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How to Get a Free Money From Government Urgently 18 ways

Financial help from government at the time of emergency can give a extra boost to your life. free money government through various direct and indirect benefit transfer, are helping low income families and individuals. In this article we are sharing legit sources that can help you to get free money from government that you never payback

How to get free money from the government without paying it back – Ways to Get Free Money from the Government You know that the government always charges money for everything you do. However, in some cases the government provides you cash for free. Here you can find 18 ways to get free money from the government. As you know nothing is free in life. However in this article you can find information on 18 government programs where you can get free money or services. If you want to get some free cash, then this is the right place for you to put your interest. You can find a list of programs below that can provide you free money.


Programs to Get Free Money From Government

If you want to find ways to get free assistance or money, you must scroll down and check out some programs that can offer you a lot.

Financial Help to Winterize your home

Are you looking to improve and upgrade your home to winterize it ? You can get this grant from the government and it is processed by the U.S Department of Energy. This grant has helped hundreds of citizens and will provide you with assistance.

The Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center is also referred to as WAPTAC, it can help you connect with state-specific grant programs for improving your home and reducing your power bills. However, there are some eligibility criteria that will help you in approving it. If you have a member with disability, children or older than 60 years, you can apply for this program and wait for the approval process. According to DOE it is estimated that more than 30 million homes are eligible for this weather grant.

Financial assistance Assistance With Utilities

IT is seen that an average American spends more than $300 a month on basic utilities.  However, these bills are always difficult to pay especially in summer and winter months. The government also introduced a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program also known as LIHEAP. The main focus of this program is to provide funds to the needy people all around the nation.

The grants help a lot of people in the residents and help in minimizing their cooling and heating expenses.  However, these programs are controlled by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. You can search for the state’s program using the LIHEAP website here.

Free Financial assistance for Childcare for kids

You can get free or reduced health care for your kids, if you are facing financial troubles paying for health checkups or medical bills. The government is helping the kids with health care programs using, if only you meet the eligibility criteria’s.

Children’ Health Insurance Program also known as CHIP and other local Medicaid programs offer medical health. If you research you can find more such programs that are providing health care services in your area. You can apply to these programs and get free or reduced health care for your kids.

Financial assistance with Healthcare Credits

Healthcare prices are increasing day by day and it is always difficult for you to get healthcare services. However, families with low-income people face a lot of problems in dealing with the situation. You have to pay high premium prices to get healthcare services.

If you purchase coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace and meet all the eligibility requirements, you will receive tax credit from the government. However, you can also use the credits as per your wish. You can use the credits to reduce your monthly premiums or save it for future use. If you save the credits for the end of the year, you will be receiving the credit in the form of a tax return after you file the IRS. You can visit to acquire more information on tax credit and other health plans.

Financial assistance with Low-Cost or Free Phone Service

If your earning is low and you are unable to afford an expensive iphone, then you are eligible to avail this free phone service of lifeline programs. They will provide you an amount on a monthly basis to pay for cell phone bills based on your needs. They allow access to mobile phones, job related search and for well-being.

It can be considered by a free and less costly cell phone program. They provide you to choose from a number of call service providers if you get selected. There are some eligibility requirements that you need to follow. To check the different eligibility criteria you are suggested to go through this website here.

Financial assistance to Avoid Foreclosure

 This program is called HOPE and helps you to stay at your own house. They also provide guidance if you got scammed by a mortgage or you want to modify the mortgage plans. If you are at higher risk of foreclosure then you don’t have to worry as there are several programs for you. Since 2008, so many people face the problem of foreclosure and it is very uncertain as well.

You can reach out to them at 888-995-HOPE or you can check on to check the eligibility criteria and the available programs. You can also get free service from them.

Financial assistance with Free Tax Preparation

 Tax pros can be very expensive and many people need help  preparing their own taxes. Several programs have been designed to help you with guarantee and Audit Defense. Credit karma tax helps you with free federal tax and state tax. You should not pay for filling your income taxes. For getting more information regarding tax filing.

If you belong from low income families then you are eligible for applying to this tax filing program by IRS vita.

They only provide assistance to those who earn around $54000 yearly, or disabled people or the person who doesn’t speak in English fluently. Hence, this program is available to everyone you just need to get selected.

People who are above 60 can take facilities from TCE which can be considered as another IRS program. The main objective of the program is to answer questions regarding pensions, retirement and taxes. You can visit the website here to know more about their assistance.

Replace Damaged Currency

 You can exchange currency to be spent at a bank near you. It can be considered as mutilated even if they won’t take it, though, you can also send it to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for replacement. If your currency got destroyed by your dog or your little kid, then you don’t necessarily need to throw it out to the dustbin.

They will ask you to submit a claim form and it will take almost 3 months to 3 years. It depends on the condition of the money. It is indeed a perfect solution for your currency, though don’t expect it to happen very fast.

Financial assistance to Pay for Necessary Home Repairs in Urban Areas

Those who live in rural areas are eligible for the household grants. You can receive a grant of $7500 in a year, you can renew your home or build some safety hazards. People who are over 62 years and live in an urban area are eligible for a government grant for repairing their houses. You can check their website to know more about their grants or visit Rural housing grants.

Financial assistance for Unemployment

The Department of Labor provides opportunities to labor who lost their job but has no faults and helps them to find a suitable job. If you have lost your job , you may get unemployment assistance to get another suitable job for yourself. You can check federal programs to find out the exact eligibility criteria for yourself. You are suggested to visit the unemployment insurance website .

