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How to Get Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding

How to get Get Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding – As well all know that it is always big for a researcher or a developer to get a patent for any invention. Researchers and developers always want to explore and invent but could not as they do not get much inventions funding or patents. In the article we will provide you with all the information on how to Get Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding. We are all aware of the fact that getting a patent is never easy and it comes with a lot of expenses.

We all know it is difficult to get parents for any kind of invention. Thus we have found some grants that are initiated by the government and also by other organizations to help researchers and developers to get patents for their inventions. We have listed some ways to get grants that would definitely help a researcher or a developer with inventions funding and patents. If you are looking for Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding then you are at the right place. We have provided different ways to get Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding. You can seek help from the government and other organizations for patents and inventions funding. Go through the article to know more about the grants.


How to apply for Grants for Patents and Inventions Funding

It is always big for you as a researcher or developer  to get a patent for your research work and inventions. We have listed some ways that will help you with the procedure to apply for the grants for patents and inventions funding.

Appeal To Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Foundations is also popular by the name Social Entrepreneurship is a foundation that can help you to get grants for patents and inventions funding. The organization is well known for their contributions towards funding inventions. The organization supports the research or developer with funds and patents that help them to carry their research work. However the foundation mainly believes in funding such projects that bring positive changes in the environment. Thus the Social Enterprise Foundation mainly prioritizes inventions that have an effective social impact.

Another great thing about the foundations is that they have various groups of non-profit charities, for-profit organizations along with civic minded people. Social Entrepreneurship is a big group and each of them are an integral part of the social enterprise. If you are making any inventions that have an effective social impact you must contact the foundation as it will be easier for you to get funds from them.

The best thing about the foundation is that they also offer program-related investment that includes PRIs to several businesses and other organizations. The objective of the foundation is to get social returns by offering the business and organization with grants for funds and patents for inventions. However you should be aware that these grants are like loans you have to return as it is not completely free. But don’t worry the interest for these loans are very less and you can easily repay them.

  • Echoing Green
  • Omidyar Network
  • Ashoka
  • Skoll Foundation
  • Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Find and Apply to Angel Investors

At first you should know that Angel Investors are not any organization or non-profit organization. Angel Investors are professionals that look at your business plans and ideas and then decide whether to invest or not. If they like your business idea they will help you with patents grants and inventions funds.

The great thing about the Angel Investors is if they liked your idea or business plans they fight and fund the project with large investments. The grants of the Angel Investors amounts from $20,000 to $100,000 that are mainly offered for patents and inventions funding. However the total amount depends on the business plan and idea, if your business idea is strong you are likely to get high investing funds.

SBIR Financial Request Submission

The SBIR stands for Small Business Innovation Research, if you are looking for grants and funding for patents then SBIR can be very effective. You just have to submit an SBIR Financial Request that describes the financial need for a patent for your invention. It is just like an applicant that you need to submit to get the grants if your idea is approved.

The SBIR Financial Request Submission has been quite helpful and beneficial mainly for small business and cottage industries. There are many small businesses that have strong ideas but do not have funds to initiate those ideas, thus the SBIR gives them a scope to fund their ideas. Most of the small businesses have low turnover because they do not get inventions funding or patents. The job is mainly designated to the branch of the US department that looks after the small business and provides them with grants and patents for the Research and Development department.

These grants have been very beneficial and grateful for the small business . However you should note that the business share of at least 51%  must be owned by a citizen of the United States. You should also remember another thing that the business should not consist of more than 500 employees. There are also other eligibility criteria to qualify for the patent grants and funding inventions that are listed below.

  • You must qualify as an SBC
  • You must have a minimum amount of research for every phase. The research must be ⅓ in Phase 1 and ½ in Phase II

Other Organizations that helps with Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding

We are going to get a little information about patent grants that are organized by different organizations. If you are a student or faculty of any institution then you may avail these grants. It aims to help you to perform any research studies.

National Collegiate Inventors and Investors Alliance

National collegiate Inventors and Investors alliance is a renowned company that offers students to take research development. You will be provided a patent grant for any product they would like. You will be provided approximately $1000 to $20000 for patent grants. National collegiate Inventors and Investors alliance is basically an e-team that encourages students to take research as the major career opportunity. They basically function as a mediator between the producers and buyers. You will be offered to sell the product under the name of the company. For getting selected you need to be a student or a fellow of any research institution. You are requested to check their official website to know more about their program. You are also needed to have a minimum of 2 students who are interested to work under this project.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology is one of the renowned educational institutions that offer patent grants for inventors and students. There are some eligibility criteria as well. The students need to be a fellow in the field of research and development. The National Institute of Standards and Technology encourages the ideas of young students and their innovative power. The amount is generally under $5000 but it can reach upto million dollars if you are able to provide extraordinary ideas. The skills of marketing and other activities matter in this patent program. Generally they receive grants from hospitals, government organizations, NGOs etc. If you want to know more about these patent grants for inventions and patents then please visit their official website to get further details.

Government Grants for Inventions and Patents

Apart from different educational institutions, government organizations also came forward to provide funds to inventors and young research scholars. There are several patent grants provided by the government organizations. We are going to share a few details about them. Please go through the below points to know more.

Patent and Trademark Technical Information Dissemination

Patent and Trademark Technical Information Dissemination is a government organization that is operated by the department of commerce. They aim to promote young talents and inventors who want to give ideas of new technological products. They intend to enhance the technical resources and want to provide funds to the scholars. There are no such strict eligibility criteria and there is also no age limit. For getting more information please visit their official website to know more.

Granting of Patent Licenses

As we all know patenting an idea or thought is actually time consuming and takes a lot of money. But many scholars do not have enough money to continue their research work. Government has realized this fact and came forward to promote young students who are interested in continuing their work under research and development. Government has started providing patent licenses to the students and fellow institutions. Students with innovative ideas are welcomed to receive this patent license as well as grant. The main objective of this program is to encourage the students to work in this research and development field. For getting more information about this program, you can visit their official website. You will get all the information regarding application procedure and the amount of patent grants.


We have discussed all the types of patent and invention grants that you can receive from different government and non government organizations. Working in a research field can be expensive and time consuming factors and so many intelligent bright students can’t afford this. To support them, the government and other non-profit organizations including educational institutions have started providing patent grants to researchers and developers. If you are eligible enough and your ideas are appropriate by the authorities then you will be given an amount. The amount may vary based on the quality of work you are providing. If you want to know more then check the official website of respective organizations. We hope that this article helped you to understand about the different patent and invention grants. If you know someone who is looking for patent and inventions grants please do share this article with them.

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