanometer A12 Bionic CPU inside, which has four efficiency cores that are up to 50% more efficient and two performance cores that are 15% quicker than the A11’s.
  • The LCD does not support 3D Touch, but Apple added a new Haptic Touch capability to the device to deliver haptic feedback to certain motions.
  • It has the exact same wide-angle camera as the iPhone XS, a 12-megapixel f/1.8 lens with a 32 percent bigger sensor for crisper, more detailed images in low light.

So, the benefits of free government iPhone XR are quite praiseworthy. However, to get your free government iPhone XR, you need to follow the following step.

Comparison between free government iPhone X and free government iPhone XR

The CPU is where the Apple iPhone XR and the free government iPhone X differ the most from one another. The iPhone XR is more powerful and able to run bigger applications because of the A12 Bionic processor. The brand-new A12 Bionic processor is utilized in the Apple iPhone XR. When using an augmented reality app or playing 3D games, you can gain from this. The A11 Bionic processor, the younger sibling of the A12 Bionic chip found in the Apple iPhone XR, is found within the Apple iPhone X.

Thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone X outperforms the Apple iPhone X in terms of speed. There are several colors and three different storage options for the Apple iPhone XR. Because the Apple iPhone X has two rear cameras, you can use it for portrait photography and optical zoom.

Who are eligible for free government iPhone XR devices?

To obtain the government’s free iPhone XR:

  • You will need to enlist in one of the government programs, such as SSI (supplemental security Income) or SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program).
  • Additionally, your income must be less than 135% of the federal poverty level. Your yearly income should be below $12,700 without any family members.
  • You may be eligible for and gain from this program if you are a senior citizen member of the state.

If you fit one of the aforementioned criteria, you may acquire a free government iPhone XR by visiting any provider in your area.

Documents required by the applicant

The following paperwork is needed in order to get a complimentary Government iPhone XR:

  • A picture ID.
  • A passport photocopy.
  • Residential proof.
  • Documentation proving your enrollment in the Food Stamp Programme is required for identification.
  • A list of some organizations’ current addresses.

If you have these documents, you don’t have to worry more. You are eligible for free government iPhone XR programs.

Top 4 programs for free government iPhone XR

The top 4 free government iPhone XR programs are listed below:

  • Affordable connectivity program

The FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program has been replaced with the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP). The benefit offers eligible families a discount on internet service of up to $30 per month and up to $75 per month for homes on qualified tribal territory. This is comparable to the Lifeline Assistance Programme in the mobile phone industry for home internet plans.

  • Lifeline Assistance

The Federal Communications Commission is offering Lifeline Assistance since 1985. It is actually the part of its ongoing effort to ensure that all citizens of America have equal access to telephone services. Your household may be eligible for a free smartphone under the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications program if you are a Medicaid participant.

  • National Lifeline Association

National Lifeline Association, which is a non-profit organization, offers low-income households financial aid to help pay for phone service. Subscribers receive a discount on eligible monthly voice and broadband bundles, broadband Internet service, and monthly telephone service from partnering landline and cellular carriers. The company provides a free iPhone XR government phone program.

  • Connect America Fund

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established the Connect America Fund (CAF) in 2011 to ensure that everyone in the United States have access to communications service that is fairly equal to what is offered in metropolitan areas. It seeks to lower the cost of phone service for low-income households.

There are various choices available to low-income people who require assistance with phone service costs. Getting in touch with one of the programs mentioned above is the best method to learn if you qualify for a free government iPhone XR.

The process of getting a free government iPhone XR

It’s crucial to fully comprehend the application procedure in order to obtain an iPhone XR. Your chances of receiving one enhance if your application is flawless. To apply for a free government iPhone XR, or a free iPhone 10follow these steps:

  • Verify that you qualify for the government’s free iPhone XR program. To confirm your eligibility, visit the website that has been approved nationally.
  • You can continue with the application procedure if you are qualified. Otherwise, log in.
  • Finding a free government iPhone XR program provider is the next thing to do.
  • Choose a supplier to use as the source for this program, then get in touch with them to get your free iPhone XR.
  • Visit the online application page and complete the application form with the necessary information. To ascertain your eligibility, they could ask you for documents or proof of your right to food stamps.

Your free iPhone XR program provider will suggest any extra steps needed if your application is accepted. If you follow the above steps, you will get the answer to your question- how to apply for free government iPhone XR.


When it comes to internet activities, having a decent phone nearby provides us with extra advantages. By providing a free iPhone XR to qualified candidates, the government has made it simpler to acquire the finest. You may have had a lot of concerns before submitting your application for the free government iPhone XR programs. You are always welcome to contact us with additional questions, even though we have already addressed the majority of them.


How long will it take to receive the free government iPhone XR device?

If you have submitted your application for receiving the free government iPhone XR, you need to wait some five working days. After they ship your product, you will again have to wait for another 4 to 5 days to get your hand on the iPhone XR.

Is there much difference between other smartphones and the free government iPhone XR?

When we talk about the iPhone XR, we already know that there are no similarities or comparisons between these phones and other smartphones. There are several other good smartphones available in the market. But, the free phone from the government supplies the iPhone XR, the best.

Although, if you compare, you can see differences in the sound, picture, and display quality of the iPhone XR.

What is the warranty period for free government iPhone XR?

Generally, the government does not take the liability or warranty. Though generally, the company gives a warranty of almost 90 days with terms and conditions.

Is it possible to get a free government iPhone XR in the US?

Yes, it is possible to get the free government iPhone XR in the United States. The application procedure may vary from state to state. It will be best to check the internet for state specific programs and procedures.

Am I eligible to get another government iPhone if I already have one from another provider?

Yes, you are eligible to get another iPhone, even if you already have one different version of the iPhone from the government policies.

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