How to Win Scholarships for Grandchildren of WWII Veterans

Apply for Top Scholarships for Grandchildren of WWII Veterans – You already know that the veterans have contributed highly and sacrificed their life for the country. They sacrifice their families to serve and protect the country. The government of America has always appreciated and valued the veterans for their contribution. Thus, the government has introduced many federal programs to offer Scholarships for Grandchildren of WWII Veterans. Alike the federal programs there are few organizations that offer scholar as well to the grandchildren of WWII Veterans, army, navy and Vietnam War Veterans.

If you are grandchildren or children of a veteran you can get free scholarships from the government. If you go through the article you get a lot of information on the scholar programs that are provided by the government and other organizations. The programs help you with financial assistance for your education. If you are interested in these programs and want to get a free scholarship you can scroll down and know more about these programs.


The Organizations that offer Scholarship For Grandchildren of WWII Veterans

We can never deny the contribution of the Veterans as they have always stood up for the country by protecting it and helped us in living a safe life. Our well being is always dependent on the Veterans and thus we recognize the importance of their contributions. There are many government organizations and non profit organizations that offer scholarships to the children or grandchildren of the WWII Veterans, Navy, Army and Vietnam War Veterans.

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AMVETS National Scholarship

AMVETS National Scholarship is a popular organization that provides financial help for education to the families of WWII Veterans. The main aim of the organization is to provide scholarships to the children and grandchildren of the WWII Veterans, Navy and Vietnam wars. However, you must know that they offer the scholar program on a first come first serve basis.

The first 200 applicants are accepted for the program and will be offered the scholarship. From the top 200 applicants they will choose the most 6 deserving candidate. The qualified candidates will get approximately $4000 scholarship. They provide $1000 to the applicants to help them with financial assistance.

However, a few documents are required like identity proof, age proof to submit the application. You also need to submit proof for your financial needs with an application letter to show them why you need the scholarship. For further assistance you can visit the official website of AMVETS.

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Samsung American Legion Scholarship

I hope you already know about Samsung, it is a huge tech brand that has collaborated with the American Legion. The main aim of Samsung American Legion is to offer scholarships to the children and grandchildren of the War Veterans. Samsung has offered scholarships of more than $5 million through the American Legion.

The Samsung American Legion Scholarship program mainly prioritizes the students that are attending sessions in American Legion Boys State and Auxiliary Girls State. However, the applicants are needed to submit all the relevant documents that include academic records and identify proof. They also need to submit the documents for their financial needs and an essay of 500 words.

Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association Scholarship

The Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association Scholarship is a program that helps the grandchildren and children with free scholarships for WWII Veterans. The amount of $1500 is offered to the grandchildren or children’s of Veterans who pass the eligibility test of the program. Only the students that are graduating high school senior can apply for the program. However, there are eligibility requirements for the program, one the eligibility criteria is the applicant must be enrolled as a full time student in a college or university. They also need to score a minimum of 3.5 GPA Score. For further assistance you can directly visit their official website or contact the local office of the Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association for more details on the scholarship program.

Past Presidents Parley

There is another organization named Past Presidents Parley that works for the WWII veterans and offers their grandchildren or children with scholarship programs. However, you should note that the scholarship is only applicable for the students that are in the medical field. One of the major issues you would find with the program is that it is not well distributed. It is only available in Texas that means only people that are residing in that particular area.

The program also checks the eligibility criteria and you have to produce necessary documents and submit a 500 word essay to qualify. However, the essay must state about your qualifications and your upcoming goals. Another main requirement is that the applicant have to submit at least 3 recommendation letters, one from clergyman and other two from any responsible citizen from your state. However, the recommendation letters of the relatives are not acceptable. For further assistance you can directly visit the official website of Past Presidents Parley

National Children of Warriors Scholarship

We have found another program named The National Children of Warriors Scholarship, the aim of the program is to help the families of Veterans with financial and education aid. The American Legion Auxiliary runs the program and mainly offers scholarships to children and grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans.

 A whopping $5000 scholarship is offered under the program and the most 15 eligible students will be awarded the scholarship. However the applicant must submit all the necessary documents with a 1000 word essay. They also ask for recommendations from four people that are in different professional fields. There are few eligibility requirements like the applicant must be in senior year of their school and are short of funds to continue education. However, the applicant also needed to complete at least 50 hours of volunteer services in their residing area to qualify for the program.

