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How to Get Government Grants for Dental Implant

How to get government grants for dental implant for low income families. Dental implant is not a cheaper process to go through, low income families some time take the pain cause they can't afford, in this article we are sharing information about how a low income family can get free dental implant from government grants.

Apply for Government Grants for Dental Implant – how to Get free government grants for dental implants at the best government hospital. Dental care can be expensive and it is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can be considered as a crucial aspect of human life. If you are facing any dental health issue but unable to afford it then this can be a helpful article for you. As there are several federal and government programs available for you to help with paying bills.

Teeth are sensitive parts of the body, so you better take care of them and should take precautions beforehand. If you are searching for dental implants then it would cost around $2000 to $5000 approximately. It is also not affordable for everyone because of this cost.

Dental surgeries and implants cost a huge amount which is unbearable for people. Fortunately, there are some programs available for you to assist, so you don’t need to worry about this. There are several ways that help you to undergo dental surgeries and implants.. There are different organizations that help you by providing dental grants. These grants are provided by government schools, non-profit organizations, federal government etc. If you are looking for a dental grant that may reduce your cost to almost zero. This article would help you to gather more information about dental implant grants.


What are Dental Implant Grants?

As the name suggests, if you undergo some dental surgeries or implants then you don’t have to spend money. There are different organizations that provide dental implant grants that will help you to save your money. Although, not everyone can get this as there are some eligibility requirements for qualifying for the program.

It would be helpful for you as you don’t have to spend money if you come from low income families or don’t have money to pay for the bills. Depending on the different institutions, you will be provided dental implant grants.

This article will definitely help you to understand about the whole application procedure and what are the benefits you will get. We will also discuss the different organizations that come under this category.

Are Dental Implant Grants available For Low-Income Families Or Individuals?

If you come from low income families, then you will definitely get dental implant grants after qualifying for the program. Fortunately, there are different organizations that may help you to pay your dental implant bills. For gathering more details you need to visit low income families .

These grants also set some eligibility criteria for the applicants, but once you qualify you don’t have to pay a single penny for dental implantation.

Types of Dental Implant Grants

These dental implant grants are available for low income families, you may try those:

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program

The most renowned dental implant grant is the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program. The main objective of this program is to provide free implementation to needy people who are unable to bear the cost.

Anyone can apply for this grant. But there are some eligibility requirements and you will be asked a few questions that you need to answer. Based on your responses you can get free dental implantation.

However, a peculiar characteristic of this program is that the dentists who are volunteers here pay a specific fee for every patient. This amount goes towards the administration and other requirements of the CDG.

Requirements for Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program

As we mentioned earlier, there are some requirements for dental grant programs, the first priority is to have good dental health. Your oral condition needs to be healthy for undergoing a dental implantation.

A certified dentist will thoroughly assess your dental condition. If they report that you have a good oral condition then you are definitely eligible for dental grants.

CDG has a long list of eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill. After qualifying the dental test it is not sure that you are going to receive that grant. You need to fit into all the required criteria.

There are few aspects to be remembered before applying to the CDG program as such:

  1. This grant is only available in California and New York.
  2. You need to pay the x-ray cost on your own.
  3. CDG cost will cover some of the costs of the patients.
  4. You or your insurance need to pay for the upfront cost of the treatment.

How to Apply for a CDG Program?

For availing this grant, you need to follow this steps:

  1. Firstly you need to submit an application via CDG grant website  regarding the urgency of dental implant.
  2. Then the authority will review your application form.
  3. A dentist will assess your oral condition to ensure about the need.
  4. The dentist will make a report on whether you need a dental implantation or not.
  5. After you meet the eligibility criteria, that specific dentist will treat you.
  6. Once you receive the grants you can visit that dentist next steps.
  7. Dentistry Schools

You may not be aware of dentist schools that provide you a low cost implantation as well. They have designed various grants as well for people who are unable to afford the expensive dental implantation.

