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Obama Phone Stand Locations List of Stands Near You

Obama Free Phone Stand Locations Near You – Anyone who has struggled financially knows the importance of free phone programs. Government and various non-profit organizations offer such programs to those who belong to low-income families and are not able to afford a phone by themselves. However, not all over the US you would find free Obama phone programs. If you are wondering how to find Obama phone locations in the US, we have listed a list of places where you can find it. Once you qualify for a free Obama phone, you get to utilize it and stay connected to the world.


What do you mean by Obama Phone Locations?

Obama phone locations are places where qualified people can pursue and get free or discounted phones through the Obama phone program.

This program, frequently alluded to as the “Obama phone” program, was presented during the time Obama came into power and this program now gives fundamental phone administrations to low-income families.

The Free Obama cell phone program is accessible in every one of the 50 states, as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and a few tribal areas. If you are wondering how to find Obama phone locations, keep checking out the states where they are currently operating.

There are Assist Wireless Free Phone, Cloud Mobile Free Phone Program that you can go for.

How Do I Find an Obama Phone Stand Location Near Me?

Follow the steps listed below to find the Obama Phone Program location.

  • Visit the official Lifeline Help program site as it will direct you to the Obama phone program.
  • On the homepage, select the “Find Companies Near You” link beneath the “Apply Online” button.
  • Enter your postal code or city and state in the Search bar on top and click on “Search” to see a rundown of associated service providers in your area.
  • Go through the rundown to figure out about providers that offer free or discounted cell phones as part of the program.
  • At the point when you find a service provider, visit their site or reach them straightforwardly to find out about their offers in detail and how you can achieve one to get a telephone.
  • Alternatively, you can reach a representative at the Lifeline Support Center by calling 1-800-234-9473. This is a toll-free number. They will assist you in locating a participating provider in your area.

What Are Obama Free Phone Stands?

Obama cell phone stands are physical stores or places where people can get a free or limited cell phone by checking their eligibility criteria. These locations are liable for checking qualifications and offering phones to program participants who are eligible.

What Services Are Provided in An Obama Phone Stand?

The listed services are available and offered in an Obama phone stand:

  • Brief discussion on services that are available.
  • Assist with choosing a participating phone supplier.
  • Data on program qualification.
  • Assistance for enrollment.
  • Help with settling issues related to Obama phone administration or billing issues.
  • They also distribute program flyers, leaflets, or other product related materials.
  • Follow-up support and client support.
  • Investigating any technical problem any customer may have regarding phones and available services.
  • Responding to any questions regarding the program.
  • Reference to other social services programs if required.

Obama Phone Locations – List of all places near you

Here we have listed the Obama phone locations – list of places near you where you can find Obama phone programs;

State/City Address Phone Number
Nevada/Las Vegas 4760 S Pecos Rd #103-81  
Colorado/Denver 1560 Broadway, Suite 250  
California/Los Angeles Arco & BK Mart, 9600 S. Avalon Blvd 3237779700
California/West Covina Life Wireless, Cellular Accessories, 19070 La Puente Rd 6269658563
California/South Gate TrueConnect, 2633 Santa Ana Street  
Georgia/Smyrna 2535 Cobb PKWY 7703030053
Arizona/Glen Lavern 7137 S 68TH St 6026863662
Texas/Texas City Life Wireless, Drive-In Food Mart, 2903 Palmer HWY 4099458653
Texas/Texas City Texas Life Wireless, Tiger Express 1025 N. 5TH Avenue 4099450060
Indiana/Indianapolis Neo Digital, 1505 Craft St. 3174542901
Ohio/Columbus 2480 North High Inc, 2480 N. High St 6142686298
Ohio/Whitehall Addisu Bakery & Carry Out, 873 S. Hamilton Rd 6142352727
Washington D.C./Seattle Life Wireless, CDS Test 1, 111 Monterey Street 2069999999
Michigan/Jonesville 475 E Chicago St  

When you ar figuring out how to find Obama phone locations, you can look in the states and the addresses listed above.

Why I cannot find an Obama Phone location in my area?

There might not be an Obama phone location in your area because of the inaccessibility of services in parts of your area; the population in your area may not meet the qualification measures; your region might not have participating providers; furthermore, authoritative issues like taking a long time in handling applications. These are the various reasons that might stop the Obama phone program from reaching your area. However in cases of unavailability of Obama phones in your area.


In 49 states, you will find the Obama phone program and locations. Phones offered by these programs are mostly free or come at an affordable price to help the low-income individuals stay connected to their friends, families and to the world. Besides programs, you can also visit physical stores or places known as Obama stands that offer you flyers, banners with detailed descriptions regarding their services and phones. You can check your eligibility at the stands as well. In many cases you will find free phone programs listing Obama phones as well. You can also find the Gen Mobile Free Phone program as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What States Have Obama Phones?

Obama phone programs and phones are available in all of the 49 states in the U.S. including Washington D.C, Puerto Rico and more.

How can I find the Obama Phone Stand?

Look for a stand at events, look for program materials, and look for a sign or banner that says “Free Government Cell Phones” or “Lifeline Assistance Program” to identify a Best Obama phone stand.

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