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How to Get Salvation Army Free Furniture Voucher

How to Get Salvation Army Free Furniture Voucher – I hope you are already aware of the fact that good furniture is always expensive and it is not easy to get free good furniture. In this article we will provide you with information on How to Get Salvation Army Free Furniture Vouchers. There are many organizations and other foundations that provide Salvation Army Free Furniture Vouchers. You already know that a house without furniture looks empty and hence if you want to buy good furniture they always come expensive. There are a lot of families that are unable to afford good furniture as they do not have much funds with them.

If you are looking for discounts and coupons to buy good furniture then you are at the right place. There are few people that only want temporary furniture as they keep on shifting from one place to another and buying expensive furniture can be costly for them. However if you are looking to buy good furniture you can use the free furniture vouchers that are provided by Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has always come forward to help people with almost everything. Everyone likes discounts and who doesn’t want to save their money?. By using the Salvation Army Free Furniture Vouchers it will help you in saving a lot of money on good furniture.

We have found some ways that can help you get good and quality  furniture at a very cheaper price. Besides the Salvation Army and Goodwill there are also other foundations that provide furniture at low cost. If you want to know how to get good furniture at a low price please go through this article. We have provided detailed information that will help you in getting furniture at low cost after using the furniture vouchers.


Furniture Vouchers for Low Income Families

If you are looking for free furniture vouchers via the internet or places near your location then you are at the right place. We have found some great ways that can help you to get free furniture vouchers for low income families. The Salvation Army provides furniture vouchers for low income families that will help them in getting furniture at cheaper rates. We already know that the Salvation Army is one of the most popular foundations and has always helped people with almost everything. The Salvation Army not only provides free furniture vouchers but also provides Free Beds for Low Income needy people.

The needy and low income families can always fetch help from the Salvation Army as they provide all types of help. You can check any Salvation Army store near your area and know about their current programs and offers. If the Salvation Army store in your area is offering free furniture vouchers you can use them to buy good furniture at a discounted price.

You must remember that there are some specific eligibility criteria to qualify for the free furniture vouchers. Your income must be less than a particular amount and there are also some regulations. They mainly prioritize people according to their needs. If any families have faced natural disaster like earthquake, fire or flood they are given the first priority.

How to Get Salvation Army Free Furniture Voucher

The first thing you have to do is apply for the furniture vouchers and visit their store. They will review your application and check whether you meet the eligibility criteria’s. Along with furniture the Salvation Army also has different programs for food, clothes, shelter, bills and many more. Another important thing is that you should not forward your voucher to a third party as it is illegal and your voucher may get void. The voucher should be only used on yourself and your family without engagement of any third party.

Who Can Apply To Get Free Furniture Vouchers from the Salvation Army?

We have listed a category who can apply for the program.

  • Low-Income Individual
  • Victims of Domestic Abuse
  • From Low-income families
  • Victims of Natural Disaster
  • Single Mothers
  • Moving from a shelter
  • Low income individual with serious health problems.

If you are any one of them you can easily apply for this program without any hesitation.

Ways To Get Free Furniture Vouchers

We have found some foundations and programs that assist to get free furniture vouchers. Scroll down and check the below list.

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank is an non-profit organization that offers good quality furniture at low prices to the low income families. The non-profit organization has more than 80 branches in North America and to know more about their services you can directly visit their official website of Furniture Bank.

The great thing about this organization is that they offer a wide type of services for victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, children and women. Their services are not only limited to families but they also offer to needy individuals that are setting up a new house or living in transitional houses.

The best thing about Furniture Banks is that they also lend their hand to the individuals that are affected with HIV/AIDS. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has cost many people their jobs , thus the organization also provides help to the people that have lost their jobs. Besides the unemployed people the organization also helps the foster children’s. You need to enquire about a local branch of Furniture Bank in your area and you can get furniture at a very low cost. The most popular branches of Furniture Banks are in Washington, Ohio and Atlanta in the United States.

