How to Win Scholarships for Native American Students

Scholarships for Native American Students – In today’s time, we see that people like to go to another country to study or to live there forever. But they have to face many difficulties in starting. Many of the Native American Indian students live and they don’t have enough resources to complete their education and they have to leave their studies in mid.

But no more, because here we are going to discuss some of the Native American Indian Scholarships which are helpful for the students to get financial help for their study. Let us see which are those scholarship and how they will be helpful for them.

As the growing number of states and local governments, they start to recognize and give importance to Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.

This holiday is celebrated annually on the second Monday of October. On this day, nationwide, they honor the culture and history of Native American and Indigenous individuals.

We are proud that our place we are celebrating Indigenous People’s Day. Here we would like t share the information of two scholarships for Native American Indian students. You can get this information from our scholarship database.

If you want to get more information about the scholarships then you can click on the name of the scholarship and get full information about them.


Paumanauke Scholarships for Native American Students

According to their website, it is found that the Paumanauke Native American Indian Scholarship is funded by the Paumanauke Native American Festival, Inc. . is a non-profit organization and they work “to encourage and assist Native American Indians to complete their education”. They just want that the Native American Indians also get the proper education and for this, they provide them the financial help as well so that they can fulfill their dreams and get a proper education.


This Scholarship has the amount of $500. They have this money for up to six winners a year.

Quick Facts

For Paumanauke Native American Indian Scholarships if you want to apply or know about their eligibility criteria then there are some quick facts are mentioned below.

  1. For eligible for this scholarship, you must be a member of the tribe and also enrolled in a Native American Indian college. In college, you must be enrolled for full-time study.
  2. In honor of founder Nat Sales, an applicant will receive $750.00. They will get this award as the “Nat Sales Memorial Award.”

For eligible for this scholarship you have to be a Native American Indian college full-time attending student and a member of the tribe and if you qualify for this then you will get $750 as a scholarship award from them.

The Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars Awards

The Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars has a strong mission and this mission involves preserving records and historic sites which are related to Native Ancestors. This is not enough, it also involves supporting the decedents of Native Americans and along with this, they award two scholarships annually to enrolled the tribe members.


 They award amounts of $5,000 and $2,500.

Quick Facts

 There are some quick facts for this award or scholarship and these are:

  1. If you want to be eligible for this award then you should be an enrolled member of the tribe. And you are the one who is planning to do work with the Native Americans in the field of education and social services.
  2. Also, you are accepted or enrolled in an accredited university. Along with this, you have at least a 3.0 GPA.

You see that for qualifying for The Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars Award you have to fulfill all their requirements, only when you can get the award from them for students scholarship.

The bottom line

As you see that there are two scholarships for Native American Indian Students. From these scholarships they can get help financially for their study and the amount is given to them annually. But to qualify for these scholarships the one common thing is that they must be a Native American Indian tribe member. And the students can look for other eligibility criteria to get an award from those scholarships and apply with one for that they are eligible.

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