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How To Get a Free iPad Legally

How To Get a Free iPad legally – In this article we will be providing all the necessary information that will help you in getting a Free iPad legally. The free iPad and iPad pro programs are mainly prioritizing the seniors, students and low income families that are unable to afford them. We all know that the advancement in technology has given rise to a variety of devices to make our work easier. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has shifted everything remotely. Thus in this pandemic the devices like iPad, laptops, mobile phones, computers and tablets have become very handy. Education and office work has completely shifted remotely , thus the students and office goers need devices like laptops, computers, mobile phones and so on to continue their education and work.

These devices have become a necessity and have replaced traditional ways of education and other working ways. However, we all know that these devices are expensive and thus most people are unable to afford them. These devices are mainly required by the students and senior citizens. The government and other nonprofit organizations along with technology companies have understood the needs of the citizens, thus they offer discounted iPads and other tablets especially for the students. Besides iPads these organizations also offer different types of gadgets. So, if you are looking for a free iPad then you are at the right place. Go through this article to know about the ways that can help in getting a free iPad or iPad Pro for low income families, students, senior citizens and those who are in genuine need. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll below and get to know the ways to get a free iPad and iPad pro.


Grants That Can Help In Getting a Free iPad

You can find a few grants that can help you in getting a free iPad. These grants offer financial assistance. We have provided a list of grants that can help you to get a free iPad. Go and check if you are eligible for the programs.

  • Patient Advocate Foundation

The Patient Advocate Foundation is one of the popular organizations that offer mediation and arbitration services to the patients. They offer help to the caregivers, family members and providers that are facing some medical issues in their lives. Thus, you can save a lot of money on medical bills and that can be used in getting an iPad.

  • The UCP Elsie S. Bellows Fund

The UCP Elsie S. Bellows Fund is a program run nationwide to offer grants to purchase or repair  technological devices. The program mainly prioritizes the disabled individuals. However, the affected families can only avail the benefits for the program if they belong from the low income group.

  • SEAL Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation

SEAL Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation is another well known organization that offers assistance with mentoring, educational diagnostic testing, tutoring and so on to help those families that are on active duty. The main priority of the organization is to help people with children that have special needs.

  • Gracie Pridmore Foundation

The Gracie Pridmore Foundation is another well known program that offers financial assistance to the low income families that is related to OT, Speech, iPads, HBOT , PT and many others.

  • The Prayer Child Foundation

The Prayer Child Foundation offers assistance to children that are 18 years old. The main aim of the organization is to help the children to overcome physical and emotional challenges that are faced by them.

  • Small Steps in Speech

Small Steps in Speech is another organization in the list that offers help to the children that are going through speech or language disorders. The organization offers financial help or grants to the affected children to purchase communication devices like iPads.

  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation is another popular organization that provides health care services. The objective of the organization is to improve the clinical condition of the children. They help in covering the cost of the insurance that helps the children to stay safe and secure.

  • Zane’s Foundation

The Zane’s Foundation offers grants to the families of the special children. Thus these grants can help you in getting the things that the special children need. If they have a need of an iPads , they can use the grant to get it.

  • Special Kids Therapy

The Special Kids Therapy is an helpful organization that offers help to the needy children that are facing various issues related to physical development. The organization helps in raising funds for the special children’s that can be used for therapies and services.

  • Daniela’s Wish

Daniela’s Wish is a mission to help out the kids to provide them with something that will make them and fulfill their wish. The grant mainly prioritizes the kids and you can visit their official website to know more about the program.

  • Danny’s Wish

This organization is quite similar to Daniela’s Wish Mission. The main objective of Danny’s Wish is to offer life improving resources and experiences to the children’s and families that are going through autism and autism spectrum disorders. The raised fund is approximately around $50,000 and also offering iPads to the affected children’s. However, if you are looking to submit your application you must try it in the month September to December every year.

  • NWA Apraxia Support

NWA Apraxia Support is another famous organization that offers help to the children that are suffering from Apraxia. Apart from apraxia they help people who are suffering from similar types of disorders. They provide grants to the affected people for better treatments and therapies. However, currently they mainly operate in the Northwest Ohio areas and Southeast Michigan.

