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How to Get Verizon free iPhone

How to Get Verizon free iPhone There are a lot of people out there who wish to own a Verizon free iPhone in their lifetime, as this iPhone has many interesting features that can make your life very easy. These iPhones are attractive looking and have many interesting features through which one can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology. However, iPhones are actually very costly, and hence, not all people around the world can afford this exclusive smartphone.

However, the government of the U.S.A. is offering several vital and beneficial programs to help those people who own a feature-rich smartphone have a good life. Previously the government launched a program to offer free government iPhone XS, and now there are many non-government organizations that have launched several new programs to offer Verizon free iPhones to eligible candidates with low incomes.

So, if you are one of those who wish to get at least an attractive and efficient iPhone, you must enroll in the program that is offering Verizon free iPhone and needs to know how to apply for Verizon free iPhone. However, to enjoy the facilities of the program, you must meet some important eligibility criteria. So, let us discuss a few of the criteria only by fulfilling which, you can enjoy Verizon free iPhone programs.


Benefits of Verizon free iPhone

Verizon free iPhone comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Verizon is offering a variety of methods to get a new Apple iPhone at an attractively low price. Just by being a customer of Verizon, you can even get a Verizon free iPhone 13, along with an amazing 5G unlimited plan. Also, if you trade-in your old smartphone, you will even get a Verizon free iPhone 14 as well with strong internet.
  • From phone to music player, from mobile game device to web browser, the Verizon free iPhone is more like a powerful computer that can easily fit in your hand and also pocket than any other cell phone or even smartphone.
  • The recent models of Verizon free iPhones, like the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, have nearly edge-to-edge screens and also a notch on the top of the screen. The notch has the Face ID facial recognition system.
  • In some models, the Verizon free iPhone has a glass face on the front and also back, also wraps the antenna around the outside of the phone, and also is a little thinner than the previous models of iPhones.
  • Most Verizon free iPhones come in three different sizes, such as 6.5 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.8 inches. Most Verizon free iPhones come with a multi-touch facility that allows users to control items on the phone’s screen with more than one finger at the same time. It is the multi-touch feature that enables a few important features like zooming in requires twice tapping of the screen or just pinching and dragging the fingers to zoom out.
  • A good Verizon free iPhone includes innovative features like Visual Voicemail and some other standard features, like voice dialing, text messaging, and also free conference calls.
  • Similar to many good smartphones, the Verizon free iPhone has strong email features for use with email services like Gmail and also may sync to corporate email servers running Exchange.
  • Another interesting feature of Verizon free iPhone is its amazing music player features. Music options on these iPhones got even more attractive with the release of the Apple Music streaming service.
  • You can use your Verizon free iPhone as a personal information manager as well. It includes pre-loaded apps for useful features, such as address book, calendar, weather, stocks, and several other features.
  • Due to the presence of the App Store, Apple’s iPhones can run most kinds of third-party programs, including Facebook, Twitter, Games, and even productivity apps.
  • Most Verizon free iPhones come with decent cameras, which can capture beautiful still images, record 4K videos, or even get high-quality effects.
  • Most iPhone models include Face ID facial scanner and virtual assistant that can help Verizon free iPhone users in many ways. Also, by choosing Verizon free iPhone, you can even enjoy an attractive and affordable phone and internet plan.

Comparison between free government iPhone XS and Verizon free iPhone

Though both these programs can help you to get your hands on an attractive iPhone with a remarkable internet plan, the main difference between these two programs is that the free government iPhone XS program is a government program, while the Verizon free iPhone is a non-government program.

Promotions and offers of Verizon free iPhone

There are several interesting promotion and offers regarding Verizon free iPhone that you can enjoy, such as:

  • A great option for those who are looking for a free Verizon iPhone is the “Trade-in and Save” offer, which enables users to trade in their old and get an attractive discount on a new phone. This is a great option for those who wish to upgrade their phones and don’t wish to sign a new contract.
  • Another very popular Verizon free iPhone promotion is the “Get a Free iPhone” offer. This promotion enables users to receive a free iPhone when they sign up for a new two-year contract with Verizon. This promotion only needs customers to commit to a contract of two years, which may not be perfect for everyone.
  • At last, there is the “Free Case with Purchase” offer, which offers customers a free case when they buy a new iPhone. This is an excellent way to start protecting your new investment and also displaying your style at the same time.
  • Also, Verizon free iPhone offers 5G Smartphones for their customers.

What are the eligibility criteria for Verizon free iPhone?

