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Get Free Transportation Programs For the Disabled

Free Transportation Programs for the disabled people – If you are searching for free rides for disabled people then you have visited the right place. In this article, we are going to share some information about free transportation Programs for disabled people who need extra care. As we all know the requirements of disabled people are slightly dissimilar to others. They need some special transportation services for them as they are unable to travel on their own. Different non government, government organizations and charities, NGOs came forward to provide free transportation to disabled people. You can easily avail transportation services from any government organizations. NGOs are there to help you by providing free transportation services.

The main objective of these programs is to provide hassle-free transportation to disabled people so that they can reach their destination on time. They need to go to some important appointments like doctors clinic, grocery stores, medical stores etc. but due to some unavoidable circumstances they are unable to get any transportation. Free transportation Programs are specifically organized to support these disabled people. We will be going to discuss those programs and their different eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil. You are hereby suggested to go through the full article very carefully to know more about those programs.


Free Transportation Programs for Disabled People

To support disabled people, the federal government, no government organizations and NGOs are providing free transportation programs for disabled people. They are unable to continue jobs as they are unable to find smooth transportation like the general public, so they need special services to travel from one place to another.

For those people, below organizations can provide help for finding transportation for disabled people. You can go through them carefully.

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Government programs for free transportation for Disabled

#1 Paratransit

Government operates several programs for disabled people. Paratransit is one of those programs that provide free transportation to disabled people. They provide wheelchair services so that the disabled people can go to grocery stores, medical stores, hospitals etc. They have trained drivers who will help you to reach your destination on time. This is a government organized program and available to every state throughout the country. They don’t have strict eligibility criteria hence you can apply for this program if you are disabled. You can also check their official website to know more about this program or you can drop an email to their official website if you have any kind of queries.

The drivers hired by them are really trained and they help disabled people to get in and out from the vehicle. The fair is also the same as other transportation. They use the same bus and travel route as others do. It is very beneficial to disabled people as this service is specifically designed for them only. Paratransit has so many advantages at an affordable price. If you are searching for efficient transportation then this might be a perfect choice for you.

#2 Independent Transportation Network America

Independent Transportation Network America is another free transportation program for disabled people in the American continent. Their main objective is to provide free transportation for disabled people so that they can go out and reach out to their destination on time. They have been working for a few years and so many people have benefited through their services. It is basically a door to door service available for disabled people. They will drop you to your destination like grocery and medical stores, doctor’s appointments, emergency services, job interviews etc. You can definitely find this opportunity in different states as it is a government program. You can check their official website to know more about their work process. You also contact their local offices by stating your conditions. Please drop email to their official website if you have any related enquiries.

#3 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services are provided to low income families irrespective of the fact that you are disabled or not. Any people who belong to the low income families are eligible for this program. Hence, you don’t have to be disabled to get qualified. This is a government organized program to help low income families who have some medical appointments on an emergency basis. You need to book appointments first, and by showing the booking details you will get free transportation services to reach them on time. This service is available in every state to support low income families who cannot afford transportation for going to a place. The online form is available to their official website or you can apply online as well. You are hereby instructed to check the details on their official website. If you feel eligible, then you must apply for this program.

Free rides and Transportation for the disabled

#1 Uber

Uber is the most popular transportation service in the country and internationally. It can be easily accessible from the smart phone. It also provides shared riding if you cannot afford the higher cost of fare. You will be able to book your ride just by clicking on the app from your phone. Uber is relatively cheaper than local offline cab services. They will drop you on your destination before or on time. The cab will arrive at your doorstep within a few minutes. You will be given all the details of the driver and car number on your phone. Shared services are also available for you in which the fare will be split.

Uber has launched for disabled people as well. For these reasons, uber can be considered as the most efficient cab service. Vibrating and flashing lights are there who are deaf and impaired to hear. Three options are available for them so that they can easily communicate like Voiceover for iPhone, Talkback for Android, and Wireless Braille. For disabled riders wheelchair facilities, lifts or especially accessible vehicles are there to support them. Booking procedures are really easy; you just need to download the app and login with your phone number. You need to put the destination and pick up the address. You also check the fare before starting your journey. Customer service is there if you face any difficulties.

