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How to Get State of Texas Small Business Grants

How to Get Small Business Grants in Texas, USA – If you are having a small business or planning to start your business then there are some ways that will help you to take your business to another level. Texas Small Business Grants have helped small entrepreneurs to grow their business. The main focus of the Texas Small Business Grants is to help entrepreneurs with funds that will help them in expanding their business and generate more revenue that will help in creating more job opportunities.

If you research a little you will find that there are a lot of Texas Small Business Grants that are offered by the federal government agencies, Non-Profit Organizations and State departments to help the growth and expansion of the business. You can go through this article if you are an emerging entrepreneur trying to develop your business or  you share it with someone you know who owns a small business. Texas Small Business Grants have helped a lot of entrepreneurs in establishing their business. If you are looking for business grants then you are at the right place. What are you waiting for ? Go and check all information that might help you in getting Texas small business grants.


What are Texas Grants for Small Business?

By the name you can understand that the Texas Small Business Grants help small businesses to grow and increase their profit ratio. The main aim of these grants is to help these businesses from bankruptcy and increase their production. However, it can be any business that includes education, health, art, religion, culture, science and many others. The entrepreneur that owns a small business and is looking for help can apply for various small business grants that are offered by the Non-Profit Organization, State and the federal government. We have discussed all the information in this article on Texas Grants for Small Business. What are you waiting for ? Go Check them out !

How to apply or get Small Business Grants in Texas?

You must understand that to get small business grants in Texas, you must have effective business planning that can help in establishing your business. You must have all the legal documents that are required for your business proceedings. The first thing you have to do is create the company and get the Employer Identification Number (EIN). EIN is very important to set up a business that helps you in registering a business entity and also helps in obtaining a loan. Once you get the EIN number you can easily apply for small business grants in Texas through state and federal government. We have described and explained all the required steps to get small business grants in Texas. Have a look at the step by step description that is stated below that will help you in applying for the grants.

6 Steps to apply for the small business Grants in Texas

There are mainly six steps to apply for the small business Grants in Texas

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to make a proper business plan that must be accurate. You also need all the necessary documents like insurance policies, business modules and tax statements that are required to set up a business.

Step 2: You need to create your own company and get the Employer Identification Number (EIN) to register your business. If you have any queries you can visit the US Revenue Service and can fill up the EIN application form.

Step 3: In the next step you have to apply for a D-U-N-S number, you can get it from Dun & Bradstreet. However, you must wait for the number as the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. You will get a 9 digit number that can be applied to get the federal business grants.

Step 4: After you get the EIN and D-U-N-S number you can register your business on the After you register on the site you are applicable for all the federal grants and can also form partnership agreements.

Step 5: When you visit the website you will find various grants. There are many government agencies in Texas and in other states that will help you with small business grants in Texas. You apply for the grants that are suitable for you, but remember to check the eligibility criteria.

Step 6: In the final step you have to fill up an application form. You must note that the application is filled up in proper English without using any slang or abbreviations. Make sure that the application is formal and easily understandable.

If you follow all the mentioned steps then you can easily apply for the small business grants in Texas.

Eligibility Criteria to Qualify for Texas Small Business Grants.

You need to meet a few requirements to be eligible for Texas small business grants. Just understand that there are different types of grants available and each grant has different eligibility criteria. The eligible criteria can also vary according to the type of business.

Some primary requirements to qualify for Texas Small Business Grants:

  • The business must have 500 or less to qualify for the grants.
  • The annual receipts for the business should not exceed $7.5 million.

You should remember these are the primary requirements and it can differ according to the type grant or business. Before applying for the grants you must check the eligibility criteria for Texas small business grants in their official site.

Where To Get Texas Business Grants?

We have found some of the most reputed organizations that can help you to get Texas business grants for small businesses. There are also some of the non-profit organizations that can help you in developing your business.

State Government For Small Business Grants Texas

The state government has the right to choose whether they want to promote small business or not. It totally depends on the decision taken by the particular state. You should always do a little bit of research in finding whether your state runs any programs to promote small business. The basic thing you have to do is to contact the State Economic Development Agency to know everything about the programs and grants. If they have any programs they will inform you about it and it will be of great use for your business. However, you must note that the name of the agency might different according to the state.

Procurement Technical Assistance (PTAC)

Procurement Technical Assistance is also referred to as PTAC.  It can be said as a national network system that consists of dedicated and experts in procurement. The main aim of this program is to help entrepreneurs that own small businesses to compete with the government markets. However, you might get the Texas small business grants, but it completely depends on your business plan.

Women’s Business Center (WBC)

By the name you can clearly understand that the program is introduced for the women that are trying to start their own business. The Women’s Business Center tries to help the women that are emerging entrepreneurs by developing and expanding their business. The organization has more than 100 education centers in the United States. They also provide the women with business workshops and personal counseling to help them grow as an entrepreneur. For further assistance you can visit their official website and look for Texas small business grants for women.

Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Service along with Administration for Child and Families have helped small businesses by offering those grants and funds. The department runs 4 primary programs that includes Early Head Start Grantee, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Grantee, Head Start and American Indian/Alaska Native Head Start Grantee programs. These four programs are currently running in the states of Ohio, Lowe, Nevada, Indiana and New Mexico and are offering grants to local small businesses in the area.

If you want to apply for Texas small business grants for small businesses you can visit their official website. You can get more than $750,000 funds using these programs and any type of company can apply for this grant that includes county government organizations, small business and so on. But the most vital thing is that you must submit your business plan and if they think that it is a genuine and effective one you will be offered the grants.

US Small and Medium Business Administration (SBA)

Small Business Administration or SBA is an organization that helps small and medium businesses by providing loans. They also offer them with grants that consist of small business workshops, promotional activities and many others. If you want more details and information you can visit their official website or search for a nearby SBA Regional office in your local area.

US UU Export Support Center in Texas

The US UU Export Support Center in Texas is also referred to as USEAC. It is a well known organization all over the world that offers the latest products and services using their business experts. They have a wide network that is connected in more than 100 cities in Texas and more than 80 countries all around the globe. The main aim of this organization is to help the small business in exporting their products and services with ease.

Score for Small Business Grants Texas (SCORE)

I hope you have heard the name of SCORE somewhere in your lifetime. SCORE has been one of the most reputed non profit organizations that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses by advising and guiding them towards the right path. They have more than a thousand counselors that help emerging entrepreneurs. It is an United State based organization that provides help to businesses in urban areas as well as rural areas. SCORE mentors and experts are well distributed in the country and in most of the places you will find them when you need help.

Veterans Business Participation Center (VBOC)

The Veterans Business Participation Center is also referred to as VBOC, it is an organization that has offered business counseling, training and development services that have helped in growing small businesses. It has also helped many businesses to generate their revenue and expand their business. The main aim of this organization is to offer help or resourcing partners to Military Spouses, Veteran and National Guard.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)

The main focus of the Small Business Development Center is to offer help to the small business and emerging entrepreneurs with funds. They are in a partnership with SBA that helps them in funding small businesses. They not only provide help to the new small business but also help in protecting an already established business.

Small Business Defense Programs in Texas

The Small Business Defense Programs in Texas are mainly controlled by the Governor. They builds business workshop that helps the emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses. They provide help in operating, expanding and managing business in an effective way to reach another level. The workshop works in such a way that helps in building a better collaborative system between private and public sector.

The workshop has also helped in building a strong network of services that helped small business and entrepreneurs to develop and expand. They also teach new skills  and development programs to the business owners that will help them to handle the business activities more effectively. If you are looking to develop your business you can directly contact them as they provide you all the services that include logistics, B2B connections, exporting opportunities and many more.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE)

DBE is also referred to as Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program is introduced to help entrepreneurs and small businesses irrespective of their gender or caste. The minority groups and women who are looking to conduct business with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) can also fetch help from this program. There are also some similar agencies that offer federal funds from the United States Transportation Department.

Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation Service is a state program that provides two grant programs. The two types of grant programs are Texas NRCS Project Green and Texas NRCS Urban and Rural Conservation Project. The program offers more than $18,500 Texas Business Grants that have benefited a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you want to apply for the above mentioned programs from this department you can fill up the application form in March. Generally in March the portals are open and only 20 candidates are helped with these grants. If you need more details you can visit their official website.

Historically Underutilized Business Certification Program (HUB)

Historically Underutilized Business Certification Program is also referred to as HUB in short. The program has been introduced primarily to help to contract construction services along with purchasing of goods. However, to be eligible for the program your organization must aim to earn profit and must be located in Texas. The owner of the business should also be residing in Texas with proportionate interest.

To get this certification you must have at least 51% ownership of Pacific, African American, Native American and Hispanic American. For more details and information on the program you can visit their official website.

Alternatives Sources for Getting Texas Business Grants

You can find many alternative sources that will help you in getting Texas business grants. There are many ways that include selling directories, e-books and many more. You can also visit a professional club and can try Crowdfunding or Crowdsourcing for your piece of art.


I hope this article will be very useful to you by offering you help to know detailed information on the Texas Small business grants. If you are an emerging entrepreneur or have small business you can seek help from all the programs and organizations that offer Texas Small Business Grants. The application procedure and eligibility criteria that are required to qualify for the Texas Small Business Grants has been well discussed in this article. If you have businesses or an entrepreneur you can find all the information and details on the small business grants hre in the article. You can also share the article with someone you know that is trying to set up their business.

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Are there grants to help my business?

Are there grants to help my business?
Yes absolutely there are a lot of business grants that help your business to develop and expand.

What is the use of Texas Grants for small businesses?

The Texas Grants for small businesses helps businesses with funds for developing and expanding the business. They also provide you with business experts that guide you to take your business to another level.

Is the EIN number important ?

Yes absolutely. The EIN number is very important and helps to register your business. Without an EIN number you cannot open a business account.

Can I apply for small business grants?

Yes you can apply for small business grants. However, your business should not have more than 500 members and the annual receipts should not exceed $7.5 million..

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