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How to Apply Free Government Grants for Dentures

How to Apply Free Government Grants for Dentures – Most of the people neglect dentistry, but it is important to maintain good dental health that will also keep a healthy mouth and gum. Besides a healthy mouth it also helps you to maintain a beautiful smile that builds up your confidence. However Dentistry is considered to be quite expensive and thus most of the people are unable to afford to maintain their teeth. But does not worry the government has understood the problems of the citizens and have come forward with Free Government Grants for Dentures. If you are facing any dental problems you do not have to worry about the expenses as the government has initiated various dental programs.

In this article we are providing all the necessary information on How to Apply Free Government Grants for Dentures. If you are looking for dental treatment and searching for Free Government Grants for Dentures then you are at the right place. Beside the government there are also other organizations that provide various grants for dentures. The great thing about these grants is that it also covers cosmetic dentistry and implants. Isn’t it amazing? What are you waiting for? Go check out all the information about grants for dentures.


Government Denture Programs

The government has initiated various types of denture programs that are listed below.

  • $99 Dentures in a Day
  • Free Dentures for seniors
  • Free Dentures for low income families
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Program
  • Free Dentures for Disabled

Types of Government Grants For Dentures

We have found some useful government grants for dentures. Go through the article to learn more about the programs.

#1 Veterans Dental Care Grants – Dental Lifeline Network

We all know the contribution of the veterans for the country. The country always values its veterans by providing them with all types of grants. There are grants for veterans that will help them in getting free denture or dental care. There are many sources that include government and non government organizations. If you are a veteran and looking for free dentures you can straightaway contact Dental Lifeline Network as they are providing free dental care and dentures for the veterans of the country.


I hope you already know about the government program MEDICAID that provides help to the needy people. You can use these programs to get free dentures grants. However, only low income families are eligible for the free dentures grants who are from the age 0 to 19. Medicaid is a well known program by the US government and covers health insurance of the low income people.

#3 National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH)

You can predict from the name that the organization mainly works for the handicapped having disabilities. Besides the handicapped the National Foundation of Dentistry also helps out the low income and elderly persons. The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped is also referred to as NFDH in short. If you are handicapped and looking for free dentures then this is the right organization for you.

Another great thing about NFDH is that they have a huge number of volunteers that assist you with any dental issues. If you do not have money in your pocket, you can still reach out to this particular organization to get free dentures without spending any money. Moreover the organization is funded and backed by the Dental Laboratories’ corporate social responsibility (CSR).

#4 Federally Qualified Health Clinics

You can find many Federally Qualified Health Clinics in the US that have come forward to help the low income families and the needy people that are unable to afford health care services because of poor financial conditions. As we all know that dentures are expensive and thus it is hard for everyone to afford it. Thus they can try programs like Medicare or Medicaid to get free dentures.

Dental Grants for Low Income Adults

You can find many organizations that are assisting the low income families with free dentures. However you can search the internet to get information on the organization that is offering free dentures to the low income adults. We have found some organizations like Bud Tarpon Dental School Student Community Leadership Award, Samuel Harris and many others that can help low income adults to get free dental denture grants.

Dental Charity Grant Programs

We have found some best dental charity grant programs that can help you in getting you free dentures or at a much affordable price.

#1 The Dental Life Network

The Dental Life Network was previously known as the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. The main objective of the Dental Life Network is to assist the disabled people by offering them dental implant grants. Another great thing about the program is that they cover all types of dental services under it. Many volunteers have come forward to work free for the cause and help the handicapped with free dental care.

#2 National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

You have already predicted by the name that it is a healthcare organization and the objective of the association is to provide  free health services to the low income families and individuals. The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics has collaborated with more than 12,000 clinics, thus it will be easier for the low income to find health care services using this program.

Local Churches and Clubs

As we all know, churches have always come forward to help the needy with almost everything. Churches have always helped people with basic needs such as houses, food and clothes. Besides these the churches also offer other kinds of the help that includes free dentures. The churches have a lot of followers and they receive a high amount of donations. You just need to visit your local church and explain to them your situation. If they think your need is genuine one, they will help you out with a solution.

Besides churches you can also get help from the local clubs as they receive a good amount of donations. To get affordable or free dentures you can try local clubs like Women’s Auxiliary, Kiwanis and Rotary Club.

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

I hope you have already guessed by the name Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that this program is for the elderly people. The main aim of the program is to assist the elderly people with free grants for dentures. However they have set an eligibility criteria to qualify for the program. You also need to know that they offer this program in some particular area and if you reside in such areas you can apply for it.

How To Get Free Dentures for Seniors?

As we all know the importance of dentures as they help in maintaining your dental health. Dentures are mainly removing your primary teeth that have been damaged by any gum disease or cavities. Sometimes tooth decay or injuries can also affect your dentals. A well maintained dentures will also help you build your confidence and make your smile beautiful. Moreover it will also help you to speak and eat well. It  has been one of the effective ways of dental implants and you can also find various free dentures grants for the seniors.