  • Paige’s Princess Foundation

Paige’s Princess Foundation is an organization that offers scholarships to low income families. They also offer grants to the families that need equipment to cover the expensive cost of the therapies. Thus, you can get therapies through this organization at a discounted price.

  • Parker’s Purpose

Parker’s Purpose is another organization that offers grants and financial assistance to the people that are suffering from any disability or illness. They also help those families that are facing financial issues because of any disease. However, the program mainly gives priority to the people that are residing in Ohio. Apart from that they also help the people all over the US.

  • Jake’s Help Heaven

Jake’s Help Heaven is one of the most helpful organizations that provides assistance with necessary items for the individuals that need medical attention. The organization mainly works to improve the quality of life of individuals by offering them necessary equipment that are needed for medical purposes.

  • Little Bear Sees

Little Bear Sees is another well known organization that provides CVI iPad especially to the families that belong from the low income group.

  • iTaalk Foundation

iTaalk Foundation is another organization in the list that fulfills technological needs of the individuals with autism. The organization also works for the betterment of the people by providing education through technology and also offers special assistance for the children with special needs.

  • Little Bear Gives

The Little Bear Gives is a foundation that offers several grants that can help in getting iPad especially for the children’s. Beside iPads they also provide the children’s with CVI. The best thing is you can sign up for their newsletter to know about their dates.

  • Hanna’s Helping Hand

Hanna’s Helping Hand is another organization that offers grants to the families that are from low income groups and also helps those children with special needs. The organization mainly operates in a few areas in the US that includes New York, Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Rhode Island, Kansa and Indiana.

  • Gia Nicole Angel Foundation

The Gia Nicole Angel Foundation offers help to the special children and their families. The main aim of the organization is to improve the day to day activities of the special children’s. Apart from this the organization also helps them to buy necessary things that are required by the children. They offer help to those children that are affected with some diseases like physical disability, cancer, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

  • First Hand Foundation

First Hand Foundation is another organization in the list that offers help to the children with special needs. The main aim of this organization is to help those children’s with technological and other equipment which are not covered under any insurance. Apart from this the organization also helps children with financial assistance.

  • Different Iz Good Foundation

Different Iz Good Foundation is another well known organization for gifting apple devices. However this program generally runs only once a year. To know more about the program you need to visit their official website.

  • Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Too!

By the name you have already understood that this organization mainly works for the disabled adults and children. The aim of this organization is to build a better place for the differently abled children and adults. The organization offers grants amounting to $9 million every year to the accounts of the different abled community.

  • The Lindsay Foundation

The Lindsay Foundation is a popular organization; it is a not-for-profit organization that assists those families that face medical urgency. The organization is known for helping families with resources that can help with medical treatment or getting expensive equipment. The main goal of the organization is to build a healthy and quality life for the special children.

  • Fund It Forward

The Fund It Forward is a foundation that helps special children by raising money for their treatment and improving the quality of their life.

  • Different Needz Foundation

The Different Needz Foundation is another well known organization that helps the families with special children by raising funds for them. The best thing about the foundation is that the funds are raised throughout the year and you can ask them for help whenever you need. You just need to tell them about the estimated cost.

  • The Puzzling Piece iPad Challenge

The Puzzling Piece iPad Challenge is another great way that provides help and support to the families that are touched by autism or similar other disabilities. They offer them technological help.

  • Conover Company

The Conover Company is another organization that helps the people that have disabilities. These disabilities have highly affected them to live a normal life. Conover Company is mainly a mobile technology company and to get grants from them you can fill up the online application form.

  • Modest Needs Grant

The Modest Needs Grant is one of the well known non-government organizations that helps the families with short term financial assistance. The main objective of the organization is to help the families that are facing any temporary crisis. Thus this organization helps those families to solve their problems by offering them financial assistance.

Some Other Organizations that offer free IPAD

We have also found some other organizations that can help children with special needs. If your children are diagnosed with autism you can try out the program that is listed below.

