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How to Get Help with Electric Bill Shut Off

How to Get Help with Electric Bill Shut Off – As you know that electric bills are one of the most crucial things that burn a big hole in your pocket. It is always difficult to pay huge utility bills for low income families. In this article you will be able to know about the various ways that can Help with Electric Bill Shut Off for low income and less fortunate families. The government has understood the problems of electric bills and thus introduced a handful of government programs for the needy people. There are also many charities, non-profit organizations and companies that offer different types of programs that can help with electric bills shut off.

We all know that how hard we try to cut off the electric consumption still the monthly bill digs a big hole in our pockets. It is seen that even the lowest amount of electricity bills are hard to pay for the low income families. If you are wondering if there are programs to Help you with Electric Bill Shut off, then you are 100 percent right about it. Thus, you don’t have to worry much as there are a lot of programs that help the needy people. The program is run by the federal government, charities and utility companies to help with electric bills shut off.


Utility Companies that help with electric bill

There are Utility Companies that help you with electric bills, the Utility Companies have programs that will help when you face electric shut off. The companies have different types of plans and any class of people can purchase them. However, they have a wide variety of plans that are affordable for the low income families. However, there are some utility companies that have plans for customers to a fixed rate on the basis of their average utility bill in the last 12 months.

There are a variety of plans that are run by the utility companies, some companies take your balance and help you to use that amount in the future when you are unable to pay your electric bill. Such plans help you to make better adjustments when you face a tough situation. Some of the companies collaborated with various charity organizations. It is seen that more than 31 utility companies have collaborated with Dollar Energy Fund.

Different Types of Programs that Help you with Electric Bills

We have found 14 types of programs that will Help you with Electric bills. What are you waiting for? Swipe down and find the best programs that can help you save a lot of energy.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

As you know weatherization is always expensive and low income families and individuals cannot afford it. However, if you weatherize you might save a lot of energy consumption and it will be very cost-effective for you as well in the long run. The Weatherization Assistance Program is also referred to as WAP in short, the program can help you in saving a lot of energy and also improve energy efficiency at homes. They also provide free services that include furnace tune-ups, home repairs, wall and attic insulation and many more. The program has helped low income and less fortunate families by minimizing their energy consumption to save a little extra cash.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is offered by the The Federal Government’s Department of Health and Human Services. It is also referred to as LIHEAP in short, the program provides block grants that can be used in two types of basic services. However, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of the program. The eligible individuals get financial assistance from the federal government or other non-profit organizations to pay their electricity bills.

Another service is offered by them to the eligible individuals with weatherized services. The program will help them in saving a lot of energy and is cost-effective. If you are one of those who want to minimize their energy bills, you can apply for this program by contacting the Community Action Agencies in your area.

There are a lot of low income families that are facing disconnection notice from their utility organization as they fail to pay the electric bills. In such an emergency you can directly contact the LIHEAP Crisis Program. LIHEAP will help you with utility grants that can be directly paid to the utility company. The process does not take much time , it takes a maximum of one business day to sanction your grant.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program is also referred to as HEAP.  The program is introduced by the government for the low income families and the needy individuals. The main aim of the program is to help the less fortunate families by paying their electricity bills to avoid disconnection. When you are unable to pay your electric bills your utility company disconnects your connection and you can reach HEAP for further help. The main priority of the program is elderly and disabled citizens. However, for more information and queries you can visit their official website and learn more about the program.

State Assistance Program for Electric Shut Off

Just like federal government programs, you can find various programs that are run by the state. The state assistance program helps the needy and low income families by offering them help with their electricity bills. The programs are run alongside the federal programs like HEAP, LIHEAP and many more. The state assistance program also helps low income families in installing new energy efficient appliances that will help them in saving more energy. They also help the low income families with free insulation.

Heating Repair Replacement Program (HARRP)

HARRP is one of the common programs that is run by the federal government to help low income families with utility and energy bills. However, the name of the program can vary according to the cities. But in most of the places it is known as HAARP, it helps in repairing heating appliances for free. You can reach the program through the Local Community Action Agencies in your area.

Regulations on Heating and Utility Disconnections

As you know, each state has their own set of laws and guidelines. Thus, the disconnection of utility services depends on the law of the state and it differs from one state to another. However, you should note that the utility company cannot disconnect your electrician during dry summer months and chilly winter months. Thus, it helps a lot of low income families to buy time and pay the utility bills at the right time. You should also learn that if your family consists of children, elderly or disabled you get protection against disconnection from the state laws.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has now become a common name as it offers every type of help to the needy and low income families. The organization has always helped the needy people whenever they are in any kind of crisis. The Salvation Army not only helps with electric, heating and utility bills but also offer low income families with food, clothes, furniture, and other such necessary items of living.  The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services is another program that helps the low income families by offering them assistance to pay electric bills.

