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How To Get A Free iPhone 9: Unlock The Secrets

How To Get A Free iPhone 9 : With the advent of technology, we have realized the importance of various smart devices. With these amazing gadgets, we can stay connected and perform various types of different yet important tasks from our houses. Thus, the demand and use of efficient smartphones have increased a lot these days.

Among efficient, feature-rich, and attractive smartphones, iPhones are, no doubt, the best ones. Hence, many wish to get at least one iPhone in their lifetime. However, these iPhones are quite expensive. Thus, many people cannot afford to buy one.

Fortunately, the government of the U.S.A. has already launched several programs to offer government free iPhone to eligible applicants. One of those is the free iPhone from food stamp which has already served many eligible citizens of America.

So, here, let’s discuss the important details regarding how to get a free iPhone 9 just by following some rules and methods.


Getting Free iPhones Through Government Programs

There are some very popular and reliable government-assistance programs that can help you to solve the issue of how to get a free iPhone 9. Let’s discuss those programs in detail below:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program, or ACP, replaces the Emergency Broadband program of the FCC. The is the home internet equivalent and even the phone plan of the Lifeline Assistance Program.

The program famous as ACP can help eligible low-income households or individuals pay their phone and internet bills without any problem.

With this affordable government-assisted program, there are other phones available, so you have to carefully check the program before applying.

  • National Lifeline Association

The National Lifeline Association is another popular and non-profit organization that offers financial assistance to low-income individuals or even households and helps them to pay for phone service with ease.

  • Connect America Fund

The government program offered by the government of the U.S.A, called Connect America Fund, provides subsidies to telephone companies that offer services in the country’s rural regions. The main goal of this program is to make phone service more affordable for the country’s low-income families and individuals.

  • Lifeline Assistance

Lifeline Assistance is a very famous as well as a, long-standing program of the Federal Communications since 1985. The main aim of this program is to provide all citizens of the U.S.A. with equal access to telephone services. Lifeline Assistance is aimed at those low-income people in the nation who cannot buy a cell phone or a phone plan.

So, these are some government assisted programs that are offering free government iPhones and affordable phone plans to eligible citizens of America.

How To Get Free iPhone: Non-Government Options

Other than the above-mentioned government programs, there are even some non-government options through which you may obtain an attractive and stylish iPhone 9. Let’s discuss the details below:

  • The deals from carriers

The first option can be deals from reliable carriers. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile are those popular carriers that often offer free iPhone promotions to their customers. However, these devices are not completely free.

Customers don’t pay anything for their phones when they agree to a specific contract, and generally, most of those contracts last for a certain period of time (in many cases, 24 months). The telecom company offers a smartphone as an incentive for customers to sign up for a contract that is lengthy.

In some situations, you still have to pay for the phone with these deals in monthly installments. However, that doesn’t mean that these are always bad options. They are good for you if you don’t want to pay any money straight away or you’d like to spread your purchase of a phone out over a few years.

Usually, you just have to pay a fee called the device activation fee, which can sometimes be waived during promotional periods. If you wish to choose a plan that fits your budget, then you have to do a little research. These offers or deals are best structured for those who are loyal to carriers and prefer to upgrade their phones every two years.

Also, you can get to enjoy some great deals when you switch carriers. Most carriers often offer several amazing deals to attract new users or customers and will often provide a free iPhone when you opt for a new contract.

You may have to be patient because those deals may change throughout the year. So, to find the best deal, you have to do your research properly. You will even find several other options like “Buy one, Get One Free” options or something similar like that. If you wish to get the most out of those offers, you must find a friend or family member who will go in on a plan with you.

With each extra person you sign up, you will be able to enjoy a cheaper monthly fee or some other perks.

You must remember that aside from contracts, your phone will even be carrier locked. This means you will be able to use it only through your current carrier till the contract comes to an end.

  • Discounts and deals available from stores

The second method is availing of the discounts and deals offered by the stores. There are several stores or big-box retailers that have promotions for iPhones frequently. These are mainly dependent on the time of the year, that are usually prior to and after the holiday season, back to school, and a few other times. You can check around and find out what is currently offered. Some stores even provide price matching.

