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Apply for Free Car Repairs Assistance Program

Apply for Government Free Car Repairs Assistance Program – How to get help with car repair from government, Where to find free car repair programs for low income families. It is always difficult to maintain a car as it is very expensive and can dig holes in anyone’s pocket. Maintaining a car is always more difficult than buying a car , as buying is a onetime investment whereas maintenance is not. In the article we will share a list of Government Assistance for Car Repairs Program that will help you in maintaining your car. However, you have monthly maintenance that includes fuel charges, repairs and replacement of mechanical parts. The low income families face a lot of difficulty in maintaining their cars. Hence, they look for government assistance programs for cars to reduce the expenses.

The government understands the need of car assistance programs especially for the low income families. The low income families face a lot of problems when their car breaks down and are unable to repair it because of the high cost. Thus the government has introduced some various car repair programs that will help in minimizing your expense on car maintenance. We have found some of the government programs that offer you assistance for car repair’s program. So, what are you waiting for ? Go have a look at some of the government assistance programs for car repairs.


Well known Government Assistance For Car Repairs Program

As we know every machine requires maintenance, so does a car. It is always difficult for low income families to maintain a car as it is very expensive. However, we have found some reputable government and non-profit organizations that help with car assistance programs. These programs have benefited the low income families by offering them assistance to repair and maintain their car in the long run. You can have a look at the organizations that are stated below.

The Salvation Army

You must have heard the name of The Salvation Army in your life once. It is one of the most reputed organizations that is well known for its charity works. The organization has always come forward to help the needy people with free food, clothes, furniture, and other basic needs of life. They have always helped the needy people with anything they have with  all the resources they have with them.

The Salvation Army also helps with free car repair assistance for low income families who are unable to maintain or repair their car because of high cost. Salvation Army works in partnership with the government and thus offers car repair assistance for free without caring any amount from the low income families. However to qualify for the car assistance program you have to meet the eligibility criteria as proposed in the guidelines.

The main eligibility criteria to qualify for the program are that you must be a citizen of the United States. Another important eligibility requirement is that you must have a genuine need of financial assistance. However you need proper documents like proof of income, identity proof, proof of citizenship and proof of residence. All the documents must be submitted along with the application form. The organization is working on a national level and thus a huge number of applications are submitted each year. It is not possible to provide everyone with financial aid as the resources are limited. Thus without fulfilling the eligibility criteria you will not be qualified for the car assistance program. It is important that you must check the eligibility criteria before filling up the application form.

The Carpenter’s Garage

The Carpenter’s Garage is a Non-Profit organization that helps low income families with free repairs. It is an auto repair shop that is located in Vancouver and is in collaboration with the government.  They also look at the government assistance programs for car repair. But you must remember that they do not help you directly with free car repairs for low income families as they follow a channel via the government. However, they charge a nominal fee for the repairs, and it is much cheaper than the other market shops.

The organization has helped a lot of low income families by offering them car assistance at cheap or affordable prices. The Carpenter’s Garage also offers various services like oil inspection, oil changing, engine tuning and many other services at a very cheap price. The only cost you have to pay is the labor cost and the rest are covered by them. However, you can check their official website for more assistance about the program. 

Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)

JARC is also known as Job Access and Reverse Commute, it is a federal government program that provides car assistance for the low income families. The program has helped a lot of low income citizens by helping them with car repairs. JARC has collaborated with the government and other non profit organizations to help the low income people that own a car. The program is spread all over the country and anyone in the United States is eligible for the program.

The JARC is also a free program but has some limitations on the amount of help that they can offer to the low income individuals. The program mainly prioritizes those people who use a car more frequently for work or other essential needs. You can directly visit their official website for more detail and information. They also offer micro benefits to applicants by offering them a small amount of money instead of repairing their car. JARC has become  one of the most effective programs in offering car assistance to the low income families. The micro benefits are also useful in maintaining your car.