St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a well known church that provides all types of help to the needy people. The foundation is quite widespread and in every state you will find them. You can visit them directly or can open their website to know about their locations and programs.

There are a lot of followers of the church that donates furniture and if you are looking for free furniture you can visit the church and ask them about it. If they have donated furniture they will help you with free furniture. Alongside free furniture the St. Vincent De Paul also provides free laptops to the students.


Freecycle is an online platform where sellers sell their old stuff at a very low price. Moreover if you are very lucky you can get things for absolutely free. We all know that the internet has connected the world. Thus, here you can find things that are listed from all around the world.

The main objective of Freecycle is to promote recycling of goods and items. If you are searching for furniture you can visit their website and find one. If you do not find any furniture you must wait and check the site each day as there are thousands of sellers that are listing new items with each passing day.


Goodwill is another popular organization that mainly deals with free or cheap electronic items, furniture and many other things. The organization also offers free furniture for low income families or individuals. They also offer free vouchers for furniture, especially to the low income families. There are a lot of people that donate their old items to Goodwill and you can use or get the donated stuff. Thus it is always beneficial to get furniture vouchers and buy good furniture at low prices. You must give this organization a try.


Craigslist is an American website that provides free or second hand items. If you are searching for furniture at cheap rates you must definitely visit this website. As in Craigslist you can find all types of items thus furniture is no exception you can find different types of furniture in the website. You can also find many Craigslist stores where they provide furniture for free or at a very cheaper rate.

If you are looking for free stuff you can visit the website of Craigslist and type Free Stuffs in their search box. If anyone in this website has listed free furniture it will appear in your search list. Thus, you can get free furniture from this website. However if you do not find your stuff then you must wait and check the website everyday as thousands of people list items on this website every day. You can also look for furniture sales where you can get the furniture at a much cheaper rate. You can also visit similar websites where they offer free furniture vouchers. You can also try sites like Kijiji and Gumtree.

Regional Church

We all know that churches have always helped the needy people with almost everything. If you are looking for help you can straightaway visit a church. You can find many Churches That Help With Paying Rent and Bills, besides this they also help you with free furniture and also assist you with funds if you are unable to pay rent.

If you are really in need of furniture you can visit a church nearby and explain to them about your situation. If they have resources with them they will surely help you if your need is genuine. A church has a lot of followers thus they receive a high amount of donations. If you are looking for free furniture you can try Regional Churches in your area.

Project Home Again

Project Home Again is another popular organization mainly in Massachusetts and has always come forward to help the needy and low income families. If you are looking for help you can contact them using the channels of any social agency. You need to explain your need to the social agent then they email the Project Home Again and once it is approved your need will be fulfilled by Project Home Again.

It is always better to continue the procedure using an agent as they know everything about the process. The Project Home Again has many types of programs from recycling housing furniture to mattresses and essential items. You need to apply for the suitable program and once the application is approved you will get our stuff.

Bridging AZ

Bridging AZ is a social organization that provides free furniture to low income families and individuals. However you should remember that this community does not offer direct services to the needy people. To get their services you need to contact any social serving agency. You need to follow the procedure as said by the agent to get free furniture from Bridging AZ.

Thrift Store

If you are searching for free stuff you must visit the Thrift Store as you can find various types of items here. There are a lot of people that highly contribute to the Thrift Store and you can find different types of furniture here. Another great thing is that they offer furniture at very low prices and sometimes even for free. However you have to try your luck to get the stuff for absolutely free.

To know more about them or if you have any query you can contact any nearby Thrift Store. You can also search online on the internet about Thrift Stores near your location that are offering furniture. Besides Thrift Stores there are also other local stores that can help you with discounted furniture that might help furnish your home.

Make a Home Foundation

Make a Home Foundation is another organization that is almost similar to the Bridging AZ. Make a Home Foundation main provides stuff for home furnishing that includes furniture, beds and many other necessary things. They mainly prioritize people that are setting up in a new house, have low income, victims of domestic abuse and victims of natural disaster. However they do not provide services directly thus you have to reach them using a social service agency. So, if you are looking for free furniture you can definitely try this method.

