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How to get Grants for Online High School Diploma Online – As we all know the importance of education that helps you to fetch more knowledge that will result in improving your career and personal growth. In the latest pandemic like Covid 19 , remote education has been used widely. There are different types of education in modern times because of technological advancements that have made things much more easier. In the article we have found some best Grants for Online High School Diploma Online.

As we know in recent times because of the pandemic the education system has changed to online. Thus, there are many individuals that are looking for financial aid for their High School Diploma Online. We have found a list of organizations that can provide you with Grants for Online High School Diploma Online that are stated below. The government has also looked into it and is offering a few grants that can be very useful to you. However, most of the individuals are unable to afford online education as it is very expensive. Online education needs gadgets like laptop, mobile phone or tablet and also requires a good internet connection. Thus, it is not possible for the low income families to afford all the stuff. If you are also unable to buy those things, don’t worry as there are few programs and grants for online high school diploma education. Please continue reading to know more about these programs.

Types of Grants for High School Diploma Online

#1 Need Based Grants

The Need-Based grants are the type of grants that are provided by the federal government. These grants are primarily used to cover the partial or full tuition fees depending on the financial requirements of the applicant. However, there are other factors that include family contribution and total cost of attendance. These factors are mainly checked and reviewed to determine qualification. Moreover you can also fill up the FAFSA application and submit it for applying in the need-based grants.

#2 Corporate Grants

By the name you can understand that these grants are provided by popular companies. There are well known companies like PNG, Coca-Cola and many more that offer corporate grants. Moreover both employed and unemployed individuals can fill the application for these grants. They mainly prioritize the company employees, the partners, children and spouses of the employees that are working in their organization.

If you are searching for grants then you can contact the major corporations. Moreover if your parents are working in such companies you can ask them to check out if there are grants related to high school diploma online. You can also take suggestions from your local councilor to know more about the grants that are provided in college or universities.

#3 Professional Association Grants

There are numerous professional associations that provide grants that are passed in the annual budget. Workshops, mentorship and networking all accumulate funds that can be used as grants to help individuals. Career One Top is a clear example and is  sponsored by the United States Labor Department. They provide educational grants to students that belong from low income families.

#4 Merit-Based Grants

Going through the name you can understand that this grant is based on merits. This grant is offered to the students that have A grades and are exceptional in studies. They also reviewed the extracurricular activities of the students and if your merit score is higher you can easily qualify for this grant. If you think you are capable you can apply for this grant. Thus, the requirement to get this grant you must be good in education and in other extra curricular activities.

#5 Academic Grants

If you are disciplined and have interest to study more you can use the academic grants that provide you with financial aid in completing your studies. If you are unable to study more because of financial burden you can try these grants. But make sure you have a good academic discipline to qualify for this grant. The grant is given after reviewing your academic discipline in your high school. These grants also provide you financial support for pursuing a high school diploma online.

Free Grants and High School Diploma Online

We have found many grants that might help you with a high school diploma online. We have stated the application procedure, eligibility requirements and every information that is required. You can also get a free laptop that will help you with your online education. You can find some programs that can help you with a high school diploma online. What are you waiting for? Go have a look at these grants that are stated below it might be of great help to you.

Brigham Young Grants

Brigham Young University is a popular school in Provo, UT and it offers free online high school diplomas for adults. The licensing of the school is done by AdvancED and they do not charge any money as the grants are absolutely free. The school has provided help to many adults that are willing to continue their education. The average cost of tuition in Brigham Young University varies from $147 to $170 There is also a wide range of course selection that includes business, fine arts, area studies, humanities and many more.

Liberty High School

There is another high school named the Liberty high school and it is located in Brattleboro, Vermont. The school is widely known as it offers online high school diplomas for adults. However, the school has been backed up by the business bureau and the Vermont state board of education.

If you have not completed your high school education at any traditional American High school because of any reasons, then don’t worry as Liberty High School offers the students high diplomat program for the students that are 18 years or more. However, they charge a nominal amount of $3000 for the high school diploma program.

Orion High School

There is another top school in the country that is Orion High School and it is situated in Midland TX. This school also has a license from the AdvancED just like Brigham Young University. But additionally it also got licensed from the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission. The fees for the full-time course are approximately $1750 per annum for the adults.

The Whitmore School

The Whitmore School is very well known because it was the first online high school situated in Morgantown, WV. AdvancED has licensed this school, the school has also partnered with other high schools and is located in various locations. The school works for the betterment of the students.  The Whitmore School provides six credits each year to the students. However, they charge a tuition cost of $1500 for a year and it can be paid in six installments. They also offer the students with different payment plans that helps the students to pay the tuition fees more easily.