Sometimes, you may even find similar deals that are connected to the carriers. For instance, offers tied into Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint with an eligible trade-in.

  • Trade-in deals

Two ways of genuinely obtaining free iPhones come from several reliable telecom carriers. You either receive a free iPhone with a new plan or some kind of trade-in deal. Either way, you must go through a carrier. The determining factors for acquiring a free iPhone are the value of the phone model that you are choosing and the value of your trade-in.

Each carrier or service provider is different; thus, their offers are also different to some extent. So, you must check the individuality of the carrier. Usually, you will be able to get a free iPhone depending on what tier of iPhone you recently have. For instance, if you can find the perfect carrier deal, you can trade-in your iPhone X with an iPhone 14.

  • Getting refurbished phones

There are some other options that even offer you greater flexibility. In some cases, you might not get a free iPhone but can enjoy high discounts. Moreover, you will even get an unlocked phone that is compatible with all carriers and SIM cards.

The best method to enjoy this is by opting for the deals available on Amazon, Swappa, etc. Sometimes, you may find popular sellers who are providing refurbished phones at incredible discounts.

Just by opting for these discounts, you can enjoy some serious savings. In those cases, your phones won’t be completely free of cost, but you will surely save a good amount of cash and don’t have to worry about lengthy, expensive cellular contracts.

So, these are some beneficial non-government ways through which you can get a feature-rich iPhone without worrying about how to get a free iPhone 9.

Stay Alert: How To Stay Safe From Free iPhone Scams

Though most people wish to get iPhones without investing a lot, it is important to know that in maximum situations, there is no such thing as a free iPhone. There are numerous giveaways that are actually scams designed to steal your confidential and personal information.

If you do a Google search on “free iPhone,” you will see what appears like opportunities for free iPhones; those are not completely reliable. Only a few of those are legitimate online giveaways.

However, a lot of those are thinly veiled scams planned to get you to reveal your date of birth, address, and some other sensitive information. They steal those pieces of information and sell your data to advertisers or even steal your identity.

Hence, before giving your personal information to any site, you must verify if it is legitimate or not. However, even if you choose legitimate sites, you usually don’t have a high chance of winning. Rather, you have to focus on the better methods to get a discounted or free iPhone that we discussed earlier.

If you are thinking about saving in the long term, you can even opt for a refurbished iPhone and even opt for some remarkable deals. No matter what method you select, remember to sell your phone to the highest bidder, as this can let you enjoy some savings.


So, if you are wondering how to get a free iPhone 9, there are several important methods that can help you out. You just have to check the eligibility criteria, submit the required documents, and beware of scams to enjoy a stylish and attractive iPhone without investing a good amount of money.


  • Is It Possible To Get A Free iPhone From The Government?

Yes, it is actually possible. If you are from a low income family, and meet all the eligiblity criteria stated by the government for applicants, then you can easily obtain a stylish iPhone without any cost.

  • What Documents Are Needed To Get A Free iPhone From The Government?

To get a free iPhone from the government, you have to show some important documents. Such as documents that can prove your identity, date of birth, household income, etc.

  • Who Are Eligible To Get Free iPhones From The Government?

In order to get your free iPhone under the government-assistance programs, you must meet some specific eligibility criteria. Such as, you have to be a person with low income, you must be more than 18 years, you have to participate in any one government program, etc.

  • Which Companies Are Offering Free iPhones?

There are several reliable and popular companies that are offering free government iPhones in several states in the U.S.A. Some of those are AirTalk Wireless, Cintex Wireless, SFone Wireless, NewPhone Wireless, and many more.

  • Is It Possible To Get Another iPhone From The Government If I Already Have One?

No, it is not possible. You cannot get another free government iPhone if you already have received one, as one person will only get one smartphone or device for free.

  • How Long Will It Take To Receive The Free iPhone 9 From The Government?

Obtaining a free iPhone 9 from the government may need around 5 working days, or even a little more. If it takes much longer than that, then you can contact your service providers to get the details.

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