Heroes Warehouse

Heroes Warehouse is an Non-Profit Organization that offers quality furniture for free. They provide furniture to the needy people. If you are looking for free furniture you can visit their Official Heroes Warehouse. Once you visit their website you can get answers to all of your queries and know more about their programs.

College Campus on Move Out Days

If you are looking for free furniture you just need to search the college campus with a hostel near you. You can find a lot of stuff that the college students offer at a very low price when they move out from the hostel. The best thing is that the college students are in a hurry and they will offer you those things at a very low cost and there will be room for negotiations. The college students do not use much of the furniture as you will get furniture that is of good condition.

You need to do a little bit of research and know about their check out dates that will help you in getting furniture from the college students at a low price. Mostly at the end of the semester the students move out from their hostel. Thus, you need to be aware of the fact and contact them at the right time. You can also check online or contact the nearby college.

Mustard Seed (Florida)

The Mustard Seed is a popular organization that mainly operates in Central Florida. The organization provides free furniture vouchers for low income families just like the Salvation Army. They mainly came forward to help the low income families and individuals. However the organization does not help the needy people directly. If you are seeking help from them you need to approach a certified mustard seed social agency. The agent will explain to you the procedure and once you are approved you will get free furniture vouchers that will help you in buying furniture at a much cheaper price.

The agent from the agency can visit your house and check the necessary documents. If you are eligible for the vouchers from Mustard Seed then you have to produce a few important documents that are listed below.

  • Referral Form of the Client
  • Checklist of the Client
  • Birth Certificate for a minor children residing in the house
  • Transportation to carry the furniture
  • A processing fee of $150
  • Photo ID of adults that are residing in the house.

Gift Cards

We all know the importance of Gift Cards in recent times and most of the people prefer this as they can buy stuff according to their need. If you do a little bit of research you can find a lot of organizations or programs offering free gift cards that can help you to buy stuff at a much discounted price. However you can also try completing surveys, online shopping, watching videos and playing games that offer you free gift cards. Though you have to try your luck !

Social Media

Social media is now such a platform from which you can get various information. You can use it for getting furniture as well. You can post enquiries related to furniture and people would respond to it. If you manage to gain more followers then your post would reach up to larger audience. You can also use furniture vouchers provided by the Salvation Army to get more options.

Facebook can be a good marketplace for getting news about different furniture stores. You can make friends through it and they will provide details about different furniture banks. Reggit is another social media platform where you can find various sources. You can also check Recycle and Barter that sells furniture at lower prices.


We have already discussed how to get free furniture vouchers from the Salvation Army. As we all know, prices of furniture are increasing and it seems to be very difficult for low income families to purchase all necessary furniture for their families. There are different non-profit organizations that will provide furniture at an affordable price. Salvation Army is one of them from where you can get free furniture vouchers.

By using those vouchers, the users can save a huge amount of money on furniture. There are some eligibility criteria as well that you are expected to fulfill. Low income families, single mothers, disabled people and other needy people are eligible for this program. There are other organizations like mustard seed, Craigslist who offer furniture at less price. Different organizations have different eligibility criteria. Before applying to any of them, you are suggested to check their official website and go through the details carefully. You will be asked to submit certain documents to verify your identity. We hope that this article helped you a lot to understand how to get free furniture vouchers. If you know anyone who urgently needs furniture for their home, then please refer to this article.

People also search  for

Are there any free furniture vouchers?

Yes, there are some organizations and foundations that offer free furniture vouchers that will help you to buy good furniture at a discounted price.

Are there any eligibility requirements to qualify for the free furniture vouchers?

In some of the organizations there are certain eligibility requirements to qualify for the vouchers. However it totally depends on the organization from which you are seeking help.

How can I get free vouchers from organizations?

Some of the organizations offer you direct help with free vouchers. However for some specific organization you need to contact a social agency to follow a procedure and if you qualify you will be fulfilled with your needs.

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