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How To Get Boost Free iPhone

How To Get Boost Free iPhone – Everything Explained You can get a free iPhone from Boost Mobile, but the question is how to get the Boost Free iPhone. Many individuals have this question in their mind and today we are going to clear all your doubts. Boost is one of the highly reputed wireless providers that offer service all over the United States.

Another advantage of choosing Boost is that they do not bind the users with any annual contact. Boost also offers affordable plans to the users like unlimited talk, text and data. So, if you are looking for a Free iPhone then you can get it from Boost Mobile as they offer the latest models of iPhone. Apart from that Boost Mobile has great coverage all over the United States. Alright let’s proceed further and provide you with everything related to free iPhone from Boost Mobile. You can also get a cloud mobile free phone or best obama Phone, if you are looking for a free phone.


Top 8 Free Boost Mobile iPhones Models

iPhone 14 from Boost Mobile

The Apple iPhone 14 is one of the latest phones in the market. The iPhone 14 has 6.1 inch OLED Display with 60 Hz refresh rate. It runs on the Apple A15 Bionic Chip and has 6 GB RAM. The camera takes amazing shots as it has a 12 + 12 MP Rear Camera and 12 MP front camera. The battery that is offered is 3279 mAh and therefore the phone will run full day on a single charge. Apart from that you also get Fast and Wireless Charging features.

iPhone 13 Pro Max from Boost Mobile

The next in the Boost Free iPhone list is the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. This device offers a large 6.7 inch OLED screen of 6.7 inch having 120 hz refresh rate. You will be getting a triple 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP rear camera setup with 12 MP front camera. The device runs on the Apple A15 Bionic chip and has 6 GB Ram. The phone has fast charging and wireless charging. The battery is 4352 mAh, which is extremely good. If you have a high budget then you can go for this device.

iPhone 13 Mini from Boost Mobile

The Apple iPhone 13 Mini is next in our list, the device has 6.1 OLED display having 120 Hz Refresh Rate. The camera is outstanding as it has a triple camera setup of 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP. You will get a 12 MP front camera. The devices run on the Apple A15 Bionic chip. They offer fast charging and wireless charging. The battery capacity is 3095 mAh. A number of color variants are available for this device that includes Alpine Green, Sierra Blue, Silver, Gold and Graphite.

iPhone 13 from Boost Mobile

Another phone you can get from Boost Mobile is the iPhone 13. This device has an OLED display of 6.1 inches and comes with a ceramic glass shield. The device runs on the Apple A15 Bionic chip and has 4 GB RAM. The iPhone 13 has a two rear camera setup of 12 MP and 12 MP, having a front camera of 12 MP. The battery capacity is 3227 mAh and you will be getting a fast and wireless charging facility.

iPhone 12 from Boost Mobile

Next in our list is the iPhone 12 , this device has 6.1 inches OLED display having 60 Hz screen refresh rate. You will get a dual rear camera setup having 12 MP + 12 MP. and 12 MP single front camera.  This device uses the Apple A14 Bionic chip and has a 4 GB RAM. The battery could have been a little better as it offers only 2815 mAh.  You will also get fast charging and wireless charging facilities.

iPhone 11 from Boost Mobile

The iPhone 11 offers 6.1 inch Liquid Retina Display and you will be able to capture high quality photos and videos. You can use this device for photography, gaming and watching videos as it runs on the Apple A13 Bionic chip. The battery is 3110 mah and it is quite decent. You get both wireless and fast charging features. Only drawback of this device is the 720p display with an unsightly notch. The iPhone 11 is available in various colors like yellow, red, white, purple, green and black.

Apple iPhone SE(2020) from Boost Mobile

If you are looking for a phone that is compact in size then you must go for the iPhone SE. The phone has a 4.7 inches display offering 1334 x 750 pixels. The iPhone SE runs on A13 Bionic Chip and has 3 GB of RAM.  The rear camera is 12 MP and the front camera is 7 MP.  The battery capacity is 1821 mAh. The phone comes in 3 color variants that are black, white and red.

