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How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free?

How to get a tummy tuck for free – As we all know people often struggle with their belly fat and they want to reduce it anyhow. So, it might sound weird that we are going to share some information regarding how to get tummy tuck for free. The least you can do is find a doctor near you who will help you to reduce your tummy. If you are looking for a doctor then you can directly ask the clinic to help you. You can also search for it over the internet to make your work less difficult. Many people don’t know about the process of tummy tuck called abdominoplasty, which can be defined as a surgery for those who want to reduce their belly and have been struggling for a long time. So, from this article you will be able to gather knowledge about how to get a free tummy tuck near you. You are suggested to read the full article very carefully in order to know more about the process.


How much is a tummy tuck Cost?

Tummy tuck is a surgical process that removes the extra fat from the belly. This is not mandatory for everyone, only those people can try it if they are struggling with higher fat on their belly and becoming overweight. This surgery is not for free but some organizations offer it for free of cost. Tummy tuck is an important medical terminology nowadays as so many people are searching for it. There are many women who are struggling with extra fat on their belly and they want to remove it anyhow. If you are looking for such surgery then you can continue reading this as we are going to share some important information step by step.

How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free?

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is not an affordable surgery because it includes several steps and doctors charge a lot. It is not possible for everyone to bear such expenses but some people have the necessity of performing this surgery. There are few organizations that offer free tummy tuck. The main aim is to help people who are struggling with extra fat but unable to bear surgery expenses.

These organizations below provide free tummy tuck to the needy people. They do have some eligibility criteria as well that you are required to fulfill. You should be aware of all the terms and conditions before applying to this.

National Health Service

National Health Service organization is a well known institution that aims to offer medical assistance to people in need. These facilities are available to people in the UK. Thus, it is very clear that anyone can seek help from them.

This organization bears all the medical and surgical expenses and treats you for your betterment. But they are not likely bound to bear any skin removing cost. One thing you should always keep in mind is that the resources for this surgery are very limited. Applicants are in huge numbers and you need to wait for a long time. That’s the reason why no one wants to perform this surgery. Many people go for independent paying because of the resources and the limitations. Once you get selected you will be asked to submit your medical report. For that reason you need to consult a medical professional. The professional will give you a report based on how your surgery will proceed. The authorities will verify your report once you get into the further testing. Your doctor should recommend tummy tuck. The National Health Service will offer you free tummy tuck if you match all the requirements. You can also visit their official website to know more.

Travel abroad

If you are looking for a free tummy tuck then it can be good news for you as you can travel abroad to get it at free of cost. It may sound weird but this is the truth that several countries are offering tummy tuck at free of cost. You just need to find out which country is suitable for you. For getting more details you need to check the medical procedures in different countries.

You should know that they provide this facility at free of cost and cover all the expenses during the surgery. They also bear the post surgery cost as well. Different countries have different eligibility criteria. You are required to check them thoroughly before making any decisions. You should be aware of whom you are dealing with and how he or she works. You also need some recommendations from your doctor as well.

Grants for a tummy tuck for free

As we all know the government has organized different grants for needy and low income families. If you are one of them then you are eligible to apply for those grants. We are glad to let you know that the government also offers grants for free tummy tuck to those who cannot bear the expenses. These government grants will bear all the expenses and post surgery cost as well. So, if you are struggling to find out where to get help then you must check the government website. You can also search for government hospitals as well to know about their facilities.

Mini tummy tuck before and after

Nowadays, the government and different non-profit organizations are offering free tummy tuck services to low income families and other less fortunate people. They tend to bear all the expenses of the surgery. Various grants are also there that will help you save your money. You can also get around $2000 from those tummy tuck grants. Government grants also allow you to perform the surgery in the suggested hospitals. You need to show the recommendation from your doctor. For getting more information you are hereby requested to contact the government hospitals. Before proceeding, you need to consult a doctor.

How to Get Free Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Abdominal surgery is a common medical procedure to remove belly fat. So many people are struggling to remove it as it causes so many diseases and makes them look unfit. But, this surgery can consume half of your salary or may be the whole amount. So, we are going to share some tricks from where you can get free tummy tuck surgery.