Financial assistance or Refunds for Past FHA Mortgages

 You can get a refund if you had FHA insured mortgage before. You are eligible for getting a refund from US housing. You are suggested to search HUD refund to know more about their refund policies. Please go to their website and check the application procedure to get the refund and check whether you are eligible or not. You need to have a last name to FFA case number.

Financial assistance from SSI for Elderly or Disabled Individuals

 If you are over 65 years and disable or have a kid who is disable then you are eligible for this SSI program.

You need to meet an income qualification to avail this offer. If you were working hard to quality for this program then you will get both social security benefits and an SSI program. Visit SSA gov to learn more about the SSI program.

Financial help for Free Food Assistance

The government helps people with low income families by providing them nutritious food and education on healthy diet. There are several programs for women, children and infants like nutrition assistance programs, WIC, programs for senior citizens and disable people as well. There are several criteria for availing this program and you need to display a few documents as well. You can check more on their website

Financial assistance with Childcare Expenses

Children care is always expensive and can give you a lot of financial troubles. However, the families that are living in the D.C area have an annual cost around $22,600. The cost is very expensive and most of the families fail to cover the cost.

If you are working and trying to save your hard earned money by looking at assistance with childcare expenses. The government has a program that can help you with childcare expenses or assistance. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services developed a program named Child Care and Human Service that offers assistance with Childcare Expenses. They help children who are less than 13 year old and they have their offices in states and territories offering free assistance with the childcare expenses. However, you can visit the CCDF’s webpage here for further assistance.

Find Unclaimed Money

These programs can help to get some funds that you didn’t know about. Let me tell you that this is not a way of receiving free money but you can get funds. The National association and state treasures has created these programs to get in touch with people who forgot about some fund that they deserve. You can check to check out whether some funds are waiting for you or not. You can also enter your details to find out about some funds you are eligible for. These funds include savings bonds that have been forgotten , refurbishment of insurance, paycheque or deposit, apartment deposit etc.

You can get adequate information just by entering your last name. You can even put your address details or full name to search for funds to be returned.

Financial help to Get Help With a Down Payment

If you are planning to buy a new home for you and your family then the first thing is to gather the amount of down payment. Even if there is an EMI option available, you need to pay some amount to secure your deal. Fortunately, there are some government grants that help you to pay your down payment.

Each territory has designed their own federal programs for helping people with their down payment and they have different amounts to be given. Different eligibility criteria and requirements are there that you need to check before applying for assistance. You can visit fha downpayment grants to see down payment grants in your specific state.

For example, in Texas there is a grant program available which cover the payment of 5% of mortgage cost. Hence, you are instructed to check the website thoroughly to know more about down payment grants.

Find Unclaimed Pension Funds

 If you missed out to collect your pension funds then this is the right program for you. If you quit your job and left some office beforehand, you may miss out on the pension and be preoccupied with your career to collect it. But you don’t have to get worried as there is Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) to help you to collect your deserving money from that special association.

You can visit an unclaimed pension and by putting your identity details you can find out about your forgotten money. There are almost 73000 people on their database who have forgotten about their pension. You will get your money if there is some funds awaiting for you.

Financial assistance for Educational Grants

Education comes with a lot of price, colleges are very expensive. According to a survey it is identified that by the end of 2018, it is seen that tuition averages $35,000 in private colleges and below $10,000 for state colleges. Thus, it can be seen that education has been very costly and cannot be afforded easily.

It is difficult to get a high level education as it is very expensive and most of the children are unable to afford it. Books, tuition fees, board and other related costs are associated with education, thus making it more expensive. The students can be helped by providing them with an education grant. The government’s Federal Pell Grant is of great use for providing educational grants. The awards amount to $5,920 and are used to help the students that are in great need. However, the grants are absolutely free and you don’t have to repay a single penny.

You need to complete a FAFSA to qualify for this grant. You can also visit to find more details on the Pell Grant at website.

You can also find numerous grants that are available to help the students to complete their education. The good thing is that these grants are provided in the local areas to those students who are in need. The students that are left-handed also receive grants from some organizations and it is quite surprising.

You should apply for the Pell Grant before applying for any other programs. After your application gets approved for Pell Grant, you can easily apply for other grants that are provided by government or non- government organizations. You can visit College Grants Database for more details and information.

Applying For Money From The Government Consider these things

If you want to apply for money from the government or any other organizations, you should be really careful about a few things.

There are few websites which can be considered as fake or lack the authenticity.  It will show you incorrect results when you search for “free money”. So, be sure that you are searching on trustworthy websites where you are putting your details. Also make sure that the program you are searching should be government sponsored. Search the website who have .gov, .org etc. to find out the adequate results.

Also never deposit any upfront money to get your free money from the government. Government will never ask you for any money beforehand to apply for any claims.

If any websites are showing that you will get money then never forget to check the eligibility criteria, application procedure and such things. So many people get scammed because of lack of awareness on their part.

Free money is out there in different forms. Just be sure where you search and who you trust–if it seems too good to be true, it just might be.


There are 18 programs that are listed in this article that will help you get free money from the government. You will get a lot of information about different programs and their uses and can help families that are in need. There are 18 ways to get free money from the government that can help a lot of families to save their money. However, after going through all the programs you can choose the best suited program for you or you can also apply to the programs according to your interest. I hope this article will be of great use to you and you will develop more knowledge about the different programs that are developed by the government to help the citizens.

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