Apple iPhone XR from Boost Mobile

The next phone in our list is the Apple iPhone XR, this device has 6.1 inch Liquid Retina Display. The phone runs on the A12 Bionic chip and has 3 GB of RAM. It has a 12 MP single rear camera and a 7 MP front camera that captures amazing photos and videos. It has 2942 mAh battery capacity and the device supports wireless charging. The iPhone XR is available in 6 different colors that are blue, red, white, coral, yellow and black.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing the iPhone from Boost Mobile

Before getting your iPhone from Boost Mobile there are a number of key things you need to consider.  Check out them below:

Do Not Overpay for your iPhone Case

Sellers will often try to target you in selling their overpriced phone case. They will charge you from $40 to $60 for the phone case. So, it is better for you to get the phone case from a local market as it will help you in saving a few bucks. Apart from the local market you can also get them from online marketplaces.

Choosing the Best iPhone Camera

When you are getting the iPhone from Boost Mobile, then it is important for you to know your purpose of use. If you are a photographer then it is recommended for you to get the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro and Pro Max version gets an additional camera and will capture better quality photos. However, if you are not a photographer and just want to use your phone normally then you can choose the default one.

Checking the Battery Capacity

If you are going to use the iPhone for a longer period of time then it is highly important for you to have the iPhone that has a better battery capacity. Heavy users that play games and watch a lot of videos need better battery life. According to your needs, get the one that is most suitable for you. Apart from that you also need to check if your iPhone version offers fast charging as it is a useful feature that charges your phone real fast. So, if you want to use your iPhone full on a single charge then you can get the Plus or Pro Max version.

Color of the iPhone

The iPhone offers you a variety of colors, however the colors mainly depend on the iPhone model you are choosing. Choosing the color of an iPhone totally depends on your choice and preference. However, remember that you need to use a case in your iPhone and the color will only be visible if you get a transparent case.

Features of the iPhones

Another important thing you need to consider is the features of the iPhone. However, the iPhone is always the best as it is full of loaded features. However, if you want the latest and advanced features then you need to get the latest version of the iPhone.

Choosing the Storage Capacity of the iPhone

As you know, the iPhone offers different storage variants like 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. So, if you shoot a lot of videos and capture photos then you should go for more storage capacity. However, if you are purchasing the iPhone for basic purposes then you can go with the 64GB variant as you will get it at a much cheaper price.

Remember that the higher storage you are going to get the more price you need to pay. Apart from that Apple does not provide any additional internal storage slot for memory cards, so these are the things you need to consider before getting the iPhone from Boost Mobile.

Right Time To Get the iPhone

If you want to get the iPhone just after it got released then you need to pay the highest price of the phone. However if you want to save some money then it is recommended to get the old version of iPhone rather than the latest one. Just after releasing a new Apple iPhone the price of its predecessors gets comparatively low and that is the right time to get your iPhone. Apart from that you can also wait for the Christmas sale where the retailer provides a discount on iPhones.

Getting Locked or Unlocked iPhone

If you are going for the unlocked iPhones then you can change your provider according to your need. You need to check BYOP options from the carrier. So, if you are traveling or shifting to any other location where your provider does not have coverage then you will be able to use your unlocked iPhone by inserting other Sims.

On the other hand if you are happy with Boost Mobile Service and you think that you are not going to change your provider in the future then you can go for a locked iPhone. Boost Mobile only provides locked iPhone, if you want to unlock the device you need to fulfill the requirements that are listed below:

  • Your account must be active.
  • Your device has been activated for at least 12 months.
  • Your device has not been reported stolen or lost.
  • The device must be SIM unlock-capable.

If you meet all these criterias then you can visit the local Boost Mobile Service and ask them to unlock your device.