The program considers electric shut off to be one type of homelessness as without electricity things are difficult. They work hard to prevent such situations by helping the people that are unable to pay their heavy bills.There are also other organizations just like Salvation Army, the list includes Love Inc, Lutheran Social Ministry, Jewish Federation of North America, Urban League, Catholic Churches, St. Vincent De Paul Church and many more. These organizations also help the needy people by providing assistance with electricity bills.

The National Fuel Funds Network

The National Fuel Funds Network is another non-profit organization that works across the country and has collaborated with a number of utility companies, community action agencies, fuel banks and many others. The organization works for the needy people and uses charities to raise money. With the money they help the low income families with their electric and heating bills. The organization has helped a lot of low income families by preventing disconnection of their utility services.

Operation Roundup

The Operation Roundup is another effective program that has helped a lot of people by providing them with cash grants. The cash grants can be used to pay electric bills or other bills. However there is a certain eligibility requirement for the program and those who qualify are offered the cash grants. This program not only helps in paying electric bills but also helps low income families with rent, medical expenses, food and so on.

Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies are non-profit organizations that are established at the local levels. The community action agencies are well disturbed all across the United State and have more than 1,500 counties. The basics of the local organizations are to register applications for the needy people that want benefits from the federal government energy assistance programs like LIHEAP, HAARP, HEAP and many more.

Prevention Programs

The Prevention Programs are special programs that are run by the federal government. The program is designed for those helpless people who have received a disconnection notice from their utility providers for electric shut off. The local charities and government organizations help the low income people from shut off protection plans. They help the families to get the services without disruptions by helping them to pay off the electric bills.

Dollar Energy Fund

There is another charity organization named Dollar Energy Fund, the organization has collaborated with more than 31 utility companies across 12 states  in the US. The organization has been helping people for more than three decades. They aim to help the needy people with their high utility and energy bills. For further assistance you can directly visit their official website and solve your queries about the programs.

Labor Union Members Discounted Heating Oil

If you are a member of the Labor Union, you will get a discount on buying heating oil. However, the program also helps in getting natural gas or propane. The HEAT program has helped in getting the Union Plus Home Heating Oil Discount on heating oil, they also offer a free service contract.

Free Legal Assistance

If none of the above programs gave you any solutions, don’t worry as there are non profit law firms that help with free legal assistance. The non-profit gives free legal advice to the individuals disabled and low income families and also helps you to know about your legal rights when an utility company disconnects the electricity. The program mainly prioritizes the elders and individuals that are going through severe medical conditions.

What Can I Do when your Electricity is Shut off?

When your electricity is shut off you must try all the options that have been discussed above. However, if all the options could not help you the best thing is to contact the Energy Crisis Intervention Program. The Energy Crisis Intervention Program has helped many low income families and you can directly contact them if your electricity is shut off. However, you can also contact them if you receive a disconnection notice from your utility company, but make sure to contact them before 24-48 hours.

Another thing you can try is to reduce  electricity usage in your house that will help in minimizing your electric bills. You should also be aware of the electric shut off laws that restrict the utility companies from disconnecting your electricity during extreme summer and winter months. The families that have children and elderly having medical needs also get protection through various laws.


I hope the article has provided you with all the vital information that can Help with the Electric Bill Shut Off.  There are a number of programs that are run by the government organization to provide assistance with electric bills. Utility bills have always troubled low income families and paying them off is not a cake walk. So, if you are looking for energy assistance programs you must try the above mentioned programs and organization. I hope the information will be of great help to you. However if you know someone who is searching for an energy assistance program to help with the electric bill shut off ,  please share the information with them. It might be of great help to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any program that helps with Electric Bill Shut Off?

Yes, there are some programs that are run by the federal government that help with Electric bill shut off. Some of the programs are HEAP, WAP, HAARP and so on.

Do any organizations help with Electric bill shut off?

There are few organizations like The Salvation Army and The National Fuel Funds Network that help with Electric bill shut off.

Can my utility company disconnect electricity anytime?

Yes, but note that there are some laws that restrict the utility company to disconnect electricity during extreme cold and hot months.

What to do when your electricity is disconnected?

You must contact The Energy Crisis Intervention Program before 24-48 hours. You can also try other Prevention Programs that help you when your electricity is disconnected.

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