James Madison High School

James Madison is located in Norcross, GA and provides free online high school diplomas. The James Madison High School is recognized by the DEAC, CHEA and AdvancED. However, they provide approximately 24 courses of diploma that contain American History, World Geography, English, Biology and many more.

The great thing about the school is that they do not charge any interest on monthly payment and the monthly fees are around $50. However, note that they will charge $1799 if you have not completed any high school credits. If you have completed only grade 9th you will charge an amount of $1,439. And if you have completed 10th grade and 11th grade you have to pay $1,079 and $779 respectively.

Excel High School

Another high school that offers free online high school diplomas for adults is Excel High School. The school is located in Plymouth, MN and is accredited by AdvancED. However, the school offers various courses to complete the online high school diploma. The various courses include Science, Social Science, World Languages, Arts, Language, Elective and Fine Arts.

The school offers around 21.5 credits on full time courses. However, you must take 12 weeks to complete the course of your choice. The monthly tuition fee is approximately $99 and that is assigned to unlimited courses. However, the credits are around 4 to 6 for each course.

University of Mississippi High School (UHMS)

University of Mississippi High School is another popular name in the list that offers free online high school diplomas for adults. As you know by the name, it is situated in Mississippi.  This school is also accredited by AdvanCED. However, you can find various courses on pursuing high school diplomas for adults. English, Business, Science, Physical Education, Mathematic and many more courses are offered by University of Mississippi High School (UHMS)

University of Nebraska High School

The University of Nebraska High School is another high school that is situated in Lincoln, NE. The school is accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education. Moreover they have around 100 core and dual enrollment courses are also available in the University of Nebraska High School. However, they charge a nominal amount of $150 per course for the residents and charge $200 per course for the non-residents on tuition fees.

Clintondale Virtual School

There is another well known online school on the list is the Clintondale Virtual School. By name you can assume that the school is located in Clinton Township, MI. The school offers education programs to the students and also organizes an eight week class for high school students. Moreover, the best thing about the program is that you can enroll yourself at any time in a calendar year. The classes are provided 24/7 , thus you can attend classes whenever you want to. The tuition fee cost of the Clintondale Virtual School is around $200 to $250 for each course for a free online high school diploma.

Park City Independent

Park City Independent is also another online high school that is nationally recognized and accepts students all over the world. This school is fully accredited and is situated in Scottsdale, AZ.  You must complete 6 credits before applying for the school. As it accepts worldwide students this school is quite famous.

Mizzou k-12 High School

Mizzou k-12 High School is another well known school that offers free online high school diplomas for adults. The school is located in Columbia, Mo. It is also accredited by AdvancED and has contributed greatly towards the betterment of the students. The school also offers various courses that consist of practical arts, health, electives, world languages, English and many other subjects. However, the tuition fees are approximately around $500 for each course.

The Keystone High School

The Keystone High School is well known for its standard pathway for students and is situated in Bloomsburg, PA. The Keystone High School has more than 12 transfer credits. However, if you want to complete a course you must take at least 8 weeks or at most 12 weeks of classes. The school is affiliated with AdvancED , Commonwealth of the PA and  the State Board of Private and Licensed Schools. They also provide you with different plans that make it easier to pay for the courses. There are payment plans for 4 to 12 months, you can choose the suitable one for you.

Franklin Virtual High School

There is another high school named Franklin Virtual High School that provides online high school diplomas for the adults. The school is licensed by AdvancED and DEAC. The best thing about this school is that they review every student so that the students easily understand the courses and can improve their performance. They also provide extra resources to the students that will make it easier to achieve the courses. There are also other activities that will help the students with more extensive knowledge.

Penn Foster

You can find a lot of schools that are situated in Pennsylvania and among them Penn foster is one of the best schools in that location. The school is licensed from AdvancED and also from the association of schools and colleges of the secondary school’s commission. The school has been offering quality education to the students and the adults and highly works for the betterment of the students. They also offer vocational training to the students with online programs that include plumbing, electricity, pharmacy technician, information technology and many more. Penn Foster has collaborated with many other schools and universities that has helped them to grow widely.

Middlestone Academy

We have found another institution that is  Middleton Academy and is situated in Woodbridge, Va. The school has been offering a high school diploma course. The school is licensed by AdvancED as well as DEAC. The institution offers a half-credit course at an fees of $2000 and full credit course at $325.  Moreover the students in this institution are from academic, public and private schools. The institution only offers the diploma courses to the students that are from grade 9 to 12.

