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Need Help Paying My Rent Before Get Evicted | Emergency Rental Assistance ASAP

How to get Help Paying My Rent Before Get Evicted – If you are unable to pay your rent on time and you are thinking that you Need Help Paying My Rent Before Get Evicted then let me inform you that you have visited the right place. Today in this article we are going to share various ways that can help you with rent assistance that can help you from getting evicted. As we all know that because of the hike in prices it has become really difficult for low income families because they have a tight budget.

Paying rent is always difficult as it burns a big hole in everyone’s pocket. Thankfully the government has understood the situation of those people that are unable to pay their rent and initiated a few government programs like Payment Eviction Prevention Program. If you need help paying your rent before getting evicted you must try these government programs. Another great thing is that alongside the government there are other organizations that provide rent assistance to the low income families and less fortunate individuals.. You will find various rent assistance programs in this article that might help you from getting evicted. What are you waiting for ? Go and have a look at the organizations and the programs.


What is the need for Emergency Rent Assistance?

We all know that in most of the cases the rent bill price is very high, thus the low income families find it difficult to pay the rents. It can be said that more than 30 % of the family’s income goes towards rent and thus it burns a big hole in their pocket. It is always difficult to pay rent, especially when the family is going through a financial crisis. Thus, many families fail to pay their rent and can get evicted; this is where the emergency rent assistance program comes in to help those people to tackle the situation by providing them financial assistance.

Beside government organizations there are a number of non-government and charities that provide rental assistance programs to the low income families before eviction. The program has helped a lot of families with rent assistance and bringing back stability in their lives. If you are worried about your rent payment and might get evicted you can try the organizations and programs we have listed below. Scroll down and have a look yourself.

Best Eviction Assistance Programs For Special Group

We have found eviction assistance programs for the special group that includes veterans, single father, single mother, young person and so on. There are various types of programs that provide you with rent assistance. However you have to check the eligibility criteria before applying for the program. You can choose the program that is suitable for you and submit your application.

Veterans Assistance

By the name you can understand that this program is designed for the veterans to provide them with assistance. We already know the sacrifice of the veterans for the country and thus the government acknowledges them with Veterans Assistance Programs. However, US Military Veterans and other veterans who do not have a veteran house can apply for this program. The most priority will be given to the veterans that are disabled.

Single Parents Alliance of America – SPAOA

Single Parents Alliance of America is also referred to as SPAOA and it is one of the famous programs that provides help to single parents. The program provides all times of help to the single parents that have low income and thus they also provide rental assistance to them. The organization has initiated a number of programs that can assist single parents.

Single Parents Alliance of America understands the difficult situations that are being faced by single parents as they have so many responsibilities from earning to looking after their children. However the program has some eligibility criteria and one of the basic criteria of the assistance program is you have to be single parents. Another primary criterion of this particular program is that you must be a citizen of the United States. To know more about the programs you can visit their official website.

Youth on their own

I hope you have already predicted the program by the name, yes you have predicted it right this particular organization assists the youth of the country. The main objective of the program is to provide assistance to the youth for education and to live an independent life. It is always difficult to manage their rent while studying , thus this program lets them concentrate on their studies rather than thinking about managing funds for rent payment. They provide financial assistance to the students that are facing rent overdue. If you want to apply for the program you must note that you must have a passing grade along with a proper attendance. To qualify for the program you must qualify for the eligibility. For more information you can visit their official website and get answers to all of your queries.

Eligibility Requirements for Rent Payment Eviction Prevention Program

Eviction prevention programs are very beneficial but because of limited resources they have set some eligibility requirements. It will help them to provide support to the actual needy people who are unable to arrange their rent payment. The eligibility requirements are basic and you need to fulfill the below requirements to avail the eviction prevention program.

  • Those who want to boost their financial stability for the future.
  • People who belong to the low income families and they have urgency for receiving the amount for the rent payment.

Who is not eligible for this program?

Those people who are not able to find a job or are unemployed for a long time are not qualified for this program. It is not also available for people who are under debt and their family members will not be allowed to apply for this program.

Emergency Rent Payment Eviction Prevention Program

We have already mentioned about the organizations that help you to pay your rent to prevent eviction. But there are few organizations who offer payment of your rent that will help you to not get evicted. We are sharing a little information about those organizations and you are suggested to go through them carefully. You can check their official website to know more about those programs.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is one of the most popular organizations in the country as they provide various assistance to needy people. If you are currently unable to manage your rent then you may contact them for any assistance. Not only rent Assistance, they have other different programs as well. The main objective of this organization is to provide financial support to the low income families who face various issues. You may contact their official website to know more about their programs or you are hereby suggested to visit their official website.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army aims to provide rent assistance to needy people who are about to get evicted. Their main goal is to prevent eviction. If you are unable to pay your rent, then you may contact the Salvation Army. They not only provide rent but you will also get furniture, free clothes, free foods etc. They operate different programs for low income families, single mothers, disabled people and senior citizens. You may contact them for any queries or can check their official website for getting more information about their programs.

Unlike the other assistance programs, they have some eligibility requirements that you need to follow. They will ask you to submit your income certificates. You may contact their local office if you have any difficulties.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is another renowned organization that aims to provide support to needy people. They run different rent payment eviction programs for low income families. They are the mediator between the donor and the low income families. They receive donations from people who want to support others. They also have their official website and local offices, you are suggested to visit them for any kind of assistance.

United Family Network

United Family Network can be recognized as a non-profit and non government organization that operates different rent eviction programs. If you got evicted or about to evict due to various reasons, then you may contact them for assistance. They have their official website and email id, for any rent payment eviction related issues, you can directly contact them.

Catholic Charity

Catholic Charity provides assistance to needy people. They have served more than thousands people and run different programs apart from rent payment eviction prevention programs. Catholic Charities also operate different programs like free clothes, housing assistance, medical services etc. for needy and low income families. You may go to the nearby catholic charities to get assistance. You can get help from them if you are in trouble. They have their official website, you can easily visit them for more information.


We have discussed thoroughly about rent payment eviction prevention programs that would help you to pay your rent. There are various non government and government organizations who run programs to prevent eviction as it is a painful experience for every human being. You are hereby suggested to find a suitable program based on your requirements. They have some eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill. We hope that you got to know about much information that will help you in the future. If you know someone who is looking for rent assistance program please share this article with them.

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What are the rent payment eviction prevention programs?

Rent payment eviction programs are specifically designed for those individuals who are unable to pay their rent and there is a high chance of getting evicted. To prevent the eviction, different organizations have come forward to provide them financial support so that they can pay their rent.

Who provides rent payment to low income families?

The Federal government has various programs that may help you to pay your rent. Apart from government organizations, some nonprofit organizations like Salvation Army, Catholic Church, Red Cross etc. run different rent assistance programs.

What are the eligibility criteria for this program?

The eligibility criteria are very simple. They may simply ask you to submit your income details for verification purposes.

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