Places To Get Your Boost Mobile iPhone

There are a number of places from where you can get your Boost Mobile iPhone.


Amazon is one of the largest marketplace and you can get your Boost Mobile iPhone models from there. Sometimes Amazon offers iPhone at discounted price and therefore you need to track their website to get the best deal. Apart from that you can also find refurbished iPhones on Amazon. It is recommended to check the reviews and ratings of the seller before proceeding with the purchase.


Target is another online website where you can get the Boost Mobile iPhone. The website is not that popular but it is 100 percent legit. You can get a used or new iPhone from the Target website.


I hope you are already familiar with the name Walmart, it is one of the biggest market places where you can get almost everything. If you are looking for Boost Mobile iPhones then you can visit the local Walmart store near your location. You can also shop from the official Walmart website or you can visit in person to the local store to check out the product.

Best Buy

You can get your Boost Mobile iPhone from Best Buy, as it is a highly reputable store that offers genuine products. You can visit their store in person or can purchase via Best Buy website. Best Buy has a huge collection of phones and you can choose your iPhone model according to your needs.

Boost Mobile Online Store or Local Store

The best option to get the Boost Mobile iPhone is the Boost Mobile Online store. If you want to check out the device then you can visit the Boost local store in person. However, in their website you will find various iPhone models and choose the one according to budget and preference.

Tips To Save Money on Boost Mobile iPhone

If you are willing to save your hard earned money then go through the tips we have provided in this article.

Trade in Your Old iPhone

There are many sellers that offer trade in options, this option helps you to sell your old phone and pay some extra amount in getting the new device. However, if your seller does not provide you with this option then you can sell your old phone to other resellers.

Try Purchasing an Older iPhone Models

As you know, the new iPhones are highly priced when they are released. However, the price of older models gets reduced and therefore it can be a golden opportunity to grab the predecessors. Do not worry as the older models are also powerful devices and can do high end tasks easily.

Purchase Refurbished or Used Products

If you go for a refurbished or used iPhone then you will probably get it for a reduced price. However, before buying a refurbished or a used device do check the battery health and match the iPhone serial number in the official Apple website to check the coverage. Therefore it is important for you to double check the device.

Wait for Sale

Another best way to save your money is purchasing iPhones during winter or summer sales. During the sale period many retailers offer high discounts on phones and other devices. Apart from that many retailers offer special promotions where you can get the phone at a reduced price.

Get an iPhone with Small Storage

Another way to save money is getting an iPhone with minimum storage capacity. The smaller storage iPhones cost less then the larger ones. So, if your budget is low then you can opt for the smaller storage version.

Get Smaller Screen Size

Apple iPhones come with different variants, the basic ones cost less than the Plus or Max versions. So, you can get the basic version or the standard version iPhone to cut some cost.

Final Thoughts

As you know now that iPhones are powerful devices and therefore you can try getting the Boost Free iPhone. There are a number of features in the iPhone that android phones cannot offer you. Apple offers you a closed system and the security of iPhones are top notch in comparison to the Android devices. However, we have already mentioned some of the best places from where you can get the Boost Mobile iPhone. Free Net10 Phones and Free Google Pixel Government phones are also available, all you need to meet a few eligibility requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have answered some of the most asked questions about the Boost Free iPhone.

How Can I update my Boost Free iPhone?

There are mainly two ways to update your Boost Free iPhone that is Manually or Automatically. Simply you need to go to Settings> General > Software Update. If you want to update Manually turn off Automatic updates and vice versa.

Is it necessary to get Applecare + or insurance for my Boost Free iPhone?

It totally depends on you, if you can cover any potential damage then there is no need to get Applecare + or insurance. However, if you are a rough user then it is recommended to get the Applecare + or insurance for your phone.

Does Boost Mobile provide unlocked iPhone?

No, Boost Mobile does not provide unlocked iPhone, they sell locked iPhones but if you want to unlock your phone you need to meet some specific requirements.

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