How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter With Examples

How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter + Examples –  There are many different types of scholarships that is available for the students like Fulbright scholarship, Hispanic scholarship funds etc. In order to get the scholarship, it is very important that the students make an excellent application. Let us say a winning application is needed to get selected for the scholarship. But what after winning? Many students get so overwhelmed after winning the scholarship that they forget a thank you letter. So, today in this guide you will get to know about scholarship thank you letter and how to write that letter. There are many other details also that is covered in this guide. So, continue reading to know more and do not forget to write a scholarship thank you letter.

People who win scholarship feel very great and happy. One of the reasons for their happiness is that they feel less stressed about the student loans. Apart from that, they get to explore new things inside the school and outside the school, join the group of highly erudite students and so many other opportunities they get. To know more about $100 million scholarships, you can look in buchananreform.

You should always thank the person or organization that has helped you win the scholarship and the scholarship organization for choosing you for the scholarship. Many students do not know what to write in a scholarship thank you letter. People don’t know what exactly should be written in the letter? Whether it should be something short and sweet or should you email it? Etc.

All your queries concerning a scholarship thank you letter will be answered in this guide. Plus, in this guide you will find illustrations of thank you letter and also some easy templates.


What is a Scholarship Thank You Letter + Examples

It is an obvious thing through the scholarship you are getting fiscal aid for higher education and others. So, you should always thank the scholarship organizations or donor by writing a short scholarship thank you letter. It is one of the best ways in which you can show your appreciation for the fiscal aid that they are providing you with.

Apart from this, some colleges require their students to write a thank you letter to the sponsors or donors of the scholarship. But again writing a thank you letter is not compulsion. It depends on you whether you want to write or not. Even if you do not write, the letter of thank you will not lose your scholarship. So, many of you will think why should you write a letter? There are many reasons why you should write a thank you letter.

Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter to Scholarship Donors –

Many students are busy doing a lot of work and other school activities. But there are reasons as to why you should take time out and write a thank you letter?

  • It is important to show your acknowledgement, gratitude, and appreciation for the scholarship organization that has supported the students.
  • Apart from that, your scholarship thank you letter will encourage the organizations to stay committed and issue scholarships in future to students like you i.e. your brothers and sisters.
  • Apart from that, a scholarship thank you letter is likely to create a longer lasting relationship with the organization and team members who can help you later in life.

So, these are some of the reasons why you should write a scholarship thank you letter to the scholarship organization and its members. The scholarship thank you letter is very easy and simple to write. It only takes 10 minutes.

What to Include in Your Scholarship Thank You Letter –

You will have to include the following points whenever you are writing a scholarship thank you letter –

  • The first thing you should always greet the donor.
  • Next you should express your thankfulness in the scholarship because they have chosen you.
  • Write few words on how the scholarship can help you.
  • And what are your future plans, include that.
  • Lastly, give your signature

Now, let’s go into the details of the scholarship thank you letter –

Greeting to the donor

In this you can give a short greeting to the members like – I hope dear members you all are in the best of your spirits and good health. Or I hope you are in the best of your spirits and good health or something even better like, I hope you all are hale and hearty, etc.

Expression of gratitude

In this you can write something like – I am obliged that you have chosen me for the scholarship of this year. And I am very grateful for this …….This can be written in at least 2 sentences and can be short.

How the scholarship will help you

In this you do not have to mention too much of details, just be brief. It is just that the members would love to know how you feel about the scholarship and how it can affect your life. So, you can give them brief details of how this will help you to be successful in your education or life etc.

Your future plans (optional)

In this part, though this is optional, but if you know your future plans then you can mention that in brief. The members would love to know how their scholarship has helped the students in their future plans and to get where they want to be in life.

Your signature

In this part, you can end the letter with your signature like yours sincerely, or with best wishes or with kind regards etc.

Thank You Letter for a Scholarship Tips

In this part of the guide, you will come across the samples of the scholarship thank you letters including the templates that you can use. Lets us look into it at detail –

Use a formal, business letter format

It is a good chance for you to learn from this guide to write a formal business letter. But don’t get scared by the word formal business letter. It is nothing complicated. You just have to follow the structure mentioned below –

You can choose to send the mail through a e-mail format like this and for e-mailing you have to write the subject like – Thank you for the scholarship or something like – Thanksgiving Letter or Letter of Gratitude.

Show gratitude and sincerity

In this part of the letter make sure that you don’t exaggerate anything and show that you are forced to write a letter, rather you can simply show your gratitude with sincerity. So, make sure that you choose your words wisely. Do not try to be super positive or extra.

Write clearly and concisely

It is always better if you do not write anything complicated or use heavy words. Rather your letter should be short and sweet and easy to read. Simply follow the upcoming template.

Proofread your letter for spelling and grammar

Most of the time people make mistake in spelling and grammar whether they are writing any personal statements, scholarship essays, or a thank you letter. Therefore, it is very pivotal that you always proofread and edit your letter before sending it to anyone. This is essential so that the recipient does not get distracted with a missing full stop or punctuation.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Template

The scholarship template is somewhat like this; you can take a look and try to understand how to start the letter and what to write –


[Address of Scholarship Foundation]

Dear [Name of Scholarship] Committee:

I’m writing to [say thank you/express how grateful I am] to be chosen as a recipient for the [Name of Scholarship].

[1-2 sentences on how the scholarship will help you and your future plans].

Thank you again for your time!


[Your Name]

Scholarship Thank You Letter Samples –

Here are two more illustrations of what a thank you letter looks like –

Example #1 – Scholarship Thank You Letter Sent by Mail

January 5, 2020

Fulbright Scholarship Foundation

PO Box 442

Atlanta, GA  30301

Dear Fulbright Scholarship Foundation Committee:

I’m writing to express how grateful I am for being chosen as one of this year’s recipients for the Fulbright Scholarship.

Thanks to you and the Fulbright Scholarship Foundation, I’ll be able to devote more time to my studies this year without needing to take out another student loan. I’m planning to pursue a career in medicine and know that this support is an investment in my future.

Thank you again for your time and all your work!


Your Name

Example #2 – Scholarship Thank You Letter Sent by Email

Subject Line: Thank You!

Dear Taco Bell Foundation:

I’m writing to say thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient for the Liv Más Scholarship!

With this scholarship, I’ll be the first person in my family to attend college. I feel so lucky knowing I will not have to worry about how to pay for things like on-campus housing and textbooks.

All of your work is appreciated, and I thank you for making college possible for students like me!

Kind regards,

Your Name

What to Do Next

Hopefully, this guide is able to help you write a scholarship thank you letter. Plus, the templates shared in this post should help you. After you are done with it, you can take some review like whether you need anything else to keep the costs of college low. For instance, if you have filled up this years’ FAFSA? Or is there any other scholarship in which you can apply or do you need any kind of students loan?

If these are the questions that are lingering in your mind then you can check out buchananreform blog, where you can get posts that are similar to your queries and also you can get to know about how to write winning scholarship applications and college financial aid and much more.

Conclusion –

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to know how to write a scholarship thank you letter. Plus, it is important for you to know the importance of writing a thank you letter to the scholarship committee. Of course, there is no compulsion, but if you write a thank you letter in the midst of your busy schedule, it would be great. The recipients of the scholarship committee will be glad to know that at least students remember and know their duties well. Another biggest thing is that it encourages the scholarship committee to help more students in future who just like you and me.

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