Organizations that help with Free dental Implants

The schools basically need real patients for their students to work on practically. This proves to be significant for many low income people as the charges get decreased to a significant amount. There is a facility in dentistry that you will be provided other dental services also other than implant.

The Patterson Foundation

The main objective of this organization is to educate people and impact their lives with higher education from children to parents. They also provide scholarships to students. They are the ideal choice for you when it comes to denture implementation.

They provide opportunities to all age groups so that they can avail dental treatment at minimal cost. Applying to their website is the easiest way to get a Dental Implant Grant.

The volunteers of Patterson Foundation conduct meet-ups for patients who need dental surgeries or implantation. They have a huge team with adequate knowledge regarding dental disorders and related aspects.

Usually the volunteers go through the application form and check the oral condition to decide whether it needs implantation or not. They may call you for an interview and based on the results you will receive the grants from their end.

Dental Lifeline Network

Dental lifeline Network is another non-profit organization that helps people by providing grants for dental implantation. They operate throughout the nation and have around thousands of workers. But they may have different criteria in different states. You just need to follow their rules and regulations to get qualified for the grants. They provide help to low income families, elder people and those who need serious help.

One good thing about this organization is they don’t differentiate people based on their capabilities and social status. They provide help to those who actually need it. If you are able to display genuine documents regarding your income and status then you may get their assistance.

The American Dental Association Foundation

The American Dental Association Foundation is another non-profit organization that helps people get dental implants. They serve almost 2500 people in the United States.

You may get grants for different dental cases as well. For knowing more about the procedure you need to visit ADA helpline or official website.

The Academy of General Dentistry

This is one of the most renowned organizations in the country. They provide grants not only for dental implantation but for dental surgeries also. ADG is a non-profit organization that works for people who need assistance for dental surgeries and implants.

They help with financial grants to needy people. You may receive different grants for dental surgeries, tooth caps and other expensive procedures. You will receive grants based on the seriousness of your oral condition.

Dentistry from the Heart

The last one is Dentistry from the Heart that also helps people with dental implant grants. They conduct different programs to ensure dental health throughout the nation.

This organization is situated in Florida but they also conduct programs in different states too. For getting more information about the programs you just simply need to check dentistry from the heart list. They publish all the details about their ongoing and upcoming programs for check ups and grants as well.

Other Alternatives for Dental Implant Grants

  • Flexible Spending Account- You can easily use the FSA account for your dental implant. This will help you to reduce your expenses for dental implants. You need to display a card to your dentist that indicates you need to pay the amount within 52 weeks. This can be used like a loan for your treatment. You need to pay it back within the given period of time
  • Tax Deductions- You can waive off your tax amount through Schedule A on your dental implant. However, it should be kept in mind that this won’t bear all the expenses. You may have to spend an amount from your own savings.
  • Medicaid- It is especially available for low income families. If you are trying to get help from them then you must display the income certificates. It won’t cover all the expenses of your dental treatment but will provide you a lot of money. You need to check the whole procedure to get the assistance.


We’ve discussed all the dental grants that may help you with your dental implant as well as surgeries. There are different non-profit organizations that provide grants to low income families who need urgent dental implants. For getting such grants you need to follow a process as mentioned earlier. Hope this article helped you for gathering knowledge regarding dental grants and how to avail this.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the dental implant grants?

Dental Implant Grant is a special kind of grant that provides an amount to people who cannot afford expensive treatment like dental implants.

Who provides these dental implant grants?

Government has designed several programs to bear the cost of dental implantation. There are several non-profit organizations that may provide you assistance to pay the expenses.

What are the eligibility criteria?

These grants are specifically designed for low income families. If you come from low income families and are unable to bear the cost of dental implants then you are eligible for the program.

What is the application procedure?

You need to apply for the grants. After applying you need to follow a whole procedure. A local dentist will assess your oral condition, based on the report you will receive the dental implant grant.

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