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How to Get Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families

How to Get Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families – In this article you will find all the information on How to Get Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families. The article also provides all the required information on filling out the government form to get free laptops. We have also found a few ways that will help you in finding a free computer or laptop for low income families by going through this article. If you are searching for a free laptop for low income families then you are at the right place because you will get all required information to get a free laptop from the government and other non-profit organizations.

Going through the article will guide you and understand the process for applying for a free government laptop for low income families. However, you must remember that there is an eligibility criteria to qualify for the program. The federal government has imposed strict rules and if you do not pass the eligibility test your application will straightaway get rejected. The government also provides free tablets along with free laptops for the low income or less fortunate families. However, you should understand that the federal government distributes the laptops or tablets according to the availability of the resources, as there are many applicants it is not possible to provide everyone with a free laptop. Thus, the federal follows the eligibility criteria very strictly and only offers those applicants who are eligible for the program.

If your application is rejected for a free government laptop by the federal government, do not worry as there are other non-profit organizations that offer free laptops as well. You must be confused if they are really providing the laptops for free. Answer to your question will always be YES, there are government and non-profit organizations that provide laptops for free. To know more go through the article. The government does not approach the low income families directly rather they assist the non-profit and other local organizations. The Non- profit organization and charities come forward to help you by providing free government laptops. To register for the program you have to fill in a form and submit your applications to get a free government laptop. The local committee reviews your application and if you are eligible you will get a free laptop from the government under the free tablet for college students program.

The application for most of the government free programs are quite complicated, however the application for free laptop low low-income families is quite easy and simple. You can face many problems in finding places that are offering free laptops as it is always hard to find. The article will help you in finding such programs and provide all the required information along with eligibility criteria. However, if you are residing in the United States then the procedure is very simple and you can easily get a free laptop along with the internet. The only requirement is the fulfillment of eligibility criteria. In the below section we have provided all the details on the eligibility requirements.


Eligibility to a Get Free Laptop from Government for Low Income Families

To qualify for the Free Laptop from Government for Low Income Families you must meet the eligibility criteria. Every type of program has different eligibility requirements.

Four eligibility requirements to qualify for the Free Laptop from Government programs are :

  • The applicant must have a valid identity proof.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  • The applicant must provide all the necessary documents to prove their income status like salary slip.
  • The applicant must show their valid address proof.

After you submit your application form, the government will review it. Once you meet the eligibility criteria you will receive your laptop in a few days. The Covid 19 outbreak has restricted people to go outside and most of the work is done remotely. Thus, laptops will be very handy and people can work from home without compromising their health.

Programs and Organizations that help you to Get a Free Laptop for Low Income Families

#1 Computers for Learning

Computers for Learning is a well known organization in the United States, the federal government provides computer software and hardware to this organization. After receiving the hardware and software the organization refurbishes the products and then offers it to the school, colleges and universities.

Computers for Learning also provide laptop parts and accessories to the organization that are helping the low income families. The organization then offers free laptops to the low income families. However for further assistance you can visit their official site. You can also call or email them if you have queries.

#2 Adaptive.Org

There is another organization that provides free laptops to low income families. However, they only provide laptops to such families that have children that are studying above class 5. They have their eligibility criteria and an applicant must have served at least 10 hours of community service in the residing area. Once you meet the eligibility you will be offered a free laptop.

You also must remember that the organization also provides assistance to the disabled people, senior citizens, low income families and the families with financial crisis and offers them free laptops if they meet the eligibility criteria. You can also visit their Official Website to know more.

#3 Accelerated Schools Program Laptop Loans

The Accelerated School Program also offers a free government program of free laptops. However, the applicant has to deposit a sum of $100 and can use the laptop or computer whatever they choose. And after they return the laptop or computer in proper condition to the organization they will pay back $100 to the applicant.

The program also provides help to the low income families that are unable to afford a laptop or computer because of the financial crisis. However, the program helps the children in those families with a free laptop that will help them to have a better education. The program also helps with additional benefits like internet connection. The application procedure is very simple as you are only one call away from joining the program.