#2 Mobility Managers

Mobility Managers are the human services that arrange transportation for you. They are the employees of transit and provide you assistance who are unable to find an efficient transportation for them. They are like your personal travel agent. If you are planning to travel somewhere but cannot arrange transportation for yourself then you can easily call them for assistance. The managers are really efficient as they explain how to find for disabled people. They have their official website where you can easily go and check their working procedures. They also have local offices. You can contact the local office near you by stating your urgency and requirements. They will assign a personal manager for finding a ride for yourself.

#3 Eldercare

This name suggests that it may be available only for elder people. But don’t get confused as this service is available to disabled people aged 21 to 64. If you are a disabled person within this age group then you may get this opportunity to use these vehicles. They have their official website hence, you may check their website and they offer different programs as well. You may call them at their official number which is 1-800-677-1116. The customer service is available from 9 am to 8 pm. You should also check other programs offered by them.

  • Paratransit services – also called demand response transportation services
  • One-click transportation websites
  • Vehicle conversion
  • Mobility management services
  • Volunteer transportation programs
  • Accessible parking placards/license tags
  • Public transportation – bus fares and discounts
  • Travel training programs
  • Transportation voucher programs

Charities that offer free transportation and rides for the Disabled

We have already mentioned that apart from government organizations, charities also came forward to provide transportation services to disabled people. We are going to discuss a few charities that offer affordable transportation for disabled people. Please read about them carefully if you want to enjoy smooth transportation.

#1 National Aging Network

The National Aging Network provides transportation services to disabled, elderly people who are unable to find a ride for themselves. They have their branches throughout the nation. The aim is to provide affordable transportation to disabled people. You can find the assistance from the Aging Centers as well. They have their official website. You may contact them if you need any type of assistance related to transportation.

#2 The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one of the most popular organizations in the country as they provide different facilities to low income families, disabled and senior citizens by supporting them. They have different assistance programs like food, clothes, housing assistance etc. They also have local offices so that you can easily go and ask them for assistance. They provide transportation services for disabled people. The name of the program is Share a ride. This is one of the renowned volunteer riding programs in the country. If you need any assistance for transportation related issues, you may contact the Salvation Army.

#3 Volunteer Driver Programs

Volunteer Driver Programs are organized by different charities who are interested in providing support to disabled people. You will be provided with affordable and free transportation if you are unable to find any ride for yourself. They run these programs by donations from different business organizations and individuals. These drivers are trained and they help you to reach your destination on time. These programs are more or less similar to Salvation Army volunteer drivers programs. You may contact their official website or local offices by asking for assistance if you want to go to someone on an urgent basis.

How to apply for Free Transportation services for disabled

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many free and affordable transportation programs offered by government and non government organizations for disabled people. You may apply to any of these organizations as each of them are efficient enough to support you. Paratransit and wheelchair assistance programs are operated by Local Human Social Service agencies. You can go and ask for their help easily.

You can also use Medicaid and medical services to travel anywhere. They have already provided their number at which you can easily call them. A large number of non-profit organizations and charities came forward to provide transportation services to disabled people.


We have already discussed different free transportation services that are available for low income families and disabled people throughout the nation. There are different government and non government organizations that provide you free transportation. Not only transportation services but you can get other assistance from these organizations as well. If you are struggling with finding a ride then they will help you to find it for reaching your destination like medical stores, grocery stores, doctors appointments etc. They have some eligibility requirements as well but the requirements are simple. You need to follow the respective procedures to get their services. You are hereby suggested to check their website or visit their local organizations to know more about their policies. We hope that this article helped you a lot in understanding the free transportation programs for disabled people.

People Also Search For

What are the free transportation programs for disabled people?

Free transformation programs are specifically designed for disabled people. Those who are facing problems reaching their destination on time like grocery stores, medical stores and doctor’s appointments, these programs are available for them.

Who provides free transportation programs to disabled people?

There are difficult government and non government organizations that came forward to support disabled people. The organizations like Paratransit, uber, Salvation Army, Eldercare are there to provide you free transportation. They have trained drivers who will help you to get into the car.

Is it very difficult to get assistance from Free transportation programs?

No, it is very easy to get assistance from them as they have launched it specifically for disabled people only. They have some basic criteria that you need to follow for getting assistance from them

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