Virtual Learning Academy

We have added another in this list is the Virtual Learning Academy, offering the students online learning. Moreover, you can find full time and part time learning courses in this academy. The academy has been licensed from the New Hampshire State Board of Education. Another great thing about this academy is that the students have to pay the fees depending on the time he/she has taken to complete the complete course. We have found two types of plans, the first one is a 4 week plan that costs you around $100 and the other one is a 15 week plan costing around $350.

Texas Success Academy

Texas Success Academy is another popular online school that is located in Arlington, TX. Texas Success Academy has licensed their school from the Texas Education Agency and also from AdvancED. They provide all the lessons to the students at a time and then the students can follow up according to their speed. The students that have 0 to 11.5 credits need to pay around $1,005 for 8 respective months. Whereas the students that have more than 11.5 credits need to pay around $905 to $105 for 9 respective months.

Career Online High School

Career Online High School is a recognized education platform that promotes online education. They also offer online high school diploma courses for adults and the high school is also accredited. You can also take high school diploma courses along with other career certifications from this High School. They also provide coaches for the students as they help in developing the students. The school has partnered with many libraries all over the country that have helped them in providing free diplomas for the adults. They offer 18 credits for the program and you can avail the credits in more than 14 courses.

North Dakota Center For Distance Education (NDCDE)

North Dakota Center For Distance Education is the last institution in our list and is one of the biggest centers that offers free education. It is a non-profit distance education school that works for the betterment of the students. The center also provides free high school diplomas online. Moreover the NDCDE offers various types of courses that include English, Health Careers, World Language, music, science, general education, consumer science, computer education, aerospace, agriculture, business education and many more.

Who Provides Financial Aid for High School Diploma Online

There are some organizations that provide financial aid for high school diplomas online. Most of the students must be wondering who pays all the money as there are so many students. There are also a number of grants that help the students to pursue their online high school diploma.

Private Grants for High Schools

The Private Grants are not easily used by students as it is not popular and is only offered by a few private organizations. You might also not get any information from the internet about their scholarship programs. The best thing you can do is to visit the official website of the private organization and you might find some grants that can help you with. You can also check those organizations related to your course that might make things much easier.

Institutional Grants for High Schools

There are many institutions and colleges that offer grants to the students that help them to continue their study or pursue an online high school diploma course. You can find such grants in colleges or universities and the only thing you have to do is a little bit of research. However, the grants totally depend on the institution or university and they set their own parameters for qualification or selection.

State Grants for High Schools

There are state grants that are provided by the State government. However, if you do not pass the eligibility test for federal grants you can try the state grants. The state grants are mainly given on merit basis and the eligibility criteria varies from state to state. The state grants have helped many students in pursuing online high school diploma courses.

Public & Federal Grants for High Schools

As we all know, the US Education Department has been offering grants and distributing it to every state. They provide funds amounting to $150 billion each year and are offered to more than 15 million students as grants, work study funds and loans.

You must know about the Pell Grants as it is one of the most popular grants in the US. It is an educational grant and you must fill up the FAFSA form and thus you can qualify for both Pell and Federal grants. The grant pays an amount that varies from $975 to $5,350, but it totally depends on the financial need of the applicant.


I hope this article has helped you with all the information on the Grants for Online High School Diploma Online. Education is one of the important things in our life to excel our growth. The recent pandemic has restricted the education process; however it has not stopped the student from pursuing their education remotely. There are a lot of schools that will help you with Grants for Online High School Diploma Online. However, the choice is up to you as we have provided a long list of schools and you can choose the suitable one for you. You can also find different types of grants that are offered by the government, institution and other organizations. If you know someone who is looking for Grants for Online High School Diploma Online please share this article with them and it might be of great help to them.

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Are there any Grants for Online High School Diploma?

Yes absolutely, there are Grants for Online High School Diploma.

How can I find Grants for Online High School Diploma?

There are a number of schools like North Dakota Center For Distance Education (NDCDE), Texas Success Academy. The Keystone High School and many others that  offer Grants for Online High School Diploma.

Do I have to pay the full tuition fees at a time?

No, absolutely not. There are payment plans for the students and you can pay it in installment. However, the fees totally depend on the school you are choosing.

Is there any non-profit educational academy that offers free grants for Online High School Diploma courses?

Yes, North Dakota Center For Distance Education is a non-profit educational institution that offers free grants to the students.

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