  • To become eligible for a Verizon free iPhone program, the person has to be a current customer of the carrier Verizon. One needs to have an active account with no past-due amounts owed.
  • If you meet these specific requirements, only then can you check out the different promotions and offers that Verizon has available to get your free iPhone.
  • Upgrade offer for Verizon free iPhone
  • There are multiple reasons to upgrade your old iPhone, whether your current phone is starting to show its age or you need a newer model with some more exciting features. Also, purchasing a new iPhone outright may be really expensive, so you must check your upgrade eligibility on Verizon as soon as possible.
  • One good choice is to enjoy the advantage of the iPhone Upgrade offer from Verizon Wireless. With this beneficial program, you can be able to trade in your current iPhone and receive up to $650 off the purchase of a new model. Also, you will get a $100 gift card for accessories or some other purchases.
  • To avail of the offer, first, you will require an eligible device to trade in, which has to be in good working condition and must have no cracks or other damage. After your trade-in device is ready, you should visit Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network and start the procedure of online checkout for a new Verizon Apple 5G smartphone.
  • While checkout, you may trade in your old phone; choose this option and then follow the instructions. You will require entering several pieces of information about your device and then agreeing to the terms and conditions of the offer. After everything is done, you will get an immediate credit applied to your purchase.
  • This entire procedure is easy and quick, and also a great method to save money on upgrading a new 5G enabled iPhone. Hence, if you need an upgrade, just take advantage of the iPhone Upgrade Offer from Verizon Wireless.

Some other deals available

Verizon offers some other beneficial deals that will enable you to receive a Verizon free iPhone. Such as:

  • The first deal is for existing customers of Verizon who upgrade to a new iPhone. If you upgrade to the latest model, you may get up to $650 off your purchase rate when you trade in your old model. This offer is even available for a limited time, so you should not wait too long to upgrade.
  • The second deal is for new users who sign up for Verizon Unlimited. With this interesting plan, you will receive a free iPhone 7 Plus or 7 when you trade in your old model.  This interesting deal is available for a limited time; hence, you must ensure to sign up soon if interested.
  • Lastly, if you are not interested in upgrading to the updated latest, you may still get a great deal on a new phone with Verizon’s Trade-in program. You may easily trade in your old smartphone and get up to $300 off the buying price of a new smartphone.
  • This amazing offer is available for all users, without any regard of whether or not they are upgrading from an old device. Hence, there are three amazing deals recently available from Verizon that will enable you to receive a Verizon free iPhone.

How to get a Verizon free iPhone?

Here are some easy ways to get your Verizon free iPhone:

  • You can trade in your old device and receive up to $650 off a new iPhone. In this way, you can get a new Verizon free iPhone, while saving money.
  • You can receive a free iPhone, after signing up for a new unlimited data plan offered by Verizon. With this offer, you can not only get a top-of-the-line and a brand new iPhone, but you will also get to enjoy an unlimited plan.
  • You can buy an iPhone on a monthly plan and receive another free one after 24 months. This is great for you if you wish to get a new iPhone but don’t wish to pay the full price upfront. So, after two years, you will get two iPhones.
  • Receive accessories and discounts when you purchase an iPhone. If you need to buy a new iPhone, you can enjoy the offers offered by Verizon on different chargers and cases that can save you several bucks.


So, whenever you feel like buying a new iPhone, just check the exclusive offers, promotions, and also some other exciting offers to get a Verizon free iPhone without investing a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone company offers free iPhones in the USA?

Many iPhone companies are providing free iPhones, including Sprint, T-mobile, and AT & T. However, availability can vary by carrier, and interesting promo codes need to be used to qualify for the discount in several situations.

Is Verizon offering free phones?

Yes, from Verizon, you can get a free iPhone in multiple ways. First, you may sign up for a new line of service with Verizon, or trade in your old smartphone. Secondly, you can even trade in your eligible old phone and get an amazing discount on a new iPhone.

Is the iPhone 12 free at Verizon?

Yes, with Verizon, the iPhone 12 mini is available for $699 with a new line of service or an eligible upgrade.

How much is offered by Verizon for an iPhone 13?

The price of an iPhone 13 mini depends on whether you purchase it outright or buy it through the device payment program of Verizon. For the first option, you need to pay around $800, according to the model.  However, the second option will cost you $33.34 per month for 24 months.

Is the iPhone 13 pro free from Verizon?

No, the iPhone 13 Pro max model is not free from Verizon. However, you have to keep checking the recent status at regular intervals to get the recent updates.

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