It is just similar to the other programs as you have to fill up an application form from the JARC website. However you must check the location and offers before applying for the program. You can do a little bit of research to find genuine information on the program and apply accordingly. You can only apply for the JARC program if your state or town is under their list. For further assistance you can call JARC assistance at 211 (hotline number) to ask them the queries you have.

How to Pay for Car Repairs when you have No Money?

If you have no money for car repairs, don’t worry there are some organizations that help you with free repairs for low income and less fortunate families. Go have a look at the organization that offers assistance for car repairs programs and you might be benefited from them.


NHTSA is also known as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that provides government assistance for car repair programs. The main aim of the organization is to help the people that have low income and can afford to pay the maintenance charges. However, the organization has their own criteria for eligibility to get their assistance. If you are able to fulfill the critters then they will offer you the help that you need and might repair your car for free.

If you have a vehicle and it has some problems in it , then you will be eligible to receive grants from NHTSA. Once you are eligible for the program, the rest will be covered by a representative of NHTSA. However, the procedure is quite simple and for more information you can check their official website and learn about their programs for low income families.


It is always unpredictable when you use a machine, a car is also a machine that can break down at any time and might require huge amounts for the repairs. You cannot expect the car to run smoothly forever and it can stop or break down sometimes. But there are a lot of families who are unable to spend extra to repair their car as it is quite expensive. Your car might stop at any time and you might require urgent workforce for repairing the car.

Workforce is an organization that helps low income families with car repairs without charging any money. They also help you with government grants and special grants that are designed for college students. As the college students do not have much money to spend on car repairs, thus the special grants help them. You must take a note that there is an eligibility criteria requirement to qualify for the program. However, you must understand that the criteria varies from state to state along with the grants that are offered. You can also find special car assistance programs specially designed for college students or women in some states. But when you find such programs in your state it might not be available as it totally depends on the location.

Where can I find Car Repair Financial Assistance?

In the article we have already mentioned some of reputed organizations and government programs that can help you with car repairs. The programs are especially made for the low income families that are unable to repair their cars because of high cost. However, you can also seek help from other NGO or local churches apart from the mentioned organizations beforehand. Some NGO and Churches provide car assistance repair programs and you just need to contact them and ask about it and they might help you in repairing your car.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is another organization that helps you with free car repairs. The organization mainly serves low income individuals and families by providing them with free car repairs. They provide approximately $1000 grants to low income families to repair their car. The grant has been very useful for the low income citizens who frequently use their car for necessary reasons. If you qualify for the Modest Needs grants, just remember they issue grants every two weeks. However, you can find numerous organizations that operate at international and national levels including United Way, St. Vincent De Paul, Lutheran Services in America and Catholic Churches. They might also help you with financial assistance to repair your car.

If you do a little research or type in Google about free car assistance near me, you would find a lot of organizations and programs near you that help you with free repairs. You can also find local churches or local automobile shops who can offer you free help to repair your car.


I hope this article will help you with all the information about Government Assistance For Car Repairs Programs. It is always difficult for low income families to spend extra funds on car repairs. Car is always necessary for some families as they go to their work or have medical emergencies and any issues with the car might load you up with extra repair expenses. If you are looking for free car assistance programs you can visit the government and nonprofit organizations like Salvation Army, Catholic Churches, and Modest Needs for financial assistance for car repairs. You should also note that each organization has their own eligibility criteria and you must qualify to get the free grants from them. If you own a car and are looking for repairs you can try all the information that is provided in the article. You can also share the information with someone who is looking for free car assistance repair programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any assistance programs for car repairs?

Yes absolutely. There are many assistance programs for car repairs that are run by the government and nonprofit organizations.

Are there any special grants for college students?

Yes, there are special grants for college students and women.

Am I eligible for the government assistance programs for car repairs programs?

There are some eligibility requirements to qualify for the grant programs. However, the eligibility criteria depend on the type of programs. Before applying for the program you must check the eligibility criteria on their website.

What are some organizations that provide free car repair programs?

You can visit Salvation Army, Catholic Churches and Modest Needs for financial aid. You can also search local churches and NGO in your area that provides free car repair programs.

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