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Get CDL Grants For Felons 5 Easy ways

How To Get CDL Grants For Felons – The lives of felons are always hard as they committed some felony in the past and sometimes they are not accepted in the society even if they serve the sentence. However, you should understand that they are clean after serving a sentence, they have understood their mistake and now want to live a better life.  In this article we will help you with the information on How To Get CDL Grants For Felons – 5 Easy ways. If you are a felon and you want CDL grants you can apply for the grants. There are Charity and Government CDL training for Felon Grants that help the felons to live a better life.

The CDL grants have been effective as it gives the felons another chance to start their life by forgetting the past deeds. There are many felons that regret their past and want to get a chance to rechange their life. Thus, CDL grants offer them a chance to live a stable life without letting the past bother them in their professional lives. As we know life gets very hard when you are sentenced for some crimes and thus people do not trust you because of your past. After serving their sentence they are not accepted in the society and things turn out to be more difficult for them.

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If you are a felon and you are worried about it, don’t worry because there are government and non government organizations who think about the felons and offer CDL Grants for Felons. CDL training and many others. Felons can also apply for truck driving schools for felons and get their license from there. After getting a license they can earn a living and restart their life. Moreover, they can also find other charities that provide grants to the felons that might help them to live a better life. To know more about these organizations and grants go through the article.


What is meant by the CDL Grants for Felons?

CDL is referred to as Commercial Driving License, thus the CDL grants are offered to the felons by the Training Administration and the Department of Labor, Employment. The department offers the grants each year respectively to the felons that require them. However, the grants are primarily provided to the felons or ex-felons.

One of the best things about the CDL grants is that they are open to everyone who needs them. The grants would help them in restarting life by earning their living and also live a fundamental lifestyle to support their needs. Another great thing about the CDL Grants for Felons is that they offer financial assistance to all the felons whether they have a good or bad credit. You can find a list of government and non-government organizations that provide CDL grants to change their lives.

Ways to get CDL Grants for Felons

We have found 5 easy ways to get the CDL Grants for Felons. There are some government and non-government organizations that provide CDL grants. Alongside there are also charities that help the felons with financial assistance.

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#1 GoFundme

GoFundme is a well known website that helps you advertise yourself and describe the urgency of your financial requirement. There are a lot of people who can fund your cause. It can also be said as a financial website that helps the felons with grants, the website helps in searching for different types of grants for the felons. Moreover the website is very effective and there are people who have raised more than $3 million for their cause in GoFundme.

The best thing is that you can use the website for any cause and there are a lot of people who will help you to raise funds for your cause. If you are unable to afford education, training sessions, medical expenditure or any other reasons you can use this website to raise funds for yourself. The website has changed many lives by raising funds for them.


This is a government website and you can easily trust the information as it is run by the government. is an online platform that provides you all the necessary information on the grants and programs that are being offered to different sections of society. The information you will find here is authentic and might help you.

In the online portal you can check all types of grants along with the grants for felons. This website has been very useful to the people who are searching different types of grants. The website contains all the vital information about eligibility requirements, deadlines, necessary documents and many other information on the grants. There are also grants for free clothes, food, education grants and many more

#3 IndieGoGo

The IndieGoGo website is quite similar to GoFundme and it works on a crowd funding system. Here you can raise money for your requirements like CDL training for felons and ex felons and for any other purpose. However, the applicants that are eligible are offered professional help through this website. But note that your reason must be genuine and strong that will help you in raising funds for the purpose.

#4 Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Inmates to Entrepreneurs is an Non-Profit organization that offers help to the inmates and felons. By going through the name of the organization you have already understood. The main aim of this organization is to give the inmates and felons a second chance to restart their new life by providing them financial aid to set up a business. The Inmates to Entrepreneurs is a group that works in collaboration with Sageworks to provide the ex-felons with grants that help them to live a good and stable life as they deserve as the citizens of the country.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs not only provide financial help to the felons but also help them with business knowledge and skills that help them in running a successful business. They also provide different business videos and business education that enhance the business skills of the felons. If you are interested you can directly visit their local headquarter in your area and get answers to all your queries about the programs.