#4 is another organization that provides free government to the families that have low income. Moreover the organization operates on a national level and has provided help to many students, parents and many families that are not financially stable. The main aim of the program is to improve the educational system for the participants by offering them a refurbished laptop or computer. They are also offering broadband connections and internet plans along with the programs.

#5 World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is another well known organization that provides free laptops and computers. The organization has collaborated with many schools, computer libraries and government parties and has provided them with refurbished laptops. You can visit their official website for further assistance.

#6 Interconnection

Interconnection is another famous organization that works to connect people with and provide them with affordable desktops and laptops. The organization is located in Seattle and anyone can get their services irrespective of their location. It is an online store that provides laptops and desktops at a very low price. They have collaborated with brands like Dell, Apple, Lenovo and many more.

#7 Ctac-Computer Technology Assistance Corps

By the name you can understand that this is a tech-based organization. The organization primarily works with big tech companies like Microsoft and many more and also works in collaboration with the government to help the needy people with financial assistance to get Laptops. For further assistance you can visit the official site of CTAC.

#8 PCs for People free Laptop Assistance

Pcs for People is also referred to as PCP in short. It is another popular non-profit organization that helps low income families with free laptop assistance. However, the organization has set up some strict rules on the eligibility criteria to get free laptop assistance.  The low income families or individuals that are below 200% poverty level are eligible for the program. Another specified criterion is that you must have a disable person who has worked with the social welfare organizations. You can proceed and fill up their application form, if you feel you meet the above criteria’s.

#9 With Causes

With Cause is another organization in the list , the organization offers refurbished desktop and computers to those applicants that have applied their application. The best thing about the organization is that they let the applicants choose and test  the laptop and computer before taking it.

#10 The On it Foundation

The On it Foundation is an organization based in Florida, however the organization only provides help to the people that are residing in Florida and can be called as Florida-Centric. Thus, if you are a resident of Florida you can easily get a free laptop from this foundation. Moreover the foundation has collaborated with businesses, education institutions, computer access centers and many more.

The On it Foundation also collaborated with the local community to widely spread technological advancement. The On it Foundation provides free laptops along with additional training programs, internet packages and broadband connection. You can also visit their website link  to know more about the programs of On it Foundation.

#11 Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

You already know about Microsoft, it is one of the most famous tech organizations in the world. The organization has contributed high in donation programs and as the company is computer related, everyone expected something big from them. The Microsoft Registered Refurbishers offers computer refurbished like licensed Microsoft Software for the families that are unable to afford it. They have also collaborated with many charities to help the people with free computer accessories.

#12 The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is next in our list and it is an online platform that provides free laptops and computers from the government. However, it is a non-profit organization that provides used laptops or computers that are in working condition.

If you are interested in getting a recycle item you can fill up their application form from the official website. However, note that they only have a virtual store and do not have any branches. For more information you can check the official website of  Freecycle Network. You can find all the details in the website that might help you to get a recycled item.

In the website you can find all types of recycled products and even submit your queries to them. They will revert back to you within a short frame of time. The organization has helped many low income families. You can fill the application form after meeting the eligibility criteria and after the application is reviewed by them you can get a free laptop or computer.

#13 Everyoneon

Everyoneon is last second on the list and it’s a well known program that is well distributed in the United States. The program is available in more than 50 states and they follow a very simple and easy application procedure to get a free laptop. However, the individuals that have an income lower than $35000 are eligible for the program. Moreover, they also refurbish the old laptops or computers from the individuals that do not need them anymore. After making the laptop or computer in proper working condition they offer it to those who need it. In addition the program also provides training courses for students.

#14 Smartriverside

Smartriverside is last in our list as it is one of the best programs that offers low income families with free laptops or tablets. The organization is backed by the government and is accessible in most of the states. Moreover, the organization also collaborated with other non-profit organizations. They also offer free laptops or computers to the individuals that need them but could not afford one because of the financial crisis. However, you have to fill an application form to claim the offer. Also remember that the eligibility criteria for the program vary from state to state.

How To Get a Free Computer or Laptop from Cragslist?