As well all know that the cost of dental plants is very high if compared with the dentures. Thus the low income families are unable to afford them because of the high price. But don’t worry as there are many non-profit organizations and charities that offer seniors free denture services. There is a program called the PACE also known as the Program for all-inclusive care for the elderly. The objective PACE is to provide quality and comprehensive medical services to the elderly people. PACE have highly contributed to improve human health and also provided elderly persons with free dentures. Another great thing about PACE is that they offer a wide variation of facilities to its participations and do not bind them with strict guidelines. Moreover the program is also backed by the state and also offered as an option to many beneficiaries.

Criteria for Free Dentures for Senior To Get The Service of PACE

There are some criteria that are required to fulfill to get the service of PACE are listed below.

  • You must be 55 or more than that to qualify for the free dentures program.
  • You must be residing in the local area where PACE is operating and providing their services.
  • You must have clean records and live peacefully in the community.
  • You should be available for nursing home care to get a free dentures grant from PACE.

The old aged people have highly benefited from PACE but remember you need to meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for the free dentures program. However you need to enroll in this organization to get free grants for dentures. Another great thing about the program is that you can leave the program whenever you want to quit. If you are a member of the organization your dental problems will be taken care of properly.

You can also qualify for the cosmetic dentistry program if you match the eligibility criteria. It is already mentioned that you need to have a below poverty level to qualify for the grants. To become a program member all you have to do is to get yourself enrolled in the government grants for dentures program through DDS.

How to Get a Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program?

The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program is also referred to as CDG. This program helps with all the cosmetic dentistry services that include root canals, filling and dentures extraction facilities. However you should note down that clearing will not come under grants for dentures. If you are searching for such a program you have to pay the amount all by yourself.

Facilities that are offered by the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG)

There are some facilities and services that are covered under the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants are listed below.

  • Veneers
  • Enamel Shape
  • Bridge
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Gum Lift
  • Bounding and Lumineers
  • Implants
  • Invisalign

If you want to apply for the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants the first thing you have to do is visit the official website of Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. Some of the steps that must be followed carefully to get the grants are listed below.

Step 1 : At first the applicant needs to apply for the cosmetic dentistry grant, and later it will be reviewed by a staff.

Step 2:  After your application is approved by the staff, the dentist will give you a appointment date and provide you a free service.

Step 3: Later the dentist will determine if you are eligible for the treatment process. If you are eligible for the treatment the dentist will provide you a treatment plan.

The steps taken by the dentist can vary depending on the situation. These are the steps that can be followed by you to get free dentures.

How to Get a Free Dentures Program for Disabled?

You can find a number of non-profit organizations that have come forward to assist with free dentures. The priority of these programs are mainly for the disabled persons. You have to do a little bit of research and search on the web about a free dentures program near you. Once you search you will find a various list of programs and organizations that are providing free or affordable dentures. However you should understand that dentures are quite expensive and might cost you approximately $300.

As the dentures are expensive there are many non-profit organizations that have come forward to provide free grants for dentures. You can also try organizations like Medicaid that are providing health services and also provide grants for dentures. Another great thing about Medicaid is that they have many health centers across the country and you can easily get free grants as the organization is located in most of the areas. However the free dentures grants or services totally depend on your situation , the organization only offers free dentures to those people that are in genuine need. If you still have any queries you can directly contact them and know more about their programs.

How Can You Get For Low Income Families or Individuals Near Me?

We all know how the government has come forward to help the needy and low income families. The government has initiated various types of programs like free furniture, free gas cards, free air conditioner and many others to help the citizens of the country. The government has also collaborated with many charities to help out the people that are in need. Beside those programs the government has also initiated free dentures programs for low income families. As we all know that medical expenses are very high and thus low income families find it difficult to manage these expenses.

You should understand that the government grants for dentures come with a criteria and limitation. You need to go through the criteria requirement and make sure you fulfill it to apply for the government programs. There are many government denture programs like denture for low income family earners and free dentures for the senior program especially for the aged people having a dilemma in their teeth. There are also dental programs for disabled and veterans by the government in providing them assistance.

If you are a veteran, disabled or handicapped you must provide a valid certificate to qualify for the free dentures for disabled or veterans program. There are also programs for youth that want to maintain their dental health and want a good smile can apply for the cosmetic dentistry grants program. The youth that have lost their tooth by accident or by any means can fix their smile by cosmetic dentistry. Thus applying for the cosmetic dentistry grant program will be best suitable for them.


I hope you have found all the information in this article on How to Apply Free Government Grants for Dentures. Dentures services are quite expensive, thus it is difficult for low income families and individuals to afford the services. We have mentioned different government programs along with other non-profit organizations that came forward to offer grants for dentures. There are different types of denture programs for veterans, disabled, senior and children’s. If you are looking for free denture grants then you can try all the methods that have been already discussed in this article. If you also know someone who is looking for denture grants please do share this article with them.

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Are there any denture grants?

Yes , you can find many programs for dental grants that are initiated by the government and also other organizations.

Are there any eligibility criteria for the denture grants?

Yes most of the dental grants come with eligibility criteria. You have to meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for the dental grants. However the eligibility criteria totally depend on the organization from where you are getting the denture grants.

What types of services are covered under cosmetic dentistry grants?

The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants covers services that include Implants, Veneer, Teeth Whitening, Gum Lift, Enamel Shape and many others.

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