  • Talk About Curing Autism: Family Scholarship Program
  • MyGoal Inc. Enchantment Grant
  • NAA Voice Foundation
  • Lil Mac Kids Foundation
  • Let’s Chat Autism
  • Jasmynn’s Voice
  • Joey’s Fund Family Grant Program
  • Helping Hand Grant
  • HollyRod Foundation
  • Friends of Jacob Foundation
  • Generation Rescue Family Grant Program
  • Autism Care and Treatment
  • Andrew’s Gift

Get Help From Your School To Get a Free iPad

It is always better to get a free iPad from your school, you just need to ask your school about a free iPad. If your school approves it they will get a fund for you to purchase it. But you need to remember that they are also the owners of those iPad. However, you can only use the iPad outside of your classroom. To make this method work you need to follow some necessary instructions to get it written on the child’s IEP. The paperwork might be a little complex and time consuming but it will surely help you in getting a free iPad from your school. Thus, you can give a try but remember not to make any mistakes in the paperwork.

Use Insurance Company to get a free iPad

Another way to get a free iPad is you can try contacting an insurance company and inquire about the medical equipment they are covering up in their insurance. Many times these insurance companies offer a free iPad or iPad pro. No harm in giving it a try and it is not going to cost you any money. However you need to remember a crucial thing that if you want a free iPad you need to state an obvious reason. You need to express why you are in a genuine need for a free iPad. One of the best reasons you can state is that your child or children need that for educational purposes. Moreover, you would be better if you also express them about the applications you are going to use.

Does the Government Offer EBB Free iPad or Tablet?

If you are not aware of the program that is run by the government is the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. The program has been very helpful as it provides faster internet connectivity services to the low income families. Thus, the program has helped in improving the quality of education by building more learning and improving job opportunities. Another best thing about the program is it offers a discount of above 50$ per month for broadband service. However, only the eligible people can apply for the program. If a family qualifies for the tribal lands, they get around $75 per month for families which can be used for internet connectivity. Alongside that the program also offers discounts on their devices and services.

Another amazing offer is that they provide a one time discount of around $100 to the eligible candidates for purchasing devices like tablet, desktop, laptop or so on. However the providers must be willing to offer a discount that is ranging from $10 to $49. I hope you have understood that getting a $100 grant will not be enough, as it will not cover half of the price of an iPad. So, it is obvious it is not possible to get a laptop free from the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. You can also try refurbished models of iPad that will cut the cost and you can get it for cheaper prices. But it would be better for you to go for a new tablet rather than spending your money on an used iPad. However there are many opportunities to get a free tablet. There are companies like Qlink Wireless and many more that offer free tablets to the people that have genuine needs. But the main thing is that you need to meet the eligibility requirement to qualify for it.

Are there any Free iPads and Tablets that are provided by the Government?

We have researched a bit about it and we have found that the government does not offer any free iPads. But you do not worry as there are other ways that can help you in getting a free tablet. You can check out the wireless company Qlink Wireless that offers free tablets to the people that are in genuine need.

Which Provider Offers Free iPad or Tablet Under the EBB?

You cannot find any providers that can offer you a free iPad or tablet under the EBB program. As we already discussed in the article, the grants that are provided cannot even cover the half price of an iPad. Thus, it is not possible to get a free iPad under the EBB program.

Some Alternative Ways That Can Help You with a Free Tablet

Online Support Groups to Get Free iPad

To get a free iPad you need to follow a right support group that will help in increasing your chances of getting a free iPad. However the programs can only help you if you are a student.

All you have to do is to mention your need for an iPad in those support groups. It might not be the best option but it’s never wrong to try your luck.

Local Charities and Churches that offers free iPad

As we all know, churches and local charities have always come forward to help the people that are in genuine need. They have provided the needy people with almost everything. You can try out charities like Vincent De Paul and the Salvation Army. These non-government organizations help out people with almost everything that includes food, furniture, housing, clothes and many more. Thus, it will always be beneficial for you to reach out to a NGO to help you out.