#1 Approach Trainee Surgeons

There’s a way of getting your tummy tuck done at an affordable price. But not sure whether it would be absolutely free of cost or not. You can approach trainee surgeons who have less experience. The price of the surgery will be less than the experienced doctors who charge a lot. Although, think twice before approaching a trainee surgeon as there is a little risk at the time of surgery. Also, never forget to check the license of the doctors. You should be aware of their surgery history before making any kind of decisions.

#2 Loans for surgery

Medical loans are available throughout the county. There are people who need serious medical surgery but are unable to get it due to higher expenses. For those people many organizations provide loans to these people. You can return the amount when you have enough money. Medical loans are generally provided to those who have a stable weight and require surgery. You can also take loans for your tummy tuck if you have a fat belly and need to reduce it. Non smokers are preferable for this program.

#3 Get hampers

Many cosmetologists offer vouchers to their patients. These vouchers often include all the cost of tummy tuck and you will be able to get it for free. If you refer any patients to them then also you will get a chance to win the vouchers.

If you are looking for some kind of vouchers for a competition then you can take part in two events that happen in Bangkok and Thailand. The Tria Destination Beauty and Plastic Surgery center can be a great option for you if you want to participate in some activities and want to win some vouchers for your free tummy tuck.

For getting qualified for those competitions you are suggested to write down an essay that describes your struggle of losing belly fat. Don’t forget to mention financial conditions as well. After getting selected, you will receive a chance to get $10000 to $15000. Please check their official website to know more about their program.

Can a Tummy Tuck be Covered in Insurance?

Earlier, cosmetic surgeries did not fall under the insurance category as they are a luxury. But nowadays few insurance companies are covering the expenses under certain criteria. Under the weight loss category 2016, the government has declared that insurance needs to cover the surgery expenses of tummy tuck. There are some eligibility criteria that you are required to fulfill to get insurance coverage. So, you are requested to follow the eligibility criteria before claiming the coverage.

Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria if you want to cover your tummy tuck expenses under your insurance. Please read the below criteria to know more.

  • The patients should lose at least 5 BMI or 15 kg.
  • All the other procedures should have failed for that specific person.
  • The belly fat as well as the skin should interfere with their daily life.
  • Those who are currently suffering from hernia are directly eligible for this offer.

You need to pay a consultation fee of $250 and you will get a discount of $38 after getting this offer.


I hope this article has provided you with a lot of information on How to get a tummy tuck for free. Tummy tucks are one of best procedures that can be done to the body. However there can also be mixed opinions about plastic surgery but it helps in making the person more confident about their body. Belly fats have been an issue for most of the people but due to expensive treatment solutions most of them are unable to afford it. For those people, who are currently looking for free tummy tuck can refer to this article? There are different medical organizations like National medical service that offer free tummy tuck for low income families. You can also go abroad to get your surgery done. There are different countries that offer tummy tuck at free of cost. You can also get loans from different government and non profit organizations for your surgery. Moreover, nowadays there are plenty of opportunities for abdominal surgery. There are insurance covers as well to bear all the expenses. But they have different eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill. You can also get your surgery done by participating in various competitions happening in Bangkok and Thailand. We hope that this article helped you a lot to understand how to get the free tummy tuck. If you know someone who is looking for this then please refer to this article it might be of great help to them.

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Is it possible to get a tummy tuck for free?

Yes it is possible to get a tummy tuck for free. In the article we have already mentioned some various ways like approaching trainee surgeons, National Health Service and many others.

Are there any eligibility criteria to qualify for the tummy tuck for free?

Yes there are some eligibility criteria you need to fulfill to get tummy tuck for free. However the eligibility criteria totally depend on the organization from where you are seeking help.

What kind of surgery is a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck surgery is mostly known as the abdominoplasty. The surgery helps in removing excess abdominal fat and other related problems. The surgery basically makes the abdomen much thinner by getting rid of the extra fat.

Will my insurance cover this surgery cost?

Yes, let me tell you that now insurance is covering all the plastic surgery costs. So you will get it done if you qualify for certain criteria.

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