State Government and Local Agencies

If you fail to get the federal government grants don’t worry as you have another option in your hand that is State Government and Local Agencies. If you fail to qualify for the federal grants you can seek help for the State Government and Local Agencies. They can help you with the grants to live a stable life. However, every year certain funds are given to the state government by the federal government to help the needy people.

Moreover, the application procedure is straightforward and you can apply for the CDL grants for felons from the State Government or local agencies. However, you must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for the grants. We have found that there are also many Local agencies that partnered with other non-profit organizations to offer CDL Grants for felons and ex-felons. For further assistance you visit your local agency in your area and know more about the programs and grants.

Truck Driving Schools for Felons

As we know, the felons face a lot more even after serving a sentence. Most of the people do not trust them thus they cannot lead a healthy and stable life. Everyone needs a second chance in their life to again restart their life with a new thought. However, there are few charities and government organizations that are providing financial help to the felons and also providing them with CDL grants. We have found some truck driving school that helps the felons with CDR and also provides the training to learn truck driving. Go ahead, check out a few  driving schools that are listed below.

Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College is one of the famous colleges and can be said as one of the best driving schools for the felons. The primary aim of the colleges is to help students with theoretical and practical training that will help them understand more easily. The college offers help to anyone and does not look at the past record or background of the applicant.

The applicant needs to convince the college about their situation that would help them in fetching a truck driving school grants for the felons. But remember you have to show a genuine and strong reason that cannot be rejected. Once the jury gets convinced by your story they will help you in getting a free truck driving license.

Dootson School of Trucking

Here is another popular name in the list that is Dootson School of Trucking, it is an education organization that helps individuals with training and specialization on business knowledge and trucking. The school is more than 60 years old and has trained and educated a large number of felons. Another best thing about the school is that they provide job opportunities to the felons that have learned truck driving. is another well known website that offers CDL training to the felons or ex-felons. They also offer grants for the felons that help them in learning truck driving. If any felons want to pursue truck driving lessons but could not because of financial problems can directly contact them.  This organization will help you with driving school grants for felons that will help in getting employed and live a peaceful life. By visiting you can find all sorts of information related to driving license tests, CDL grants for felons or ex-felons, truck driving school and many more.

What to do after getting a Truck Driving license?

You must be wondering what to do after getting a truck driving license. After getting a truck driving license many job opportunities might open up for you that will help you in living a stable life. There are many companies that hire truck drivers and provide them with weekly wages. Some of the popular transport companies include Melton Truck Lines, Tango Transport Services, Falcon Transport, Knight Transportation, PGT Trucking and many more. The best thing about these companies is that they hire felons as truck drivers and do not have any problem with their past records.

We have also found some of the companies that offer you both employment opportunities and CDL training to the felons or ex-felons. One of the prime examples of such companies is Roehl Transport. You can contact these companies if you want a trucking driving job as a felon. Many felons have benefited by getting a truck driving license that has helped them to restart their lives and bring stability.


We understand being a felon is always difficult as you have to go through a lot even after serving your sentence. Most of the felons are unable to get jobs because of their past records and people do not easily trust them. However, nothing should stop a felon from getting a good and stable life. Government and non-government organizations have come forward to help the felons with  CDL Grants For Felons. I hope you have found some useful information from this article on How to Get CDL Grants For Felons – 5 Easy ways. If you are a felon and searching for grants you can try out the mentioned organization and school to Get CDL Grants. Moreover if you know any felons who want to restart their life please share the information with them that might help them a lot.

People Also Search For

Are there any CDL Grants For Felons?

Yes there are CDL Grants for Felons and are mostly provided by the government and other organizations.

How to get the CDL Grants for Felons?

You can ask for CDL Grants on crowd funding websites like Gofundme and IndieGoGo. You can also look for non profit organizations like Inmates to Entrepreneurs or check in government website

Are there any eligibility criteria to qualify for the grants?

The primary eligibility criteria is that you must be a felon or ex-felon. The other criterias totally depend on the organization that  you are seeking help from

Is there any organization that provides CDL as well as employment opportunities for felons?

Roehl Transport provides the felon with both employment opportunities and CDL training.

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