Scholarship for Grandchildren of Navy Veterans

As we know that Marine and Navy Veterans have also contributed for the country and they are one of the important parts of America. They have the similar respect like the army veterans. The American government has laid emphasis on some programs to help the Navy Veterans. The programs will help with scholarships for grandchildren or children of Navy Veterans. We have provided some basic information and details on the programs.

Navi League of the US

The Navy League of the US has brought another scholarship program for grandchildren of WWII Veterans. By the name you can understand the scholarship programs for the navy veterans. The program helps the children and grandchildren of navy veterans with scholarship programs. The WWII Veterans are also helped through this program.

The Navy League has a special scholarship that is dedicated to John J. Schiff for the students that are graduating and want to pursue other courses from an accredited college or university. However, the applicant needs  a recommendation letter and an essay to qualify for the program. You can also visit their official site for further assistance.

Navi League of the US offers scholarships up to $10,000 to the students that meet the eligibility criteria. However, the student must have a direct link with the veteran. The applicant must be a descendant, children or grandchildren of a navy or war veteran. However, they also need to submit an application mentioning their financial needs.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is one of the well known organizations that offers scholarship programs and financial funds to the children and grandchildren. However, the program accepts students of active and retired navy and marine. To be eligible for the program you must be a grandson, children or descent of navy and marine veterans. However, the grandchildren of WWII are also eligible for the program and need a minimum GPA score of 2.0 to qualify for The Marine Corps Scholarship.

You should take a note that the application ends in the beginning of April and the procedure is quite time consuming as it takes approximately 2-3 months. However, the list of the applicants is  announced in the middle of July. The organization has also collaborated with many other institutions and universities to offer scholarships to the children or grandchildren of the veterans that were in the navy. The scholarship amount goes up to $30,000 for a term of 4 years.

List of Scholarships for Grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans

You can find a few organizations that offer scholarship programs for grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans just like the scholarship that is offered for the grandchildren of WWII Veterans. The programs help the students to pursue their study by providing them with financial aid and reach their educational goals.

Angelfire Scholarship

Angelfire Scholarship is a popular scholarship program that is specially designed for the childrens of the Vietnam war. The main aim of the program is to help the students that want to pursue their education in school or in college. The main priority is given to the students that are attending the Datatel Client Institutions.

The children’s or grandchildren of Vietnam War Veteran are given upto a scholarship of $1700. However there are certain, the students must have a score of minimum 3.5 GPA to qualify for the scholarship program. The applicants are also required to submit an essay where they describe their future plans regarding academic career and the need of the scholarship program.

VFW Veterans Tribute Scholarship

The VFW Veterans Tribute Scholarship is mainly designed for the high school students that are around 16 to 18 years old. The main requirement of the program is that the students must be children or grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans. However, the scholarship fund is quite remarkable as they provided approximately from $3,000 to $10,000. The program has helped a lot of children and grand childrens of Vietnam Veterans by helping them to pursue their education.

The organization is famous as a lot of world war veterans have benefitted from the program using the scholarship programs of WWII veterans. The scholarship is given to those students who have excelled in academic performance and they must be involved as a volunteer in the local community. For further queries or to know more about the program you can visit their official site.


I hope the article has helped you with providing all the major information related to Scholarships for Grandchildren of WWII Veterans. As we know that the veterans have served the country by sacrificing almost everything. The federal government has introduced some scholarship programs for the children and grandchildren of WWII Veterans, Vietnam Veterans and so on. If you are a veteran and you are searching for such programs then I hope I was able to help you. You can also forward the article to someone you know is a veteran and looking for such programs and financial help so that their children or grandchildren can pursue education. The various scholarship programs will help in providing your children or grandchildren’s education with ease.

People also Search For

Are there any scholarship programs for the children or grandchildren of Veterans?

Yes absolutely. There is a list of scholarship programs that provides scholarships to the children or grandchildren of Veterans.

Is there any eligibility criteria?

Is there any eligibility criteria?
To qualify for the scholarship program one must be a descendant, children or grandchild of a Veteran.

What is needed to apply for the scholarship program?

What is needed to apply for the scholarship program?
To apply for the scholarship program you need a few documents. You also have to write an essay and bring a few recommendations.

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