Craigslist is a well known online site that provides a buying and selling platform for sellers and buyers. On this platform you can find many free things. There are many people that are reselling various items at a much cheaper price. However, if you are searching for a laptop or computer at a cheaper price you can try this platform. Another best thing about the platform is that there are kind people who completely donate their product on this site and you can get it without paying any money. I hope you will find a laptop or desktop on Craigslist.

How To Get a Free Computer or Laptop from Salvation Army?

I hope you already know about the Salvation Army as it is one of the biggest and well known non-profit organizations that have always helped the needy people with everything. The have always helped with Free Clothes for Needy Families, Free Groceries for Low Income Families and they also provide free laptops or desktops for the needy people.

The organization has always come forward to help the people with all their resources. They have provided the needy people with anything they require. If you need something you can directly go to the local Salvation Army stores and describe to them your problems. And they will help you if your reason is genuine. However, they will also guide you with everything.

There is another organization that is quite similar to the Salvation Army is Goodwill. Goodwill can help you with used laptops or desktops, however these are mainly auctioned. But you can get a laptop or desktop at a very affordable price.

How to Get a Free Laptop from the United Way?

There is another non-profit organization that is United Way and has helped people with various sources. They follow an application procedure that is named 2-1-1. You can get a free laptop or desktop by visiting their official site on You can get more information and details of their programs along with eligibility criteria.

Free Laptop for College Students from Government

As we know laptops have become very important for college students to pursue education as everything is done remotely because of the pandemic. There are many students that are unable to afford a laptop. It is seen that most of the low income families highly rely on the government.

Thus, the government has introduced schemes and programs that will help the students to get a free laptop or desktop. However, the government also provides additional programs for free internet. We have found some government organizations that provide free laptops to needy students.

The Open Education Database

The Open Education Database is a government organization that provides free laptops to college students. You must note that the program is not absolutely free but you have to pay a minimal amount. Sometimes the cost gets added with your college fees and you can pay the money in installments.

Technology for Future

Technology for the Future is another non-profit organization that provides technological solutions in the United States and Canada. However, the organization is North California based and they aim to provide free laptops to the low income families that are unable to afford one. The organization also offers free laptops for college students that are going through a financial crisis.

How to get Free NoteBook for College Students

The organization is mainly backed up by many students and professors that are residing in Los Angeles. The main objective of this organization is to provide assistance to the students that are facing problems because of the unavailability of laptops or desktops. The organization has also collaborated with other refurbishing centers and computer labs to assist the college students.

How to Get a Free Laptop from St. Vincent De Paul?

In your lifetime you have once heard of this organization, St. Vincent De Paul is one of the well known organizations that have always come forward to help the needy people. The organization works for the betterment of the people.  The organization not only provides free laptops but also offers other basic requirements to the low income families. For further assistance you can visit their official site and know more about their programs and eligibility criteria.


I hope this article has provided you with all the information on How to Get Free Government Laptops for Low Income Families. You must remember that there are some eligibility criteria you need to fulfill to pass the eligibility test. As there are a lot of applicants they review the application very strictly. However, if you cannot qualify for the federal government programs you can try other non-profit organizations or charities to Get Free Laptops for Low Income Families. As we know that laptops have become very essential these days because of the recent pandemic forcing everyone to continue work remotely. We have mentioned a few programs that might be of great help to you in getting free laptops. If you know someone who is looking for free government laptops please share this information with them. It might help them to get a free laptop.

People Also Search For

Are there any programs to get free laptops for Low Income Families?

Yes, absolutely. There are many programs run by government and non-profit organizations that can provide you free assistance in getting a laptop.

Are there any eligibility Criteria?

Yes, there are some eligibility criteria to qualify for the programs. However, it totally depends on the organization and varies from state to state.

What organizations can help me to get a free laptop?

There are few organizations like Computers for learning, Freecycle Network, Smartriverside, Everyoneon and many more that provide free assistance for laptops to low income families.

What is the application procedure?

The application procedure is quite simple, you have to fill up the application form and describe your situation on why you need a laptop. Once your application is reviewed they will inform you if you are qualified for the program.

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