It might be very unlikely to get a free iPad from these non government organizations but you can try your luck. Getting an iPad could be difficult but you can definitely get a free tablet from government. You can also try visiting local churches that might have resources to help you with a free iPad. Churches have a lot of followers and they receive a high amount of donations, all you have to do is express the need of an iPad or tablet to them. I am sure that they will offer you help if they have the resources.

Does Lifeline Program Offer Free iPad or Tablet?

Lifeline program is one of the popular programs that is run by the government especially for the low income and people that are in genuine need. The program is also to be known as the “Obama Phone”.  The program offers you several benefits, however the benefits are quite lesser that are offered under the EBB program. Under this program you can get a monthly discount amount to $9.25. However, you can find various wireless providers that can offer you different mobile plans and mobile phones.

I hope you are already aware that there are several Lifeline providers that have great offers for you that include a free entry level smartphone. However in some cases you can also get a free iPad or iPhone. As you already know these devices are very expensive, thus it will be very difficult to get them for absolutely free.

How to Get Free iPad from Online Giveaways, Raffle/Lotteries

Another alternate method you can try is to participate in various giveaways where you can get free products from Apple or other companies. You can also use your internet to search for free iPad giveaways on the web. But you should be very careful that you do not get scammed as there are a lot of frauds on the internet.

The main thing is you have to follow the social media accounts of the specific companies to know the dates about the giveaways. In some cases you need to share and comment to increase your chance of winning the giveaway. Alongside that you can also try out your luck on Raffles and Lottery , you do not need to buy tickets but you need to perform some easy task. However, those programs mainly depend on your luck, but it can be very beneficial for you if your luck shines.

Is it Possible to Get a Discounted iPad?

As you already know it is quite difficult to get an iPad for absolutely free and it totally depends on your luck. But it is possible to get an iPad at a discounted price. You can get discounts ranging from 5 percent to 15 percent. Apart from that you can also find several exchange offers that can help you in getting an iPad by trading your old device that will help you in getting better discounts.

Are Free iPhone Giveaways Real?

Yes there are free iPhone Giveaways for real. You can find some companies that offer free iPhone and iPad giveaways. Apple itself and other influences offer free Apple products giveaways that are mainly done because of their marketing strategy. The logic is quite simple as the companies do not need to spend a high amount of money on advertising. Rather they can announce free giveaways for sharing and commenting which will help in increasing social media engagement. You do not need to worry as these campaigns are genuine; however you need to be careful before participating in such giveaways as there are a lot of frauds. So, you can try your luck on these giveaways.

Do Apple Employees Get Free iPad?

It is quite a difficult question as this information is not released in the public domain but there are certain perks of working for their company. Thus, we all know that the benefits can increase the level of the company. So, Apple offers an annual 25 percent discount to its employees while purchasing any Apple products that include iPhone, iPad, iPod and many others. Another best thing is that after every 3 years Apple offers around $250 off on purchase on any iPad and around $500 off on buying a Mac book.


I hope this article has helped you with all the information on How To Get a Free iPad legally. We have provided all the ways that can help you in getting a Free iPad. The recent outbreak of Covid 19 has shifted everything remotely, thus there is a high emergency of technological devices. The Apple devices like iPad and iPad pro come very handy that make work much more easier. If you are looking for a free iPad then you can try all the ways that are already mentioned in this article. If you know someone who is looking for a free iPad, you can share this article with them.

People also search for

Is it possible to get an iPad for absolutely free?

We have discussed some methods already in the article. You can try them out to get a free iPad.

How much does an iPad cost?

The price of the iPad totally depends on the version you are trying to purchase. They charge around $329 for a 10.2 inch iPad and $799 for 11inch iPad Pro (128 Gb Variant).

Is it possible to get a free iPhone without getting scammed?

Yes it is possible to get a free iPhone through giveaways and other methods. However, you need to be very careful before participating in any such programs.

Are there any special discounts for Students and Senior citizens?

Yes, Apple offers special discounts for the students and senior citizens that are in genuine need of those devices.

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